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Jewelry Store Owner Has Great Attitude


sometimes an indomitable spirit is all it takes to defend yourself welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us from Santa Monica California in the United States the mana sex firearms training system is used by everyone from defensive shooters to competitive shooters to even US military Special Forces you can train like each one of those groups and get better between range trips guys just minding his business in his shop when a dude runs in with a sledgehammer and busts in one of his cases to steal stuff with a partner outside there and he's just not having it he goes after this guy it's got to pull his sweater over his head jerseys in there and now the fight is on and those guys are gonna run off and they did hit our proprietor with the hammer one time that the second one had thankfully he was not badly hurt he actually grabbed a hold of the guy's bag so he lost his sweatshirt and his bag in the process cops were looking for these guys and they did catch them according to the news story some ways away he did enough and he covered his ass for sure if you want to get better with your self-defense join us at the asp national conference September 27 28 29 outside of Manhattan Kansas it's gonna be a fantastic time and all to benefit the Flint Hills foster team camp for abused and abandoned foster teens I'd also like to thank one of our sponsors MagTek for being a corporate donor and helping us do this good that we're trying to do out of today's video I want to think about the danger of transitional spaces about the importance of attitude self-defense and I want to think about the dangers of multiple attackers so let's pay attention as we always do to transitional spaces again you know the the entrance to a shop because the guys can run in from outside you can't see them ahead of time they can get out quickly and those kind of things our transitional spaces you work in a retail environment you're in a transitional space so pay attention in those arenas though of course don't know that he really could have stopped anything here but understand that these attacks can happen quickly is important now our owner here has to decide what the heck is he gonna do because this guy has a huge selection and he has just smashed in the case now certainly here this is in Santa Monica California but he is in his place of business and the right answer could very easily have been here if he had a firearm to draw firearm and start issuing commands but he doesn't have that so instead he does have incredible attitude though and he says I'm not gonna be victimized by this guy that's great and I love that attitude and if you have the skills and plan to back it up it is fantastic so he goes in just Full Tilt boogie on this guy and this is where your empty handed skills are incredibly important again as a self defender I would suggest especially against multiples having some tools on your person here and using those tools effectively but being given that he does not have that here having the empty handed skills and or some other tools very very important here to be able to back up that attitude because again he says no I'm not going to be victimized I'm gonna go after these guys that's great but do you have the empty handed skillset to fight off two attackers particularly one is armed with a hammer now of course anytime you have multiple attackers every extra attacker you add adds like an order of magnitude of difficulty and what I want you to notice here as you can see right here that bad guy number two has a hammer as well so now you have armed attackers where the 5ds plus one come in and those kind of things but against multiple is incredibly difficult to do that and adds a significant threat of deadly harm or great bodily harm here so all the more reason to say okay wait a minute I'd much rather keep my distance much rather have a tool on me if at all possible now recognize that that's your biggest priority and the dude did actually hit that shopkeep with that hammer thankfully it just grazed him it didn't hurt him badly so let's think about following up here okay yeah he's got the guy's bag and all that stuff but I can't say enough friends I really don't recommend chasing him down the street the reason for that is is that if you go read the news story linked in the description the cops actually arrested four people here so they had accomplices that were with them that could have been additional problems for them and they could have coordinated a new attack and put him back in danger so just you know consolidate the win close the door get on the phone with 911 and get the cops there I get it you want to chase bad guys down bad idea though let him get the heck out of there because you put yourself at continual risk doing so so this shopkeep had an incredible attitude he had enough skills to back it up but let's watch those multiple attackers check those transitional spaces and cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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