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Pistol Training & Trigger Control Drills with an ex-Marine | 5.11 Tactical


my name is Danny and I go by cater I'm the owner and president of firebase Jim and firebase combat studies group I have a 22 years of professional carrying a firearm when you're in that compressed ready and that ready position get your fingers off the trigger guys I did about four years in the Marine Corps on Lee the Marine Corps I went into law enforcement here locally in Central Florida most of my time was spent on the Orange County Sheriff's Office lot team along with the narcotics and gang unit those are the primary specialty units that was involved in alright guys we just want to go over the syrup Pro pistol here this weapon system here projects a laser and what the tendency is that people want to look at the laser so you're going to want to get sucked into actually looking at that dot focus on that front sight okay every time one of the great thing about the sir Pro pistols that we can actually practice weapons postures things that we're not allowed to do typically at most ranges the high gum and low gun postures they're for the most part not allowed so one of the drills that I like to run and when you go to validate your trigger control is what I call a load one shoot two so what you'll do is you go ahead and insert a magazine with a live ammunition go ahead and chamber one round pull that magazine out okay lay it on the deck or lay it on your bench there and go ahead and fire one so that'll be your last fire shot and then follow up with a dry fire so if you've got any flinch okay or any anticipation in your game you're going to notice it there okay so take the time all you can do you know pretty much set up a magazine about fifteen rounds and run that about fifteen times all right that'll help work out any glitches in your trick control or anticipation okay so you'll load one you'll shoot two okay good five rounds these weapons do not recoil there is no Rico stimulus on this gun so you have to get into a proper stance make sure you're dominating over the gun okay as you would be with a real live fire gun and one thing I found whether it's the Marine Corps military law enforcement it's a shooting package that's given to you maybe once a year if you're honest rusty in that you may get twice that maybe two times a year you'll get a shooting package but for the most part in between is up to you it's up to that individual to to sustain their skills so we're looking for a thumbs forward grip okay with our master home we want to ensure that our so that web of the hand is high up into the tang of the pistol we will also want to make sure that that middle finger is high up into the right under the trigger guard area okay we also want to create that open area here on the left side of the pistol for our support hand to fit in I like to refer to this little area here Ford of the trigger-guard as a index point for your support hand thumb okay so go ahead and make sure that every time you draw and your hands come together on the weapon system your support hand thumb indexes that point so we don't just lock me with that position okay people have a tendency and this is what I noticed in the training is as we get fatigued we kind of mess up that hand position okay therefore we're not being consistent with our training therefore we're going to build some improper movement patterns and training scars so we want to make sure that that support hand thumb okay is locked into position and we've got two hands high elbows Cheska squeeze dominating over the gun okay that's going to be the grip we're looking for and then the drill basically is going to run from either compress ready or an extended ready position it'll be standby ready fire and I want five shots same spot for all five shots okay and we're just going to work that trigger okay for that five shots we'll do this about three to four times we're looking for solid dots on the trigger not slashes so for good trigger control what we want to see what that servpro pistol is docks solid dots on that target okay we want to avoid flashes okay that means we're either pulling with the finger so we want to be aware of that and also if you've got too little finger on the trigger we're going to push left so we want linear pull on this trigger coming straight back into the trigger finishing flat on that trigger every time we break our shots okay for the most part you know we we want to emphasize working on skills you know on the range it's not meant to take the place of live fire this is meant to sustain in between your live-fire range training sessions standby ready fart you did one thing you might want to think about it's just going to rolling those elbows out okay both elbows out there you go so you give me a tension okay so if you got one on one elbow here just kind of lower than the other that's where the recoil is going to want to go is to that support elbow cuz that's the one that's lowest okay so you want that recoil travel put your arms your shoulders okay straight back right so just to show you all right go ahead come on out walk out again so if you drop that elbow that Rico's gonna want to travel here okay to this side right here alright so get your elbows up roll them up nice and tight get equal tension on both arms alright so everything is nice and equal all right stand by ready bar fire so we want to dominate get again over the guns equal tension with both elbows whether you lock straight out or you bend slightly but equal tension to that recoil come straight back okay basically what we want to do is lock this gun into what we call a vise here okay equal tension with the hands all right equal tension with the elbows nice chest squeeze going on I've got good compression here and I'm meeting that recoil aggressively okay and one thing I know for a fact is if you're not training this if you're not constantly practicing skills the manipulation of a firearm that kind of thing those are things that deteriorate so guys when you're in that compressed ready and that ready position get your fingers off the trigger guys straight it off I want a straight index finger along the slide of the firearm so whether you go to the range once a month fire and validate your marksmanship skills or you hear one of the officers that maybe gets a once-a-year or shooting package or even a qualification course this is something you can do consistently to maintain your skills sustain and hone all of your marksmanship you


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