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every woman on earth needs to have the emotional fitness as well as the skills to protect herself from victimization today's lesson is made possible by the generosity of gun mag warehouse whatever your pistol rifle or shotgun you'll find magazines at great prices with fast shipping on their website hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Minas Gerais in Brazil here we are going to see a woman who is chosen because of her location and because of who she is we can see the woman loading the car on the right while this guy on the Left has dropped his bike and is kind of obviously a little drunk and sits down and you can see her over on the right they're continuing to load her car has not noticed him at all and you could see the people driving by significantly now you know he decides then finally to get up when he sees nobody coming you could see him kind of check both sides of the road could see he's maybe a little inebriated just walks right up behind her and gets her in a choke not a bad one but this is emotional here that he is telling her what he is going to do and has emotionally cowed her notice that he closes that and see that she's got her hands up okay I don't want any problems or whatever now he's deciding what he is going to do at this point thinks about taking her across the street and instead takes her back to her car and now it cut forward a little bit that was the news station that did that not me don't know how long they stood there and now he is going to get her to get in the car notice that he did not physically force her into the car but you can clearly see she did not want to get in the car and then he is going to talk to her again some more there I'm sure threatening her emotionally blackmailing her telling her what's gonna happen if she does not comply and he's gonna get in and close the door and again the news story takes a google translate to see says that he raped her and then thankfully he did not kill her but that's where this one ends it's a terrible outcome friends and it's one that I never like to see but I do think it's important for us to talk about if you appreciate the lessons you get here at active self-protection even the tough ones like this one do me a favor hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bells so that you don't miss a lesson out of this one I want to talk about the importance of emotional fitness I want to talk about the dangers of most women's self-defense programs and how important empty-handed skills are for all women first in this one I want to talk about awareness anybody in a vulnerable population and all women are in a vulnerable population need to be aware of their surroundings particularly in transitional spaces like your car outside your house those kind of things having that awareness might have given her some opportunity to see this guy and to get away from him but she didn't have that she was so engrossed in what she was doing he's able to walk right up behind her which is why I say having awareness of your surroundings is one of the most important things you can do now I want to talk about women's self-defense here and why most women's self-defense classes in my opinion fail because they would teach a technique here I see a lot of women's self-defense classes especially videos on the internet that say oh you know if you do this particular thing here then you'll win but really what is necessary here before anything else is a nun shaking attitude of self-protection and unwavering commitment emotional fitness that says listen when some guy puts their hands on you without your permission you absolutely have the right and responsibility to get them off you before any techniques happen that attitude of emotional fitness is the first and foremost key and most classes do not teach that and that is the biggest and most important thing that every woman needs to know now as we keep going here the empty handed skills that this woman needs is far more than what most women's self-defense classes teach you see her here and this guy has got his arm around her neck and he has his hand on her right arm and she has to defend herself from there now a to our women's self-defense class a for our women's self-defense class which most women's seminars are that kind of a length will never prepare you especially after it's been a little time because recency matters so much and having a robust skill set matters so much that you'll forget it and then freeze like this woman did but having a robust empty handed skill set whether you are a woman like this in a vulnerable population or anyone else is how you could with speed surprise and violence of action have fought this guy off now I am gonna say that you have to have that emotional fitness because when he tries to get her in the car she has to recognize nothing Goods happening in this second location once he gets her in private he can do anything he wants and so when somebody wants to take you to a second location that is the time to fight with everything you have and absolutely do not allow yourself to be moved I don't care what he's promising he is not gonna do anything good to you in that spot so therefore you have to be willing to fight and draw your line in the sand right there now I would say this now some people might say well she didn't die no he raped her that is an utter violation of her person she will deal with the consequences of that for the rest of her life and it grieves me greatly to see this and you know the statistics are something astronomical that one in four or more women have been the victims of sexual assault over their lifetime and my heart is for us all to see that this is the kind of thing that can happen and we must take the steps to prevent that we must take the steps that that will lead us to the emotional fitness and the empty-handed skills the preparedness the awareness and the skill set to keep that from happening I am grieved that this woman had to deal with this it is evil and not her fault in any way but let's learn the lessons here and share them with our loved ones so that it does not happen to them and instead we all cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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