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Self Defence Law NSW: Protecting Your Home 1


okay there's been a fair bit of discussion on our pages recently about an incident which occurred up in Newcastle where young father portably went to defend his home and his daughter and another person ended up deceased and he subsequently being charged for before the courts and either being refused bail or hasn't applied for bail section 418 of the Crimes Act from the New South Wales states when we can use self-defense it's as said on this page regularly in circumstances where it's reasonable and necessary in the situation as you perceive it to take certain action to defend yourself your family or your property if your actions are excessive or deem to be excessive then you may have problem establishing that you acted in self-defense if the person is deceased there are certain provisions in the Crimes Act certainly under Section 419 and 420 that make it harder for you to prove or to establish it you're acting in self-defense in relation to the current scenario we need to make it clear that we don't act for either party in relation to this and have no knowledge other than what is contained in the local media as of about the 1st of April 2016 but what we can indicate and what's clear that using reasonable grounds it's harder it's harder to claim self-defense if you pursue somebody if they're running away from you it's harder to claim self-defense if somebody's being restrained or has surrendered it's harder to claim self-defense if somebody's to be severely injured for example having their neck broken or deceased what you always need to be able to establish is that your actions were reasonable necessary and proportionate in circumstances yourself you must believe that in addition to that a jury must be able to believe that


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