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Skilled Russian Bouncer Absolutely Destroys Dude With Knife


in empty-handed self-defense a bicep tie even a soft one can be an effective tool [Music] hey everybody welcome to today's active self protection lesson i'm your host john korea i'm pretty sure today's video comes to us out of ukraine but i don't have a news story for it so if you do please put it in a comment so that i can add it to the description ammo is crazy expensive and hard to find and dry fire is life i use the mantis x10 to keep my handgun skills strong and it makes dry practice fun and challenging check it out at the link below nightclub security on the right and an aggressor on the left dude is upset i think about getting kicked out of the club uh details are kind of sketchy news stories linked in the description but he's getting frustrated hey man what's up you gotta you know let me back in there and the bouncer like hey man i'm not gonna be able to let you back in there or whatever you can see the body language change here now watch our aggressor reach into his pocket and pull out a knife and that's gonna lead our bouncer to start putting hands on a little bit as a dude puts his hands behind his back and our bouncer stays super cool here and and leaves a knife in his right hand so notice a bouncer there is keeping that right his left hand touching that guy's right hand guy's going to get a little bit frustrated about it pull it away a little bit here and as the discussion continues you're going to see him kind of give a little bit of a faint here in a second as i keep talking that little faint says now we got to do something here and as that second faint happens our bouncer decides now i gotta do something about this and absolutely wails a tune on him hits him three times knocks him out cold and takes the knife it doesn't do any worse to him and that's where this one ends oh man got him there big time if you want to support the work we do here at active cell protection one of the ways that you can do that is by joining our patron member program there's a link in the description supports us and at the gold member level you get access to all kinds of cool stuff like our monthly online seminars so hit the link in the description would you and support the work we do sure appreciate it so certainly as we get started here for your average private citizen i do want to say i would definitely recommend maintaining your space if at all possible and keeping your hands up in a defensive fence sometimes in these kinds of roles as a bouncer you won't be able to do that but you still want to keep your hands between you and the threats if you possibly can this guy does a good job of it we'll talk about it now then leaving a guy inside your reactionary gap bad idea if you don't have the means to keep his hands from being able to impact you and our bronzer does a pretty good job of that here he maintains real emotional cool he's clearly a professional knows what he's doing knows what he's about and it's just talking to the guy hey man this is just is what it is whatever and he maintains that and doesn't get after the guy but here's where we first start seeing real problems is when that guy puts his hand in his pocket remember the eyes may be the windows to the soul but the hands are the windows to the intent and so you don't want to let somebody stick their hand in their pocket when they are a potential threat to you without doing something about that without taking steps to keep yourself more safe so again look at the eyes look at the hands look at the waist in the pockets to see where the threat is coming from dude puts his hands in his pockets he's not pulling roses out of there to profess his undying love bad things are coming so be prepared for that so our bouncer does see it when he sees the knife here you notice he puts hands on that hand and on that knife but also recognize it's only going to be effective for a minute you're not going to be able to hold that guy's hand like that for the longest time and and just kind of keep it there from being a threat recognize though that him seeing that putting eyes and seeing the right thing and when he sees the threat to put his hand there and go no no man we're not going to play that game and i want to do that is a big deal now clearly if he had taken action at this point i think it would have been justified but he maintains his cool and keeps trying to talk this guy down but notice that our guy pulls it away so again you're only going to keep that for a split second all these tactics and techniques that i'm teaching you only work in that moment they're not going to work forever because the bad guy gets a vote in all of this as well so you have to have a robust skill set that's been tested and proven and worked on in order to do this in time notice here that our bad guy now is hand switching and we don't know which hand he's going to put that in and the bad guy knows this and so does our good guy so watch out for that you might have control of one hand but if you're not careful that i gotta hand switch to the other hand and shank you with that other hand so you so again it's control of the tool and then the hand with the tool the arm with the tool the person with the tool because when you let it go like he did here he can hand switch it he didn't in this case but he certainly could now i think that our bouncer real pro here watch this next thing he does it uses a great bicep tie here and you notice so he doesn't have control of the hand here but he uses this bicep tie where he's got his hand in a c-grip and he just kind of keeps that on the bicep and on the elbow of the aggressor why because it's much harder for a bad guy to pull that away than it is for his hand and also very difficult for him to get a stabbing motion that underhand stabbing motion we see all the time in knife attacks with a bicep tie because our good guy can keep that at bay his whole arm is longer than the guy's forearm so excellent strategy there we see a bicep tie used all the time and used very effectively for a few seconds and a couple of stabs to keep this guy off you if you can get into him if he decides to become aggressive now of course i'd really recommend having some space instead and and here's something though that our bouncer does that he does a really good job first of all he has the bicep tie and you notice his second hand here that that the left hand of our our bad guy can come up pretty darn fast and hit our good guy so what our good guy's doing here is you notice he's got his hand up and near his chest so he's using that as a bit of a fence it is a very quiet fence but a fence nonetheless that he can use to take control of this guy to block that left hand if it were to come around it's a real savvy move there that shows that he knows how to protect his head and his neck so notice here though that you had that fate that little faint there that he's like oh okay i'm gonna go and that led our bouncer into work as well that he backed up a little bit and prepared himself to have to go on this guy and that little faint says no this guy's really looking for what am i gonna do and i better get some opportunity here to get rid of this guy so that second kind of flinch off and getting him away says it's time to go and that's exactly what our bouncer decides here nope i gotta take this guy out he is going to hurt me he is going to attack me with that knife so he goes and he goes without flinching now what do you notice here is that he moves forward immediately he doesn't [ __ ] back is that he throws that punch from the position that he was in without telegraphing it and because of that he's able to make contact in a quarter of a second which is inside the reactionary gap of the bad guy and so the bad guy is there's literally nothing he's gonna do to move in this much time so when you [ __ ] back in order to throw a punch that gives a bad guy time in order to respond but if you can throw that from that place where you don't have to do that then you can connect exactly like this here he doesn't just throw one punch he's gonna throw a second punch behind it once the first one comes in he's got a second punch coming behind it because he doesn't assume that the first punch is going to knock the guy cold he's going to go after this guy until the threat stops so this is not him doing ego stuff this is him defending himself he's actually going to throw a third punch here as well as the second one connects the bad guy starts heading off and i think this third one actually missed but notice what he's doing here is i'm going to go until the threat stops and once that threat stops because the guy goes down i think it's incredibly admirable that our defender stops as well he doesn't just curb stomp this guy he actually just stops the threat to him takes the knife away from him and gets that away and that's what our goal is as self-defenders is to stop the threat he did an excellent job here of somebody who is actually an imminent threat of death or great bodily harm of not doing great bodily harm to him because he has his incredibly high skill set one final thing that i think we might might miss if we don't slow this down is you notice he then goes back to the guy secures his knife and he looks like he's heading back to him and i think that there is something to be said for good sane sober moral people than putting people in a recovery position if they can if they have been rendered not a threat anymore like this guy was from taking his stuff away now certainly i would recommend giving him a quick pat down seeing if he's got any other weapons on him but then put him in a recovery position i think this bouncer was an absolute stud did a fantastic job and covered his asp


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