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A Great Example Of What Not To Do During These Times


This long-standing pandemic has made everyone act stupid … Do not fall into the same! Active Self-Protection Attitude – Skills – Plan I am John Correia, founder and owner of Active Self Protection. Thank you for joining us in today's lesson, which comes to us from Hackensack, New Jersey, in the United States. Today's video is brought to us by Firearms Legal Protection. Firearms Legal Protection is a legal defense program for legitimate gun owners, with a 24/7 emergency hotline and plans designed specifically for self-defenders. They offer a special discount on their plan for ASP fans … So click on the description link for more details. So if you look here, bottom right, you see a woman with a hat who is 53 years old, below you see a black-haired woman who has entered with her mask under her nose, and the other woman has said: "Hey! Put your mask on", because that frustrates her. Well that infuriates the black haired woman so he goes over and starts pointing his finger at her, and challenges her … And that woman uses her cane, and says: "Get away from me, get away from me", and that is going to enrage this woman who then throws her to the ground.

Now, if you go and read the news that I have linked in the description, the woman who has been thrown to the ground broke her leg in the altercation. So now it goes back, you can see they were in the copier area here, and she's going to come off the screen again, we can't see what's going on but look at all the people who were close: "What do we do with this? And how do we deal with this?" and our attacker is going to pass by one side … You see her victim there trying to trip her on her foot there but she is leaving and as far as we know the police are still looking for her. And that's where this case ends. The amount of stupidity we see in this video is simply enormous and we're going to have to talk about it. If you want to improve as a self-advocate, one of the ways you can do it is by joining us on our Facebook page, just open your facebook app, search for Active Self Protection, press the "Like" button and you will see things from all over the web every day to help you improve your personal defense.

All right, it's time for the lessons. I think a great lesson for all of us is that there is currently a great national and even global debate on the use of masks, on whether it is good to use them or not. But I never tire of saying it, regardless of your position on it, Treat other people with respect and be nice to others. It is a very difficult time for everyone and everyone has their emotions unbridled, and there are many things happening with this … But folks just relax let other people be and do not get into unnecessary fights, because a lot of bad things happen here.

Now when she decides to face him and tell him: "Hey, you can't do that", and tell him what he should or shouldn't be doing … And I don't blame her for being attacked nothing she did gave this woman the right to attack her. However, she provoked her with the verbal comment. So you must learn to reduce, escape and avoid conflicts. And again, is this worth it? Certainly looking back at this 53 year old woman, I wouldn't think this is worth it and stand up to this woman to tell her what she should do. But just live and let live, guys. Let it be! Don't be the type of person who has to control others …

Just let it go! So now if she had paid attention after yelling at him like that, It is possible that he would not have allowed this woman to get that close. But he did allow it … Now, a couple of things we can see here, number one … She is using her cane, which tells me that she is a vulnerable person, who has mobility problems. But number two, you are using it as a stick to poke and poke someone. And again, for being all frustrated about the coronavirus, and in case he wears his mask or some of those things, and what that is going to do is provoke her. So if you poke someone with a stick, that could look like an assault and you don't want to do that. Now again, it is not right what this woman did in this case, But it's something that says, "Don't mess with me." Don't do that, folks! Now the woman grabs her and throws her to the ground …

What a bad answer here! Obviously, this is an assault. I wouldn't call it aggravated assault because I don't use weapons or anything like that. Although you could call him that because he broke a bone, that is great bodily harm. So you might ask yourself, "Wait a minute, what is the proper answer here?" Well, as a spectator, you see spectators standing there doing nothing … If you see an assault like this happening, you don't have to intervene as a bystander, But you could say, "Hey, wait a minute … This is an old lady …", He is 53 years old, it is not that much … But a disabled person "who needs my help", and then you could intervene there but, again, you better have something between a dirty word and a gun because guns are not the correct answer here. Now, notice here our victim comes up and tries to kick her … And of course we understand those things, are you angry or whatever … But that was another provocation that could definitely provoke another additional attack, so it's very reckless. I think this woman is doing a lot of wrong things here.

Again, I don't blame her for the attack. But let's make sure we train our loved ones so that they reduce, escape and evade conflicts. As a viewer, let's think beforehand about intervening in this case, and when we should intervene, and with what we would intervene. At least go and get the license plate on the car, or something like that, that might be a useful thing. I also think that, again, having something between a dirty word and a gun, something like a pepper spray that's good and strong, or something like that, could have been a very good tool here, but let's learn the most important lesson here, which is to be kind, don't try to control others, don't come face to face and don't have situations like this, Why do all these kinds of disasters just by wearing a mask … It's something that completely frustrates me! Because we are better than this.

And let's be better than this And let's not get into these kinds of fights, okay? Let's be good to each other, friends..


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