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Columbine survivor, teachers take firearm training


first up at 10:00 a threat of school shootings an increasing problem across the u.s. and one to Colorado sadly we know all too well and tonight dozens of teachers attending a specialized training to be prepared and possibly armed at their schools it's called faster training faster stands for faculty administrator safety training and emergency response news tonight Sam Kramer was at the range for today's class he is live in studio with more on what happened Sam yeah it's led by actual law enforcement personnel with decades of experience teachers and faculty taking part must have their permit already and also at this week's class a Columbine survivor dedicated to curbing this horrible trend he was just a sophomore on April 20th 1999 I was in the library I was the first student targeted and shot I was hitting the lower left side of my back I had shrapnel is out of my neck and face Evan Todd says he felt hopeless when two of his classmates opened fire in Columbine High School killing 12 students and teacher Dave Sanders okay we need to kind of have a plan doing what we do now Todd says he thinks the situation could have been different had teachers and faculty prepare teachers armed or disarmed the chef shown time and time again how much they care about their students and that they will lay down their lives for him and no teacher should have to die because their they've been disarmed at the door Todd is one of dozens in this faster Colorado training class of teachers and staff learning tactical skills like marksmanship weapon handling and more to be ready the next time this crisis happens and minimize the threat as quick as possible even before police arrive by the time I get the call and I run in it's already over I'm running through the smoke it's already done with so unfortunately it's unrealistic to say well the police are gonna come save us unfortunately these guys have to be the first responders a crisis that's happened far too often in the US but one of these teachers and Todd if you like can curb by being armed themselves when something starts and bullets start flying and no gun law in the world is gonna stop it and that's there needs to be something that actually physically reads for now the completion of this week's class will bring the number of Colorado teachers trained to more than 100 faster Colorado founder Loren Carnot says it's not a political debate here only focused on keeping the kids in schools safe always watching out for you southern Colorado Sam Cramer News 5


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