some guys how you doing Daniel lion wolf tactical and you know what I want to touch base with in this video I want to actually touch base on a very important topic and I would say that everybody in the gun community and everybody that that would say that they're into the Second Amendment right the right to keep and bear arms but the root of the cause not the cause but the root of why you would want to carry why you'd want to exercise the Second Amendment right and what is the main reason for wanting a firearm now yes firearms are fun they're recreational you could have a lot of fun shooting it a lot of fun training a lot of fun in the gun community however I would think we all agree that weapons in general were birthed to defend force multiplier to actually even out the playing field to level out the battlefield if you're smaller than I am it doesn't matter if you have the same weapon I do you can do just as much damage or more to me whether I'm bigger stronger it wouldn't really matter so weapons are by and large for defense for defending for saving life for for battle what I've noticed people so they'll buy a gun whatever the case may be they'll have it in the house for their self-defense weapon and they have their own guns and they have their ammunition and they got all these stockpiles and they got all these different type of weapons with it where they rarely shoot them if any once a year a couple times a year whatever whatever but and they feel safer which is great I want you guys to feel safe but what you really to think about something if something did happen are there key things that you're thinking about in your home that you prepare yourself for something that would take place for example I'm in my garage right now I do a lot of the videos I do music and things like here do my gun cleaning and repairs and things like that in here right behind me literally I'd say about seven feet in the corner there there is actually one of my surveillance cameras and it is to actually watch this whole entire area so that actually spans back there all the way across there I actually have another one to the front of house and then to the side of the house and I actually have alarms I say that for this reason when you're defending your home buying a weapon is just the first step buying ammunition is a step but it's for example if you have four or five weapons in your home where do you have those weapons do you have them strategically placed in your house to where if you were invaded in any area in your home you would be able to grab one within ten steps what I mean by that is if you're down in your garage and like right now my garage doors locked and I have the alarm disabled because I'm actually in here would I have a weapon to get to if I was invaded through this door the answer is yes what I have a record of faces and what I actually have evidence of of the encounter and the attack on my video yes what I have it in the front yard yes my house is a tri-level home so I don't want to have all of my weapons in one place it's very important guys listen to this when you're defending your home you don't want to have the shotgun and the rifle in the hand getting stuff and so on all in a safe in one location if you can have your stockpile have your extras have have them endowment you're the dominant amount of weapons in your safe it's great but make sure that you strategically have weapons around around your home that you can get to for example if you're in the kitchen and you're cooking a meal and something happened while you're in there was there an area you can get to on that side of the house where you can fit swiftly get your weapon how about if we go to the bathroom is there an area somewhere around that vicinity where you can get to your place if you're in the front room and somebody barges in from the front if you're downstairs and they barge up from the back if you're on the other side of the house and they come into the side these are very very key things to think about when you're preparing your home for defending it's not just in in the the nightstand that'd be great if everything happened when you were able to go in the nightstand ramming have your weapons in a safe downstairs in the back closet and you have your your 45 inside your drawer and your you know shotgun you know on the side of your bed well that's great if you're in your bedroom what happens when you're taking a [ __ ] happen when you're cleaning something what happens when you're you know that yes carry your weapons what if you end up taking your weapon off one have some form of alert before an intruder comes to your home ie dog an alarm system motion sensors for your lighting security systems nowadays you can get everything that I just said for very very low cost that'll be that'll serve the purpose functioning will they be able to zoom in at a hundred feet and get picked get facial expression from it know you'll be able to within a twenty five thirty meter area of your home you'll be able to make at a person what they look like where they're at they'll get pictures you can set monitoring on your camera so that when you get motion it can actually start to recording that's evidence you said or monitor close to your bed or in another area house you can actually view what's going on outside your house without even looking outside the window great thing to have lights going off intruders get a little worked up by that they tend to go around dark plates and not well lit up places that have dogs barking okay but after all that stuff fails and you still have somebody who actually comes into your house I want you to have a weapon if you live in a two-story house I want you to have at least one weapon downstairs and one weapon upstairs if you can have one in the garage as well and I'll tell you why the garage has two entry points sometimes three if you have if your connects in the backyard usually have a side door you'll have a big door if they get to that area there what they're armed and you're not and your guns upstairs somewhere then what are you going to do now you're going to pray and hope so you'll be able to defend one third of the house then you'll have upstairs where you can get it to it in the middle sensual the home another weapon and then somewhere in your bedroom but don't put all your weapons in one spot because now you're banking on something happening when you're there nuts gonna not gonna do you no good having a gun inside your dresser if you notice out of the house and you got to run from point A all the way to point B when they already got the jump on you because they got the element of surprise and then they're actually closer to you than you are to your weapon not a good thing three key points alert system which is what I said the alarm systems the dogs barking this the motion sensors to having weapons and multiple locations okay that's number two and three one the the third is to be aware of your surroundings and get to know your neighbors that they would look out for you and you look after them now if you don't have that then then then then your three is to make sure that you're actually being more vigilant if you only have one weapon then put it somewhere central and when you go to bed move into your nightstand or some type of safe close to your bed if you can have two for the price of one handgun nowadays you can buy with two really good shotguns 12-gauge 20 gauge and you can put one on each side of the house and be great and then there'd be more lethal than a than a any pistol whatever be with a double lot bucks so very important guys don't have all your up ins in one spot spread it out in the house put them strategic locations where wherever you were you can get to one quick enough and be vigilant you do these three things and you'll be able to prepare so stay focused guys live without


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