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how's it going YouTube this video is going to be about the perfect home defense shotgun this is a Mossberg 500 with a pistol grip on it I went for the basic Mossberg 500 just all it has is a heat shield on top and I added this shell holder on the side that was only like 30 bucks but shotgun itself varies from about 300 350 depending on where you get it probably find it online cheaper but I've been using is a smoochie they have nine pellets in them but what makes us a great home defense shotgun is that first of all there's no stock so you know if you're moving around in a hallway you're not going to be hitting walls with the stock of it shorter just easier to maneuver around the house and as you can see the magazine goes all the way down to the end of the barrel this particular model holds seven in the seven in the magazine one in the chamber and I'll show you it is unloaded however it does not stay in load it stays loaded and beside the bed however you plan on if you plan on you know adding a shotgun don't leave it around if you have kids obviously but as you see one two three four five six seven one fell out on me let's try that again that wouldn't happen to you if you're holding on the right way they yep eight total in the gun one of the chamber seven of the magazine and then six on the side here so that's 14 shots before you have to you know pull shotgun shells from somewhere else but on it if I'm just shooting you know outside to shoot around or whatever I generally just use Winchester because it's cheaper little red ones but I like these few Chi for you know just leave it in there in case somebody tries to kick down the door another good thing about a shotgun as opposed to a handgun or rifle for home defenses a shotgun blast isn't going to penetrate multiple walls and kill you know an innocent person it's going to you can just point an aim at your the intruder or whatever and fire and it's not going to really penetrate a wall and kill your wife in the other room or your kids in the other room or whatever but this is the perfect home defense shotgun in my opinion see the other side of it there and there's a lot of accessories you can put lights or lasers which I don't really care about you can get different grips different I can get a pistol grips or a forward grip to mount on the pump here but this is how I like it just like that you have any questions about the shotgun let me know and I'll be happy to answer them thanks for watching


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