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Firearm Safety Training | Always Treat Firearms as if They are Loaded


Hello and welcome to Tampa Carry where we teach Firearm safety and shooting fundamentals. My name is Ryan. What's the first thing that somebody says after they accidentally shoot themselves? Well, I thought the gun was unloaded. In this video, we're going to discuss a simple mindset that will prevent you from becoming one of these people. So stay tuned. Firearm safety rule number five – always treat firearms as if they are loaded. Whether your firearm is loaded or unloaded, all firearm safety rules must be followed. It really saddens me when I hear a story of someone who accidentally shot themselves and they immediately say Well, I thought the gun was unloaded. Well, it wasn't. This is unacceptable and we must follow the gun safety rules even with an unloaded firearm.

Remember, the goal of safety rules is to create a multi-layered approach to gun safety. If one rule is broken, hopefully another rule will prevent an accident. Every person that I've met who accidentally shot themselves has been an experienced shooter. They get complacent .They create bad habits. And eventually, they end up getting hurt or even worse killed. You need to create good habits from the start. If we treat all firearms as if they were loaded, firearm accidents like this would never happen. One of my biggest fears is accidentally shooting my gun during a class. This is why I take extra time before every class to ensure every firearm is unloaded. Then all live ammunition is placed in my bag far away from the classroom. If you create good habits like this, you are one step closer to becoming a safe and responsible gun owner. If you are new to firearms Or maybe it's been a while and you just need to brush off a little rust, this course is for you. You've probably noticed that the internet is full of confusing and different viewpoints with tons of false information – The beginner's guide to firearms training is the perfect, easy to follow training program for anyone interested in becoming proficient with the firearm.

Click the link above to learn more about the beginner's guide to firearms training. You'll be happy you did. Do you know anyone who has accidentally shot themselves? What happened? Share your story in the comments below and until next time, stay safe..


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