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Best Handgun Safes for Bedroom Quick Access [Review]


– If you've got a vehicle
plastered in gun guy stickers that you regularly use as a means to poorly store your unsecured firearms, stay tuned, because
today we're taking a look at the best bedside handgun safes. Seriously though, stop doing that. (beeping) (muffled relaxing music) What is up guys? My name is John, with pewpewtactical.com, your definitive source for gun reviews, gear guides, and all things that go bang. When it comes to safely and securely stashing your home defense hand blasters, nothing beats a bedside safe. But what separates the top tier gun safes from the bargain bin garbage? Let's start by defining some criteria that we'll use to judge
the safes moving forward. Quick access. My home defense pistol
will be going in the safe, and in a defensive
situation, I want to be able to access it in around one to two seconds. Reliability. I'll likely be groggy and
fumbling around in the dark. Is the safe 100% reliable and
easy to use in that state? Adequate protection. Expensive and less-used guns go into my larger and more secure safe.

This bedside version is just to deter smash-and-grab burglars
or to stop a nosy guest. I'm not looking for extreme
child or fire protection here. Space. Enough of it to hold a full-size
handgun like my Glock 17. Mountability. I make sure that the safe is small enough to be mounted high in the
closet or nightstand drawer, so it's harder to access
for small children. With all of that out of
the way, let's get into it. Up first is our personal
favorite handgun safe, the Fort Knox FTK-PB. It uses a Simplex lock,
which means that instead of electronic keys, a
rotary dial, or biometrics, it uses mechanical buttons
that provide good feedback and we can usually open the safe in approximately 1.5 seconds. The locking mechanism
utilizes a two-stage code, such as pressing the first and
fifth buttons simultaneously, followed by pressing the third
button and turning the knob. The Simplex lock is American-made, as is the entire safe, and
does not need batteries. Also, the entirely mechanical nature means that there are no
beeps or reading errors that could get you killed in an emergency. And there's a lifetime warranty to boot.

This thing is an absolute
monster in terms of heft. Weighing in at about 20 pounds, we're confident that it'd
put up a hell of a fight if it ever fell off of a truck or ran up against a
determined crowbar wielder. The Fort Knox Simplex is quite spacious, allowing for the stowage
of two full-size pistols with some room to spare for magazines. The safe's also got four pre-drilled holes that make it readily
mountable to a secure surface. We don't have any major gripes
about the Fort Knox Simplex, outside of the foam having a tendency to catch in the hinges, but that can be solved
by just cutting it out.

More importantly, the
locking mechanism only allows for 1,081 unique combinations, which any smart child might crack in a relatively short amount of time. However, if you don't have kids yet or plan on concealing this safe, it shouldn't be that big of a deal. If you're looking for a less pricey option than the Fort Knox that still offers secure stowage and quick
access, you may want to consider GunVault's SpeedVault or NanoVault lines, two of our favorites in the realm of electronic locking safes. Because of the angle of the SpeedVault, it is the front runner for mounting under a desk or a nightstand,
and access is usually somewhere in the two second range.

(beeping) Though we generally feel
that electronic locks simply cannot be as reliable
as mechanical Simplex locks, tons of folks still swear by them. We do like that the keypad beep boops can be turned off for a stealth
mode if noise is a concern. Tight fittings and thick
steel meet our requirements for protection against
interlopers and nosy villains, and there are a total of
12 million combinations. However, it does still
have a key override, so be sure to keep them hidden. This safe's capable of
fitting full-size pistols around the size of a 1911 or Glock 17, and other GunVault models are available for smaller or bigger storage needs. The SpeedVault is easy to
mount, and in our opinion, defines what it means to be a bedside safe with its ingenious opening mechanism.

Want a reliable fingerprint
and Bluetooth accessible safe that looks like an Apple product? Of course you do, you
gun-wielding hipster. Look no further than the Vaultek VT10i. The VT10i includes four easy
ways to access your firearm: key, number code, fingerprint,
or via their Bluetooth app if you need to feel like a Bond bad guy. The fingerprint scanner was a little iffy when our fingers were wet, but the other options
were mostly good to go. We appear to have a little bit of an issue using the Bluetooth app
on some modern Androids, but had no issues with an iPhone. If you're using this for
your bedside gun safe, we'd probably stick with the number code. The VT10i is very robust,
and absolutely feels like it would sustain a ton of blunt force damage and pry attempts. Space is a tiny bit limited, but there are other Vaultek
models with the same features if you need to stash a
larger gun or more magazines. The VT10i also comes
with mounting hardware and a steel cable lanyard
if that's your thing.

Lastly, if keeping your gun
secure while on the road is a consideration for you,
you may want to take a look at the GunVault NanoVault 300. Secure, non-electric, and affordable, the NanoVault 300 is
portable and lightweight while still maintaining
a feeling of robustness. The NanoVault 300 utilizes
a three-digit combo lock and 18 gauge steel, making
it a fantastic choice for securing your pistol in a briefcase or travel luggage on the road. All in all, our number one
choice and what we recommend to both friends and family
is the Fort Knox Simplex, for its quick access and reliability. If you're looking at some
storage options for rifles, be sure to head on over to the website and check out our ultimate
guide to gun safes. Alright guys, that's going
to do it for us today. Thank you so much for watching.

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