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despite our best efforts we got to recognize that the bad guy gets a vote in the outcome too today's video is brought to us by firearms legal protection firearms legal protection is a legal defense program for lawful gun owners with the 24/7 emergency hotline and plans designed specifically for self defenders they are offering a discount on their plan to ask fan so hit the link in the description for that welcome to today's active self protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us out of Peru and shows us an armed robbery that is stopped by a man who is willing to step in we begin here with three guys in helmets with firearms who come in and start robbing this joint so chicken joint make sure you go read the news stories in the description you'll need Google Translate for that notice guy in the bottom right gonna get shook down just a little bit by the first guy and when he is not super forthcoming with the other ones what we're gonna see here is more guys coming in and I'm the guy in the bottom right is gonna get conked on the head but there's a counter ambush from the back and this guy is actually a well-known trainer and he gets shot once himself while he drives the other guys off again go read the news story he shot one of the robbers and killed him but also shot a bystander in the process and obviously that's not so good we're gonna see the bad guys all pile out of here they're gonna run off one of them didn't make it and we see the guy who grabbed the gun from our good guy who was injured is gonna run out and check on them and now some other folks are gonna finally start thinking gosh this good thing to get the heck out of there and that's where this one ends took a lot of courage to step in there and act and I'm sure glad he did I have a poll question for you out of this one do you consider this one a win I mean the robbers were were driven off but the good guy was shot in the process would you consider that a win hit the poll let me know what you think as for me I think it's a qualified win certainly kept a lot of people from being hurt but he was hurt himself that's one of the lessons that I want to talk about is emotional fitness and staying in the fight no matter what the importance of marksmanship when you're launching a counter ambush and the importance of first aid skills and equipment let's think first about in an armed robber you are always on the defensive and so you're always gonna have to look for your opportunity and wait your turn to defend yourself there's always one of the things in an armed robbery you can't draw from the drop and so looking for your chance to defend yourself always incredibly important now compliance probably these people's best strategy here but as we noticed from the guy in the bottom right you see him take a hint right there on the head from the butt of a pistol he wasn't you know giving him a hard time he just wasn't complying fast enough and therefore compliance is a strategy but it's not always the greatest strategy now what you're going to notice is that this armed robbery attracts the attention of our defender and so sometimes in that armed robbery you're gonna have to get your gun out in a hurry and go to work but you will also have to move with a gun in your hands you should know how to do that and how to assess and how to get your best bet now as we go forward just a little bit we noticed that our good guy comes into the picture in the center in the top in the very back and he can see at least two bad guys here now if you're gonna launch a counter ambush the thing that you're gonna have to recognize is you cannot do so when they have their attention on you you have to wait till their attention is off you and he has that here both these bad guys that we can see on screen there's another one that is in the front of the store are not paying attention to him so he has the opportunity to seize the advantage and when you have that opportunity you have to take that opportunity we always say you have to wait your turn but you absolutely have to take your turn to launch a successful counter ambush now you're gonna see him get in here and drive in and get close distance and notice you can just barely see that the first guy gets a look at him and turns to see him when he's driving into him so closing that distance is incredibly important and good here because he had the opportunity and that gives him more margin for error as he makes that first shot now it does give the bad guy a little bit of an opportunity to see him as well but as a general rule it's a good thing to provide that you a better chance to get that first shot on target now as we said earlier boy it's important because there's gonna be an innocent bystander hurt here but marksmanship incredibly vital as he puts the first shot in that guy then he turns over to see the second bad guy now we talk about the boarding house rules of active self-protection occasionally and that means everyone gets firsts before anyone gets seconds but usually that means servings not individual shots so you'd normally put several shots in that first one but outs think about marksmanship as he slides over to the second bad guy notice the gal in the red sure with the apron on is right in his way and those rules of firearm safety are always critically important and marksmanship always critically important because again the news story says he actually shot her in the chest as well now you notice in this spot he is shot okay now now he had a shot that's coming his way this is where emotional fitness comes into play friends you have to recognize that even if you're hurt if you still have consciousness you are still in a fight and you still have to finish that fight in a positive manner and you also where that comes from is understanding how to take punishment how to take you know damage and still stay in the fight you also have to recognize from an internal perspective about 90% of people shot with a handgun survived so you're not out of it unless you have lost consciousness now notice he does get back up gets his gun back in the fight and is still on that and that's a very good thing now of course from this perspective once that fight is completely over we want to talk about first aid skills and first aid equipment at this point you got to stay in the fight but very quickly the person who comes to his aid who's standing right next to them not the one standing over and but standing right next to him better have some first aid skills and hopefully some equipment so that they can get some appropriate first aid started as quickly as possible now of course with a penetrating injury in the guts we'd normally just seal that up and get to the hospital as fast as we can because pressure isn't gonna do a whole lot and those kind of things now he does give up his gun to his buddy and and I want to talk about that for just a second I get that but the rule of thumb is if you're good enough to use a gun you should have brought one for yourself and therefore I am not really interested in giving off a firearm to somebody else now I didn't really ask he just kind of took that firearm however I do want to say this as a general rule I know some people think about oh they keep a backup gun on them to transfer off to someone else or something like that but as this lesson shows to us like I didn't do anything with the gun but by the time that he could pass a gun off to somebody they in the action is completely over so you know that's not really something that I see happen ever on these narrated video so it's not something that I worry about now finally you're gonna see these guys all pile out of there one of them was mortally wounded but they still were able to run off quite a bit but the buddy of our our shot good guy follows them out always a bad idea to chase fleeing felons puts you back in the position of being in danger they COO come your way again and launch a second counter ambush at you can get you into trouble for a lot of reasons better off just to hunker down and to get there call cops wait for them to get there some important lessons here friends about marksmanship by launching a counter ambush about emotional fitness about first aid so let's not forget them but instead put them into our repertoire make sure we're trained up effectively not just educated but trained to do this well so that we can cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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