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Home Defense Shotgun (Part 1)


hey guys welcome back today as you guys figured we're gonna be talking about shotguns this particular one happens to be a Benelli supernova Josh my trusty camera guy just picked it up so we were out here doing some training so if Aaron would take the opportunity to talk a little bit about shotguns the shotguns have long been touted as the the ultimate home defense firearm and it certainly has a lot of followers and it is it is a pretty good weapon system for certain situations so I figured we'll talk a little bit about it the first thing I want to do is dispel a few of the myths and then possibly in a follow-up video to this will cover some skills one of the one of the big myths of the shotgun is that you don't need to aim it and that that's a huge problem you do have to aim it the shotgun doesn't create this this ball of fire effect with the pattern of spreading and going downrange and devastating everything along the way doesn't do that the in fact that the pellets stayed together for enough distance that at short ranges you might actually miss the general rule of thumb is about an inch of spread per yard okay so I've got the short ranges typically found in a home it is entirely possible to miss another myth is that these things are basically dummy proof and that anybody with minimal training can pick them up and put these to work while they're certainly not super difficult it's not rocket science to shoot these things it does require some training so that you can be competent if not just safe so it does require training the third one and this is one of my biggest pet peeves guys the the notion of racking the slide and scaring off the bad guy this is one of those things that's been perpetuated for a long time that really of that piece of advice if if the if the threat that you're dealing with is a teenager that's burglarizing your house and he's not a particularly committed bad guy yeah he might get scared off but if what you have is a bunch of people that are sneaking into your house with the intention of doing you harm and they're more motivated than the teenage burglar the moment that these exist you may just find them shooting through the wall alleged because they really have no concern for your life you just gave up tactical advantage so I don't believe that the sound of the shotgun is enough I think that a a competent and motivated person wielding a shotgun is probably the best deterrent but I would not give up tactical advantage by making a noise hoping that they'll run away so those are some of the common myths now here's another issue that we've had to deal with because we do offer courses on the subject and we do teach a variety of levels of shotgun skills but we created a specialized course that we titled home defense shotgun for the person whose home defense strategy is to retreat to a safe room and make their stand there in that in that case we have a person that really is looking for a specialized training package and generally these are people that are not gun people that purchase the shotgun based on the comment advice that it is the ultimate home defense weapon and really don't need a tremendous amount of training in in some of the more esoteric gun handling aspects of the shotgun in those in those courses the typical loading method that we teach is not for loading but rather loading through the magazine tube and the reason we're doing that is because chances are that this is going to be the only course of these people are going to take and the condition that they're going to keep their shotgun in the home is the one that that's going to so if the shotgun is kept unloaded and then loaded as necessary or or actually that would be the case so the method that we generally teaches roll the shotgun over take your shell put it in slide it in at this point you have one already in the chamber and then continue loading through the magazine tube at this point if you need to shoot you can shoot and you're ready to go you're going to cycle the action on the first one and getting around immediately into the chamber to get this thing ready for the flight if this is an emergency situation you get a degree at least have a shot ready to go now port loading what is for learning well port loading is when you've run the gun dry and you load it directly into the port this is one of the fastest methods for reloading a shotgun when you need to when you need to do so quickly so here you are you're defending yourself against the bad guy who took your shots on yourself with an empty gun brings you to port loading this could be done a number of ways if you grab it in this fashion where the shell is pointing towards my pointing finger I will come underneath pop it right before word if I catch it and I put it in my hand in this fashion then I could write a little at the top now that's a matter which method is comfortable for you which one you're gonna do people will decide based on their on their preference and on their experience so there you have three methods of loading the shotgun that you could use and some ideas behind from the shotgun for own defense guys thank you very much for watching if you like what we're doing please go ahead and subscribe that way you can be abreast of all our uploads additionally hit the like button and hit the share button to help us spread the word thank you very much for watching and until next time take care


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