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I Tried Escaping A Special Operations Sniper


– One responsibility of a sniper is to shoot targets with deadly accuracy. Today, I'm meeting a former sniper to see if I can escape
him without getting shot. My brilliant strategy is not to outrun him but to confuse him. – You guys want to grab some quesadillas? – I had three muffins today. – Yeah, I can go for one.
– No. – What experience do you have as a sniper? – I served six years in
a special operations unit in the Marine Corps as
a sniper team leader. – What does a sniper do? – A sniper does not just take shots. A sniper conducts what's called overwatch and looks over the troops
during an operation.

He also gathers intelligence. He reports back to the command. He scans for IEDs or
other various threats. – How do you divide your responsibilities? – 80 to 90% would be
gathering intelligence and reconnaissance, and 10 or 20% would actually
be firing the weapon. – I'm going to challenge you to shoot me. I have 10 minutes to escape your sight. I'm gonna do whatever I can and try and get away from you. At the end of those 10 minutes, you can fire at me. – I'm ready. – What will you be firing at me? – I'll be firing a simunition round.

It travels 300 feet per second. It has green paint. Upon impact, it will explode and shoot green paint all over you. – So, it will not kill me? – It will not kill you. – If I do not get shot, I can eat my favorite candy in the world,
Reese's peanut butter cups. If you shoot me, I will be punished by having to eat cat food. – That simu round will hurt, and the cat food is nasty. – Please don't shoot me in the face. – I will shoot you center mass. – You're gonna aim for my ass? – Center mass which is your chest. – Do you think you're going to shoot me? – I do think I'm going to. – How confident on a scale of one to 100? – I'll say 98. – Good luck. – Good luck to you. – What the sniper didn't know was that I spent the last two weeks planning the perfect escape.

The first step of my master
plan is taking my clothes off. If you think I'm getting naked, you have no idea how many
tricks I have up my sleeve. – I am wearing a ghillie suit. It's used to blend in
with the natural terrain and surroundings and to
avoid enemy detection. It's gonna be very difficult for Mike to see my movement out there. Oh, he took his tie off, I see. It is hot as (bleep) out here with this ghillie suit on. Oh, he's taking his shirt off.

Wow, he's getting down to business. Do I see pants coming off too? Is this gonna be R-rated or X-rated? He has like a unitard or something. Interesting. – Under my clothes, I'm
wearing a zentai suit. This conceals my identity and shows off my incredible beach bod. In the middle of my escape, a random car pulled up next to me. Was it a pizza delivery? No, it was a decoy delivery. I asked four people
with my exact body shape to wear matching zentai suits. – [David] Okay, we got all
kind of people assisting here. – Who are these four decoys
willing to get shot for me? One decoy is the barista who I buy coffee from every morning. – Going into this escape, I wanted to be the one that got shot.

I like Mike, and I wanted
to make his plan work. – Another decoy is my coworker, who I've only spoken to three times. – Mike's kind of a mysterious person. I work with him, but I
don't really know him. – Another decoy is my coworker's roommate, who I've never met. – Hi, I'm Nick. – The final decoy is a comedian I met at a party last month. – I don't know Mike at all. I don't really care if he gets shot. – Now it's time to disappear
using smoke grenades. – [David] We got, smoke's popped up. (laughs) I like it. We have colored smoke, multiple suits. – My goggles were not working properly, so I made sure that all of the
decoys dropped their goggles. I hope everyone was cool with that. – The first thing he said to me was don't wear your goggles, which was the only protection we had. And then I really wanted this not to work and for him to get shot.

– Next, the decoys and
I will dance in a circle as fast as possible. This should make the sniper dizzy and jealous of all the fun we're having. – [David] Okay, so he
has multiple targets, all with colored smoke, obscuring the target. It's gonna be very
difficult to tell who's who. – After dancing up a storm, we will pair off in groups of two or more and hide under blankets together. This should make it impossible to identify which one of us is me. – [David] Well, they're
making it real (bleep) tough. He get five guys wearing
the same colored suits under a blue blanket. – We were under the blankets for a while.

We decided to play a little shell game where we mixed up each
other under the blankets. – Does the sniper have any idea which one of us is the real Mike? Watching this footage,
even I have no clue. – [David] God, they all
look the (bleep) same. I think they have no idea I'm behind them. Instead of the Blue Man Group,
he's the Gray Man Group. Let's see what we can figure out here. – Now that time is expired,
the sniper may fire one shot. Remember, if the sniper shoots
one of my decoys, I win. If the sniper shoots me, I lose. If the sniper shoots himself in the leg, I would be very surprised. – [Alex] Once we heard the first whistle, we took off the blankets and lined up. – Once we were standing in that line and had to raise our hands
to let the sniper know that we were ready to be shot, my adrenaline went to another level.

– We had been given the direction
to put your right hand up, aka do not protect your
face after Mike had told us not to wear the goggles. – Dancing around was
probably my favorite part because I love acting like a fool, but as soon as we were
standing in that line, my heart kinda sank and I
knew I was going to be the one who was going to be shot.

I just felt it. – You know, Mike had mentioned something, that he said, I wonder
if someone could get shot in their ass. – You gonna aim for my ass? (warped voice) You gonna aim for my ass? – So, since I had circled around to my vantage point behind them, I thought why not shoot him in the ass? – When we were lined up to
be shot, I wasn't nervous, but I was just mentally
preparing myself to be shot in different places. I thought, the stomach would be painful. The throat would be painful. The arms would be painful, but I'm ready. Who will the sniper shoot? A barista, a comedian, a coworker, a coworker's roommate, or me? – So, under normal circumstances, I would not shoot at anybody
if I wasn't 100% certain that they were the correct target, but under these strange circumstances, these interns were cleared to
shoot at so I took the shot.

– Not Mike. – Not Mike. – Not Mike. – [David] So, if I didn't
get him, I'm damn close. It's down to two. – Yeah, baby. – Not Mike. – [David] Oh (bleep). – Originally, Mike asked me
to lead the group vocally so the sniper would think I'm the leader and hopefully lead to him shooting me. I'm not sure if that led to his decision. Getting shot felt a little
less pain than a paintball. It hit me right in the right cheek. When I heard that the sniper
was aiming for my whole, that was a little disheartening, but I'm glad that he got me in the cheek and not up my canal.

– Mike's escape plan was outstanding. I mean, using the
vehicle, using the smoke, using the five people, the different, the suits that they wore to blend in, the blankets like a shell game, it was a really, really good plan. – I'm thrilled I was able to escape. My master plan worked. I'm more than delighted. This is me delighted, yes. Now, it's time for my reward. I've loved Reese's peanut butter cups since I was a little boy. Chocolate, peanut butter,
there's nothing better. Ooh, it's mine. Yummy. You want to feed me one? – No, I do not. – I won. – I'm not gonna feed you. We're not getting married. We're not sharing cake here. – Overall, it was an
interesting experience. The other decoys were really good guys. I'm happy to have them as new friends. Mike is trash..


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