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Angry Driver Escalates Way Too Far | Active Self Protection


friends the usual best answer against road rage is to get the heck out of there and call the cops the Mantis ex firearms training system attaches to any gun with a rail into your phone via bluetooth to track barrel movement every shot you take use it to help you be the most accurate fastest shot you possibly can in a defensive encounter I use it in my training all the time hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson that I'm about 99% certain is out of Arkansas and we're gonna see here a dashcam footage of a road rage incident that goes just terribly for all concerned and we're gonna learn important lessons here about why road rage is stupid about keeping your wits about you to get out of the danger zone and don't get involved and we're going to talk about defensive displays of firearms and when they're appropriate this just starts with some friends driving down the road but things can get out of hand in a hurry as a concealed carrier you need to be ready for things to escalate and make smart decisions so we're gonna listen in here on some audio come back and learn some lessons as we can as things escalate [Music] Wow so now a couple things here is a self defender it was not wise to honk your horn that escalated the conflict and was an ego challenge to some guy who was buzzing by protect yourself let him go by don't get into road rage incidents like this number 2 this guy decides to break cheque and that's why as a driver you always got to maintain a lot of space in case he were to do some stupid stuff like this that escalated the conflict even more from a verbal conflict to a physical one [Music] absolutely good and wise to get on the phone and get some police officers there we know this guy's angry though so pulling into a parking lot with him I would not get out of the car at all I would definitely maintain your space watch what he's doing because he's angry and you know it and this could get ugly in a hurry you don't dogs Department did stop breaks and cut in front of us you pulled in the parking lot yeah I know you're gonna pay for it they're on the phone right now when you slammed on your brakes in front of me you cut in front of me I've got it on my GoPro I've got it on camera I'm the guy okay this again okay right now okay wait on the cops to get here okay yes ma'am it's if I took it my friend I'm in the passenger seat with my friend Connor Michael you've got a Dodge but Michel butcher car the Dutch silver Dodge Charger silver Dodge Charger he actually has a camera a GoPro in his windshield what you just heard was the door opening and closing the guy in the charger decided to get out of his car I think that was a mistake here cracked the window a little bit if you need to talk to this guy but stay in the car because it represents a physical barrier to him assaulting you or whatever it is a good idea to stay in the car until the police arrive because otherwise you put yourself at risk for assault you know man we pulled off into a parking lot Michael I need his tag number no we are before but we will pawn where words the red light is where you go up onto a big dune fairy yes the guy started falling I need to call my husband he's where was I gonna stop where was I gonna stop right now he'll read out the window he's got so many do you but he cut over in front of us and this breaks okay my friend is licensed to carry so he just good okay so we drew the firearm here and is that justified well it all depends upon which state you live in and where you are at if I'm right and I am pretty sure I am that this one is in Arkansas I think he's okay here notice that he didn't brandish the firearm and create a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury he didn't threaten with it he just drew it and put it down to his side and if you go and look at the Arkansas Revised Statutes in Arkansas code 5:13 204 about aggravated assault he's not displaying a firearm here in a manner that creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person and you can say he's legitimately acting in self-defense against the guy who's big and aggressive and has assaulted him with his car now that said you need to look at the laws in your state every state is different here as to when you can draw a firearm and when you can't now when you can use a firearm it's different than when you can draw a firearm and so that's why I tell you to go take a class that has specific rules and laws and and teaches exactly what happens in your state so then that way you know what the brandishing laws are in your jurisdiction and when you can draw a firearm and defense I think if this is Arkansas that this guy is probably okay in this instance because of the totality of the circumstances but again you need to ask that question of a qualified lawyer in your jurisdiction you know because the guy came out after him my friend has a concealed carry permit Michael Michael put the gun up please Michael okay yes it was it holstered again yeah final thing here to think about is I bet this guy's really grateful that he had the dash cam that he had his GoPro recording because the fact that the guy brake checked him and you know made him run into him and then some actual facts in an objective third-party view of the incident where he drew his firearm in a defensive display will be very helpful for him in court and so having a recording device like this mounted in your car is probably a wise idea for self defenders now hopefully you'll never need it but it could have helped him in the moment so let's learn some lessons here about not escalating conflict not getting into road rage with people because it's stupid and and watching out for escalating conflict and when to display and if we can display our firearm to protect ourselves and cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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