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Self Defense Is Necessary Because Of Evil Like This | Active Self Protection


as a self defender you have to recognize if someone comes after you with a knife it will be brutal and it will be personal want to take your knowledge beyond the narrated videos join us on active self-protection extra and subscribe for multiple videos every week to help you get better in your defensive skills hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Russia this one's pretty graphic friends so if you're squeamish or the sight of blood bothers you I'd probably pass this one by there's some important lessons here though so if you're ready let's watch once again this one is serious business so if you're squeamish now is the time to just set this one aside but you can see this woman here standing there at the computer and she's gonna sit down at the chair and there's some protection here from you know the people in the store but the guy that's in on the other side of the counter clearly I don't know if he's just angry at her because of a prescription or whatever or if this is something personal the original that I have linked in the description doesn't say but he is just gonna run behind the counter there and just go after her with his knife and she isn't in no way equipped for this at all and you can see him just start with the way that we see knife attacks happen again and again and again on the channel you could see her bravely trying to fight he's kind of Jersey to her they're you know taking her lab coat and pulled it over her head so that she can't really fight back effectively against him and she really has no answer for that and it's kind of turtling up here which I don't blame her for that one iota and and of course from a physical perspective this very you know a thin petite woman really against you know an average-sized man like this doesn't have a whole lot of a chance in terms of overpowering him physically though she does look to me to be trying to grab a hold of the arm with the knife and trying to practice some kind of a disarm and stopping the attack but thankfully it's shielded from us here from the camera but clearly he is going to work on her here and and all hope is pretty well lost and at this point you can see that there's really nothing else that she could possibly do and when he's done having his way with her he is gonna walk off and and unfortunately this one ends and there's just no way she made it through this one well it's a pretty sad outcome all things considered out of today's video I have a poll question for you but my question is more about have you actually trained so that's my question for you in the pool today and actually trained on the mat under competent instruction to protect yourself as an unarmed person against a knife-wielding attacker if you have let me know I'm kind of interested I do it all the time on the mat it's part of my martial arts training but I wonder how many of our fans actually do out of this one I want to talk about security theater and how it can make us feel safe but not actually be safe I want to talk about the five DS plus one and today we'll talk about spiritual fitness so let's talk first in this one about the reality of security theater so you've got some glass partitions here you know he's got some product in front or whatever but that's of course designed to protect the person behind the counter this is a pharmacy or something like that there's valuable stuff they can get robbed all the time and you go okay cool they've got something behind but when he goes ahead to go to climate she's just kind of stand there going oh no well listen if that doesn't go all the way to the ceiling that's not a secure area it's a barrier against easy access but it's not a complete barrier against access and Friends there's plenty of things in this world that we think of that we're like oh it gives security but really it's security theater it makes people feel safe but it doesn't actually make them safe so please look in your world and see what's really security versus just security theater so you can take steps to actually make yourself secure now when he gets behind there she starts running away from him but you got recognized in your environment environment is always King and so that running away isn't gonna help it's going to delay the inevitable for a second and I understand that as a natural human reaction but you as a self defender have to have the kind of emotional fitness that says okay the fight is on and I have to fight it here now I'm not saying it's going to be an easy fight for a petite woman against a larger man but technique does beat size when size does not have technique and so you've got to recognize that if you're in a vulnerable population and women are in a vulnerable population you've got to have a high level of skill to do this now of course you know we want to talk about the five DS plus one here that I'm not saying it's going to give you a great chance against a committed knife-wielding attacker like this at all you know in fact on the mats as we train it again and again man with really high level training you're having maybe a 20% chance of making it through this and stopping it in time and really overwhelming this guy but 20% chance is better than nothing so you got to have those skills and that means you got to learn how to control the distance and then deflect and dominate distract disarmed and disabled but very difficult takes a very high level of training and I'm not saying that I I felt this woman one iota for not having that level of training but that's about the only thing that's gonna help you here and and of course you've got to fight with everything you have attitude is the first part of active self-protection attitude then skills and then plan because you got to have this thing that says listen I'm gonna fight to my last breath and if it is my last breath well that's the only time that I'm gonna quit and I'm just really you know I'm proud of this lady for trying as very hard as she can obviously she didn't have a skill set to back that up but her attitude was incredible finally folks we got to talk about spiritual fitness you know you want to make sure that you've said everything you need to say to your loved ones and you want to make sure that your relationship is strong with Jesus because on that day you're not going to get any advanced time in order to take that and to make those things happen so make sure you've said everything you need to say to your loved ones that they know that you love them that you've solved your personal conflicts and those kind of things and make sure that you and Jesus are on good terms so then that way if you get put in this kind of situation and the unfortunate happens you are ready and you've covered your ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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