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Best 9mm Home Defense Pistol


What's up sheepdogs! Ryan G here. You know, I get this question a lot. People ask me what is the best 9-millimeter pistol for home defense. Well in this video, I'm gonna give you some recommendations. Now, listen guys. I absolutely love Glock firearms. I love it and you know people ask the question what's the best. And you know, I don't really think there is such thing as one gun that is superbly you know superbly is that even a real word.

So, I don't think that there's one gun that is just the best and everything
else sucks. I really love the Glock 19, which is my current go-to home defense
pistol in nine-millimeter. I love it But, there's also lots of other amazing
firearms out there. Sig, pretty much everything Sig makes is great. The HK VP9 is a badass little gun. Springfield Armory makes some badass guns. So this video is really just about my opinion with the Glock. So take it with a grain of salt. Now, there's a couple things that I specifically look for when I am choosing a home defense firearm or even concealed carry for that matter.

For home defense, I have to have a gun that is going to work, right? I don't have time when some idiot
is in my house attacking us to have some cheap Taurus that I can't trust my life to. I look for companies that are made by a reputable, high quality manufacturer. And specifically, I look for guns that have been made or designed for military and law enforcement units. That way I know that they have passed some pretty stringent testing and that if it's good enough for a guy in combat, it's probably good enough for me. Next, I believe it is mandatory for your home defense firearm to have a light rail. The light rail is this little part on the very bottom of the gun that allows us to attach a flashlight.

Just imagine, you're in your home, You hear a sound You go out see a shadow,
open fire and then you find out that it's a loved one just try not to wake
you up. I believe it is critical that you identify who the person is in your home before you pull that trigger. And if it's the middle of night, which it probably is going to be, you need to have a flashlight to make that happen. Now, we also know that the majority of situations where gun owners have to use
a gun, it's gonna happen at night. Which means, you're gonna need night sights. Night sights cause your sights to glow in the dark So that that way you can actually line it up and hit what you're aiming at. Now, I personally absolutely love the Trijicon HD night sights.

Anytime I buy a new gun I always
buy the Trijicon HD night sights because I love it. They have this really
bright tip which is either orange or yellow and then the rear sight everything glows it's just epically badass Now the next thing that I look
for is that the firearm has to feel good in my hand. You know, just because I like
a specific gun doesn't mean it's going to be comfortable for you. I have decent sized hands. You want something that feels good in your hand not just mine. It's kind of like buying clothing or shoes.

You also have to have a gun that
you can operate and shoot safely. You know it drives me nuts when I meet somebody who the boyfriend or the husband buys this person a massive gun that they can't really hold or they can't operate the slide. If you can't operate the slide, it's not the right gun for you. So, listen sheepdogs. Go out to a gun store. Try a lot of different firearms. Maybe, even rent a couple and shoot them on the range and find out what works best for you. Make sure you follow my recommendations of what to look for with a gun and I'm sure you're gonna make a great choice.

Feel free to send me a message in the
comments below if you have any specific questions and I would love to help you. Stay safe..


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