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Shotgun vs. Handgun for Personal Defense in the Home – Thunder Ranch


I'm Clinton Smith and we're at our tactical house which we call the Terminator it's just a name it's not a big deal but we wanted to give you a tip there's often a lot of discussion by people that you wouldn't use a long gun for a first personal defense inside your home because of the length I need to show you this so that you understand it there is a difference in length but to properly use a pistol and to use a long gun properly there's probably only about a nominal four to six inches of difference on the guns so if Roger holds up a pump gun that's long he's got it back against the wall we're trying to prove to you okay what the length is so that would be the Mossberg 500 thunder ranch gun then the over-and-under gun will come up you can see its length in comparison again his back is to the wall and we're all it trying to do is give you a measurement if I took a pistol and put it in a proper firing position so that it was forward what you need to do now they'll move the guns up and down slightly you can see what's going on as far as overall length there is a difference but it's not nearly as much as people concern themselves with what I need for to consider is that when you would practice that you would practice these manipulations and it's a very simple format that is addressing the issue of the length of the gun and I know that if I have six more inches of gun to work through a doorway then you need to address that but the idea that it this is all very easily solved by only one question if someone was going to run across the bedroom at you and they had a big knife would you rather shoot in one time with a pistol or one time with a shotgun when you answered the question you figured out why this doesn't really about this we simply take these guns and use them in a slightly different manner because the very small but basically insignificant overall length difference you


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