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The steps you need to take to own a firearm in Hawaii


THERE'S NO LIMIT TO THE AMOUNT OF FIREARMS YOU CAN LEGALLY OWN IN HAWAII. YOU JUST NEED TO FOLLOW THE LAW .. AND IT'S A VERY STRICT LAW. The Hawaii Constitution mirrors the U-S Constitution when it comes to the right to bear arms. If you want to buy a gun in Hawaii, you must be at least 21 years old .. And you need a permit. To get a rifle — like an AR, AK, shotgun, or hunting rifle — or any type of long gun — you need a permit, which is renewable once a year, and you can purchase as many rifles as you want during that time period.

To register the firearm with the police department in your county. For handguns – like pistols or revolvers, the process is different, and much more time consuming. In order to buy a handgun in Hawaii, you need a Hunters Education card or a Handgun Safety Training Course Affidavit…you get those by completing a class. Each individual handgun requires a separate permit in order to buy it. Police departments issue the permits. But first, you must wait 14 days while they do a background check. Once purchased, you must pay a 42-dollar one time fee and register with the rap-back program. It's a federal database of firearms owners, and if you're arrested somewhere on the mainland, the system notifies Hawaii law enforcement of your arrest, and police may be able to seize your firearms.

Police can ALSO seize your firearms if a doctor diagnoses you with a mental health problem and you are deemed a threat to yourself or others. And you also have to turn in your firearms if you have a TRO taken out against you. Overall — Hawaii has very firearms ownership .. And one of the lowest gun death rates in the nation — despite a very high number of registered firearms in the state..


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