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Sniper school 1on1 pt. 1 | Selecting sniper & perks


what up you guys this is orb giving you a sniper gameplay on ambush and believe it or not this is actually my second commentary I've already uploaded an order not uploaded I've sent 12 game reviews and more which is sort of a second channel to junkyard 129 and they feature like gameplay and commentaries but it's like 20 videos before mine comes on so you know my fake awhile before you see me there so I guess this makes it my first commentary because I uploaded it I don't even know who cares about that today we're going to talk about sniping and snipers and everything around not everything but I'm trying to cover as much as I can under this like nine minute video we're going to talk about typing in general talking about perks talking about why certain perks are the head and talking about sidearm what sidearm to pick them why and I don't know if I'm gonna be able to make any more comments other than that so perhaps a sort of light in-depth view of sniping I don't know and since I got a lot of PMS about you know people wanting to or a lot a lot for me at least six or seven PM's about you know they wanting to improve with sniping and instead of like addressing every single p.m.

I thought i could make a video instead and what better way to do it in a commentary ah with my new snowball mic it's like I was sponsoring them or something but I really love it so okay starting it off then sniping in general okay so what what I need to what I need from you is what type of sniper are you are you the aggressive type are you always the one rushing in the beginning trying to get to the other side and to the enemy line if you will try to rush around backstab the enemy team or you know always being on the move is that you then you are probably the aggressive sniper are you on the other hand the defensive sniper you are standing on your side of the map which is you know the map is often like split in half so if you're often on your half you no peeking out of that window in the house or you know just staying defensive and it doesn't mean camp I I hear that a lot that people say if you stay on your side or you know camp in the beginning that's bad somehow I mean you don't have to be camping to be put to play the fenced in you can still you know run around on your side picking off the different areas covering your teammates from behind the Sarah so there's really some benefits from you know having someone playing defensive and sorry just kind of get somewhere here h2o guys h2o anyways where were I yeah so you need to pick your sort of sniper type before picking perks so if you chosen your type are you aggressive or are you defensive because now we move on perks we're playing we're playing with the r700 the barrett and the m40 those are the young because these snipers that I'm most familiar with I don't really play much with the others as I'm sort of focusing on the bose they all wait there's come something real nice Oh quick scope oh here we go quick scope ever will go again quick scope certify all move server lucky shot at seven lucky shops actually anyways perks yes our 700 the barrett and m 40 or we when the dragunov mb I don't know what's it named the [ __ ] no recoil sniper you know which I'm tired m21 is it that no I didn't even know anyway we're not playing with the dragunov and the m21 because i have no experience or input with those snipers so i can't really give you anything no input at all so if you're playing defensive and you're picking perks you might want to go with claymores and bandolier claim or sets itself obvious defense behind you you don't have to worry about it or bandolier if you're the one moving around the defensive player moves around on your side you might want to pick bandolier for you no more shots equals more kills and second perk gotta have that stopping power guys God had that stopping power even if you're playing defensive or aggressive stopping power is the number one second perk or the red perk or if you're playing hardcore I might suggest UAV jammer double tap because you want to either protect yourself from enemy radar or shoot very fast where you're standing for back third pack Deep Impact you don't really want the dead silence or the steady aim which are those two and the impact are you know the perks that you got to have as per the third perk so I would you suggest deep impact because you're starting so far back you don't really need that silence and steady aim and also if we're playing defensive no acog yeah by the way that's a personal preference so if you're feeling very accurate with the ACOG on long on long distances you know go for it but in my experience the ACOG has very inaccurate aim on a long distances so my top want to go there if you're following my tips at least so moving on to aggressive we got the bomb squad and badly arrested first perk bomb squad if you're running around over to the enemy side from behind you you might want to stop the someone playing defensive as I told told you before putting out Famers you see those flavors you can check an eight at the house or wherever is sitting where every sighting or you know wallbang the climbers or whatever your choice maybe you know where the claimers are and therefore you can prevent an untimely death ok battle air more ammo sets itself stopping power as I said stopping power gotta have it if if you're not playing hardcore which i would suggest sleight of hand for you know you're close encounters you need that faster reload fast so sleight of hand for the second perk third / dead silence or steady aim I steady aim only for the bolt-action snipers otherwise dead silence is the best third perk overall when you've gotten a little bit good or it it's still a good perk if you're a good player but if you feel that you know you can sneak up on the enemies without making too much noise you can switch to the Deep Impact forgetting you know that perhaps wallhanging Fraggle whatever and here you can play a cog if you prefer that works out in that has worked out in my experience at least and as I said only both actual snipers with the state Sadie Sadie aim with the studying don't don't use it with the Barrett you know you got too many bullets in that clip so you don't really need them and you know if you miss miss that first shot you can use spam spam that shooting key and he will fall down to the ground probably most likely so don't you really need the be studying for that well we're a slowly running of time here so this will have to be the end of a part 1 and I will have to make a part two or even a part 3 if we're going depth on this whole sniping let's play or sniping now that's not right sniper let's play slapping 11 if you will the sniping yeah okay that's what we're gonna call it sniping 101 part two will be out in the near future another that I wanted to tell you that I'm working working I'm working on a montage a sniper montage featuring you know some nice shrieks drag shots quick scopes no scopes and also collaterals of course you know the whole shebang so stay tuned for that I'm really you know gonna put down some time on that even though i'm not you know that great at it and it added at editing but i'll hope that you see that i had a lot of hearts so yeah be sure to check out that and also i would like you to leave suggestions or ideas about you know compton gameplays commentaries or videos in general because i really appreciate your feedback and inputs about what I do so you know if your send me message you will have response in your inbox in you know 24 hours that's a guarantee and if you're not in in you know 24 hours very soon after 24 hours so you can expect an answer that's what I'm trying to tell you and you know also won fans with the standard stuff you know plz comment thumb and subscribe because it really helped me up help help me up helps it helps me out you know in you know reaching an audience and people aren't familiar with me so and if you're already subscribed to me you know big banks big thumbs up I really appreciate that I I know I say it in every video but I really do appreciate your support you know having an active audience and obvious dead subscribers and am I missing something Oh almost forgot again I wanted to give a pig a big thanks big thanks to Jacob production official for creating my new youtube backgrounds so be sure to check him out he's a friend of mine JT production official he's a great guy and he's greater than everybody and he's great at what it does so yeah guys something I've done here so you know remember leave any feedback and I'll talk to you soon bye


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