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Victim Steals Phone Store Robber’s Firearm


okay so you practice those five d's plus one and take a gun away from a robber now what [Music] welcome to today's lesson here at active self protection i'm your host john correa an evidence-based defensive trainer based out of phoenix arizona today's video comes to us from st petersburg in russia ammo is crazy expensive and hard to find and dry fire is life i use the mantis x10 to keep my handgun skills strong and it makes dry practice fun and challenging check it out at the link below it's christmas day for god's sake and this guy walks in and starts pointing a gun at these employees at what is a cell phone store this is the only angle i have unfortunately so what we're not gonna see is him pointing the guns at them on the other side of the countertop there he's gonna go back close the door come back at these guys and i think put the gun down and when he ends up putting the gun down the employee actually grabs a hold of his gun and starts holding in on him and telling him to get the heck out of there but he's not that smart he's not going to decide to get the heck out of there so he is going to actually get what i think is some kind of chemical irritant like a mace or an oc and pointed at one of the other employees who was going to hose him down with a fire extinguisher and now the the fire extinguishing is all over the place you can see the guy get him in the face with it again and now he you know casts invisibility over the entire place so you can see the chemical irritant all over the place was not irritant it's a fire retardant so the guy's gonna actually try to chase that other employee back and get his gun so the other one's gonna grab a chair and throw the chair at him like a wwe match and that dude's kind of wandering around and eventually at some point he starts i think going well gosh man i can't see anybody in here there's nothing for me to get in here they're gonna end up driving the guy off cops did catch him like a half hour later with an ak in his car and a trauma pistol and a bunch of ammo and he's arrested and facing charges those folks really handled their business pretty dang well if you want to get better as a self-defender would you consider joining us for our monthly online seminars there's a link in the description we cover a new topic every single month that will make you better as a self-defender there are a couple bucks deep dives in all kinds of topics so hit the link in the description for this month so will ya bad guys don't take days off friends i don't care that it's christmas day here when he commits this crime and notice again that the bad guy always gets to set the time in the place of the attack so as the defender you're always on defense you're going to be at an initiative deficit all the time and you should be prepared to defend yourself from that initiative deficit all the time and therefore sometimes purposeful compliance is the way because again you are on the ambush right now you're at the drop and so you've got to look for your opportunity and i think the employees did a good job at this now notice here they just okay purposefully comply okay bro i'll do whatever and notice as well here that they do have the counter but the counter is a two-edged sword that that countertop gives them an opportunity but if they wanted to counter ambush the employee that's that's just on the screen here is not being paid attention to so if you have a very fast drawn first shot and you're armed this is a good opportunity for a counter ambush here because if i can get a drawn first shot in under 1.5 seconds he cannot out draw me even though he has the gun in his hand which is why you want to work a fast and accurate draw to first shot so now the guy's coming back and we're going to see him go for the doorway here and that is our second opportunity for a counter ambush here he turns his back on the door so again if you are using purposeful compliance and looking for an opportunity at a counter ambush there it is if you have a two second draw the first shot you can get a gun out here and get it on him and shots on him and there's nothing he can do in order to counter that or to beat you to that shot so looking for those opportunities is key now then noticing that our employee now has the gun what are you going to do with that gun in this moment now here's an interesting thing if you just grab a gun and use it instantaneously you're probably okay from a legal perspective but after several seconds you have the means of lethal force he has empty hands is it justifiable to shoot him in that moment after that initial moment has passed to the disarm probably not and and so you want to watch out that okay i've got the gun now what am i going to do with it and if your choice is i don't want to use the gun probably dropping the magazine jack in the round out of it if it has one in there and disabling that gun is best and the reason for that is again if you're not going to use it this guy's going to come close several times and try to retrieve that gun and it can resume as a deadly weapon now that said you got a guy out here i would start issuing commands at this point at the very least telling him to get his hands up telling him to get down on the ground and get away from you and then if he will not do that or he fails to comply then trying to get in the back close the door get between him and you know get a barrier between you and him if at all possible because otherwise you get into cases like this now then he gets this this you know oc or whatever or mace or whatever chemical irritant out and what are you going to do here does that justify a deadly force response in most cases no though this here in the middle of a robbery you might could get away with it remember do we have to shoot in this instance maybe not i do think it's actually a great solution for a guy that decided here well he's got a means there i'm going to use the fire extinguisher and get after him on it now i do want to say that one of the things that we see here is the fact that the fire extinguisher did not incapacitate the guy but it did disorient him for a moment so sometimes using that accelerator you know it's a retardant actually but you know using what's in the fire extinguisher in order to disorient so that you can attack and i think that in this case given everything that's happening dunking him on the head with that fire extinguisher absolutely merits things now look at her response here my guess is he's probably spraying that spray all over the place so again this is a physical attack for sure and so again getting in there and bunking him on the head with that fire extinguisher and getting him the heck out of there probably wise instead of pointing the gun at him which if she's not willing to use it is not a useful tool again get it out of the fight notice he swung that fire extinguisher at him there that's good know how to use the tools and the environmental weapons that are available and now as the guy comes back notice again that in the fight he's gonna have problems so they choose another environmental weapon and this is a great idea as well because i do think that the chair can at least get a barrier between you and it's a mobile barrier that you can keep with you now he throws it at the guy which i don't think is the best choice so i'd rather you have purpose built tools on you have your own oc spray on you have your own firearm on you that have to make do with improvised or environmental tools but if that's all you have in the moment use the environmental tools that are available because in some places and in some times in some jobs you can't carry tools and so therefore you got to improvise thankfully they were able to you know just get this guy to leave i do want to note here at the very end in the news story that i've linked in the description they did catch this guy with you know an ak style rifle a bunch of ammo and those kinds of things so this guy could have come back and done some significant damage another great reason to have tools but these employees i think did a fine job of taking their opportunity and covering their asp


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