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Home Defense Guns Part 1 – Revolvers


hi I'm Joel Persinger from practical defense systems we're out here at the fabulous p2k range it's a beautiful summer day on the range and we're here to talk about self-defense handguns in this series we'll talk about different kinds of handguns but in this first video we're going to talk about revolvers now for home defense one of the guns that Showzen quite often is the revolver it's an older piece of technology been around a long time but they work really really well we're going to talk about their pros and cons and we'll show you a little bit about the differences between a large revolver and a small and how that's going to affect you and whether you might want to choose that as your choice for a home defense gun but before we get into the details of home defense and which one might be best for you well we're on the range so I thought we'd show you we had a little fun shooting them alright time to shoot this thing a little bit what we've got here is the Smith & Wesson model 66 and I've just got it stoked with some 30h let's try it on the steel and see if we can hit the steel targets that was fun ahh I stopped I got one left I got one left that's what happens you know I'm just you got the six gun you think of shooting five all right let me see if I can hit the the red can oh that worked ok we got to load it up again again as I was saying this is one of the things about revolvers is you know they're they don't hold as much ammunition so you have to be aware of that and you know you get yourself a speed loader or something and that helps a little bit too alright let's try the let's try the silver-colored can whoop missed him there we go and the green one and now the two liters that ought to make a big noise Oh Holy Smoke so that just that just shows you the revolver is an effective tool and it really does work oh good let's see if I can get him on the ground there you go and another time so on the table here I've got a selection of revolvers by no means is this the entire selection of revolvers available by any stretch imagination this happen to be the ones that I have in my safe so I'll show them to you one at a time and then we'll talk about size and the reason why some are small and some are large and I've got some ringers I'll show you along the way too but I will tell you that what I've got here is a couple Smith & Wesson's and a Ruger and a Taurus there are a whole lot of other brands that I'll mention and probably some that I'll forget so forgive me where that's concerned keep in mind we're called practical defense systems because we want to keep things practical and what we're talking about today is obviously revolvers for home defense now this is a Smith & Wesson model 66 and it's an extremely good shape I actually bought it used this was a law enforcement or security company trade in I don't remember which but it had been carried a lot and shot a little it locks up nice and tight and you'll notice it's an older revolver because you can see the firing pin is attached to the actual hammer and you don't see that too much anymore now you see them with a little different design where it's a flat hammer and I can show you one of those on this one you can see the Hammers flat and it strikes a different mechanism in here to hit the firing pin it's considered safer I don't know that it is but it's considered safer not being a gunsmith I couldn't tell you but in any case this is a full-size Smith & Wesson 357 magnum revolver the 357 magnum is are you arguably a very powerful handgun handguns are typically not powerful compared to rifles and shotguns but we're handguns are concerned the 357 Magnum is considered a very good man stopper if you want to call it that or self-defense cartridge I'm not sure that inside your house it's the best thing to launch without ear protection because you're going to be people you know deaf for a week but you know with some ear protection it wouldn't be bad it's also going to penetrate an awful lot of walls probably but anybody hit squarely with it is not going to want to fight with you anymore I can tell you that these particular guns particular model of firearm was very popular with police officers my father did not carry one he carried a Colt Python but he also very much liked this particular revolver now this thing is extremely accurate Smith & Wesson's tend to be and very very solidly built and very reliable again I bought this one used and I am going to put together a video on how to buy a gun used so that when you buy a gun used you get yourself a quality firearm and you know it's going to run for you some people are afraid to do that I've shot this one quite a bit it comes with target sights and a nice little orange insert right up here and a very smooth it has an extremely smooth trigger press once again the Smith & Wesson Model 66 this is a k-frame revolver Smith & Wesson has their revolvers listed by size according to the number of frame so this is a que frame an end frame is larger and an L frame if I have this correct as probably is somewhere in the middle if you're obviously a Smith & Wesson expert you want to comment on that if I get that backwards please feel free we want to make sure we got the information correct now next to that I have a different revolver this is a Smith & Wesson model 10 this one is 38 special it's also a kay frame the difference is it doesn't have the target sights the sight is a groove that's cut into the top strap but it has very big sights and a bull barrel and this is a I believe a model 1014 so it's a more modern version of the model 10 I have shot this pistol a lot it is one of my favorite revolvers and it shoots extremely accurately and oddly enough I bought this one used to you can see it had a little wear on the end of the barrel there where the where the finish was rubbed off but other than that it's been a fabulous gun for me and I've really enjoyed it now it just so happens that these guns can be used for home defense and this one can shoot 38 special and guess what soaked in this one and you'll hear people talk about 38 special that's not powerful enough that's an old pistol round and so on let me tell you what there's a whole lot of dead people shot by police officers over 60 or 70 years who would tell you how wonderfully effective the 38 special is if they were alive to tell you but they're not because the 38 special is wonderfully effective so if that's what you have don't feel like you're some slouch about it just buy great home defense personal defense ammunition load your gun with it and it'll get the job done in fact if I were to use this gun as a home defense gun I probably wouldn't put 357 magnums in it just because I don't want to shoot them inside my house and go through six walls I probably would put 38 special in it that's a personal decision but the nice thing about a 357 Magnum like this is it gives you that flexibility you can have more powerful or less powerful ammunition with the Smith & Wesson Model 10 which is the same size frame but 38 special only I also have the ability to put plus P ammunition in it and it's kind of upside down because I don't want to point it at myself but you'll notice on the barrel if you can see it that it says through 38 special plus P now plus P just means it's got some additional power you want to make sure before you put that in your gun that your gun is rated for it and if it is it should say it on the barrel plus P a munitions got a little bit more punch to it and that's what I would load in this gun it's a heavy gun that's very likely like the model 66 or it's a joy to shoot great trigger and they're very very heavy now if you're interested in a full size revolver like this they are heavy and there are other manufacturers that make them these two happen to be Smith & Wesson you'll also find Ruger makes a very fine revolver called GP 100 that's a full sized revolver like this or actually a little heavier than this one I've seen some from Taurus trying to think of other manufacturers off the top of my head Charter Arms and so on I don't know a lot about those individual ones because I don't have one I do have a Taurus and I but I deal the ones I've never owned so I don't know but perhaps if you've owned one you might comment about it in the comments under the video to let other folks know what you've had is for a success rate is concerned and and positive feelings about a particular brand but these are both Smith & Wesson's and I can tell you from them they work really well the rooters work very well as well now those were full size and I'll hold them up for you again and we'll close them up these are full size k frame Smith & Wesson's kind of a medium-sized frame revolver why is a full-sized revolver positive for home defense well they're heavy which means that your recoil on them is going to be very very light it doesn't you know you can put powerful ammunition in them and they're not going to beat you up you're very controllable and you don't have to conceal them because their home defense guns so they're going to be you know on your nightstand or you might find them you might put them in a quick access pistol safe you've probably seen those where you simply press the buttons on the top of the safe and it opens up that's a good thing to have if you're concerned about kids or grandkids or whatever in your house getting into it or you know your kids friends coming over so you might want to do that but a heavy full-size revolver duty size revolver like a police officer might have curator or security officer might carry today is going to be very easily controlled very accurate and allow you to put rounds on target very quickly and efficiently nice smooth trigger on them they're a joy to shoot now as we get a little smaller we start talking about smaller revolvers this is a Ruger SPE 101 you know I have big hands so I put a larger grip than the one that comes with it the one that comes with it was quite a bit smaller and only came to here but my hands are big and I wanted a place for that pinkie to go so I changed the grip out on it and you can do that this is an example of what I talked about before is the grips on revolvers are very easily changed so if for some reason you want a smaller grip or larger grip it's a real simple thing to actually take the entire grip panels off the stock panels often replace the stock and then you have a different size stock or grip and it will fit you a little better so that's something with revolvers it's very easy to do now this is a five shot 357 Magnum so if you look at the cylinder you see there's only five holes one two three four five where the other two revolvers I just showed you were six shots so when you get into a smaller revolver a little smaller frame a little smaller size you you gain in the sense that it's a little smaller and easier to handle maybe a little lighter if you don't like a heavy pistol but you lose a little bit in the capacity typically so now you have one round less than you had before and this is a 357 Magnum you can put Magnum rounds in it the problem with it is the barrel is very short so if you put Magnum rounds in it you got a flame that comes out about six eight inches out the front and if it's nighttime and that's what's in front of your face that's going to do all kinds of damage to your night vision and you're going to see spots and everything else and nothing else there for ten or twelve seconds and that's not a good thing in the self-defense situation so if I were carrying this I probably would put 38 special plus peas in it and so we're back to that again now for a home defense full-sized pistol might be better because you're not having to carry it around and you don't have to make sacrifices however if you're carrying it for concealed carry you might want to have a smaller pistol because let's face it it's a lot easier to carry this one around than it is to carry this one around because this one is smaller it's a little bit lighter and it's going to be a little easier to carry around on your hip or wherever you're carrying it this monster is going to be in to end up being what I call a left it gun let's say where is that big old gun of yours Joel I left it I left it in the truck I left it in the briefcase I left in the backpack I left it at home you doesn't do me any good if I left it at home so I need something a little smaller that might be an always gun where's your gun Joel Watson but you know it's on my hip or wherever and and it's a smaller gun and so I've always got it well that's the compromise that you make to carry a gun because if you're not carrying it that'll be the day that you need the darn thing so it's a good thing to have it with you there's no reason to make that compromise at home and have a gun that's harder to shoot doesn't weigh as much has more recoil has a shorter sight radius or maybe not as nice of sights and has less ammunition why are you making all those compromises for a home defense gun when it's just sitting in your nightstand we're sitting in your home defense a quick access pistol safe and you're not having to lug it around all day in the heat of the day so there's one that's a Smith that's the Ruger SP 101 it is a fine revolver you'll find Ruger and Smith & Wesson both makes outstanding revolvers you can't go wrong I think in my humble opinion with either one and then I've got a little smaller one here this is a a Taurus model 85 now this is what people will affectionately call us snubby revolver and that's just called a snow because got this little stubby barrel on the end and this is a 38 special this happens to be one of my always guns now these are made by this one happens to be made by Taurus USA the the one that my business partner carries around happens to be made by Smith & Wesson Ruger makes them I think you get it get them from Charter Arms there's other manufacturers that make these find the one that you like the best just make sure it's a hundred percent reliable will always go bang I've probably put six or seven hundred rounds or eight hundred rounds through this thing since I bought it and it just runs like a Swiss watch so I happen to like it a lot this is an all steel version so it's a little bit heavier and it tends to tame the recoil of a little hotter 38 special rounds my business partners is an ultralight and it's a little bit more painful to shoot because it's made out of a lighter material this is made of steel this is made of a very light material and comparatively doesn't weigh much it's a lot easier to carry around but if you're going to take it to the range and shoot it a lot it's a lot less comfortable and not nearly the joy to shoot that an all steel gun is so you have to figure that out again we're talking about compromises if this is a gun you're going to carry around in your pocket or in a holster this fits beautifully in a pocket holster goes in a pocket if you're going to carry it on a hip holster or something along those lines you'll find that a small pistol like this is going to be an always gun you're always going to have it because it's easy to carry around and a lighter one just easy even easier to carry around but again we're talking about sacrifices I got to conceal it so I need it to be smaller not full size see the difference is enormous I need it to be smaller and I need it to be lighter but you know what I make some sacrifices it's not going to be inherently as accurate because the barrel is shorter and the sight radius the distance between the front sight and the back sight is shorter and the grip if I have a full size pistol guess what I've got I got a full size grip I'm not sacrificing anything on my grip however if I have a diminutive little pistol like this snubby I don't have a full size grip and so I'm kind of missing something here on the bottom which means guess what these are both firing the same ammunition this one's heavier I got a full-size grip it's not going to be as difficult to handle it's going to be a lot easier to shoot well and it's going to be a lot more comfortable to shoot this one same ammunition it's got a diminutive little grip which means it's going to be a bit of a you know it's got a tiger by the tail a little bit harder to hang on to a little bit harder to shoot well perhaps and maybe not nearly as comfortable and not quite the joy to shoot but I make those compromises because I can carry this one there's the other differences with this one I have six holes there which means I got six shots before I have to reload it with this one because it's a smaller guns smaller frame I only have five so I got to make do with five rounds because it's going to be a little slower to reload then say a semi-automatic pistol which we'll talk about in the next video now that gives you an idea about home defence and carry guns my suggestion would be if you're carrying a gun and you have a concealed carry permit that you get yourself an always gun it can be a small revolver like this we'll look at smaller auto semi-automatic pistols in the next video there's something small that you can put in a pocket or that you're going to carry with you all the time and it's going to be you're always gun it's not ideal for fighting but you know what you've got it with you I have students all the time asked me what's the best gun just to defend myself with and my Universal answer is the gun you've got with you whatever gun you've got with you at the time that's the best gun in the world for you to defend yourself with at that particular moment the one that is a big ol monster and it's 105 degrees out you left it at home that's a left at gun that'd be a lot better gun to defend yourself with but you can't because guess what you left it deal with the one that you got alright so that's the way that works now if it's a home defense gun I strongly urge you to buy a full size revolver if that's if you're going to go with the revolver platform buy yourself a full sized one so you have a full sized grip you got a nice gun that you got to you know you've got a piece of something in your hand it's heavy enough it's going to tame the recoil and you have as many shots as you can possibly get in that particular design now having said that that's ideals we're talking about ideals where revolvers are concerned but you know what some people don't make a lot of money and or maybe some people can't afford to buy another gun maybe the only one they have is not the most ideal but it might get the job done and I've got a couple of examples of those they're not perfect but you know hey they might work and I will tell you that if you if you have a gun you know any gun is better than no gun at all here's a great example this is a Ruger single six and it is a great pistol I love it I've hunted with it a lot and it right now has a cylinder in it that shoots 22 long-rifle now it's a single-action pistol so this cylinder does not swing out it's a single action revolver you have to load it by just letting the old like in the Old West days you have to load it and you push the expended one out you push the expended one out then you have to feed them in there one at a time as you turn the cylinder around so in a defensive situation however many it holds that's probably what you got and you're not going to have time to reload it and put more this particular gun carries six rounds now unlike a double-action pistol Oliver if I press the trigger it won't do anything I have to manually [ __ ] it well that causes two problems one that's one more thing for me to have to do in the heat of the moment when I'm scared to death in the middle of the night in the dark the other thing is that now the trigger press is so light that if I sneeze somebody's next to me sneezes belches or something that thing's probably going to go bang if my fingers on the trigger so I really would have to practice with it to make sure I was operating it safely and not putting my finger on the trigger keeping it up here not putting it down there until I know I was I had to try decided to shoot at that moment and maybe not even [ __ ] it until I had a threat right in front of me that's going to take a lot of practice a lot of training but if this is what you own maybe your grandfather left it to you or whatever and it's functional and it works and maybe it's a 22 maybe it's a larger caliber but if this is what you own and you can't afford to buy something else you know what this will get the job done a lot of the time if it's a 22 what's going to become very important is shot placement where do you shoot the bad guy the person that's attacking you if you shoot them in the wrong place then a 22 is not going to do much to them right at the moment it might kill them later on or hospitalized them later on but you need to stop the fight right now so this is an opportunity for you to take that gun then by some ammunition go to the range and practice practice practice make sure you can run it efficiently and safely and well and put rounds on target with great ease even under stress and then you've got a tool that you know what it'll get the job done as I said the best gun to have in a self-defense that's that the fight with is the one you have with you and that this is what you have or something similar put it to work now nice thing about this gun is it also comes with a different cylinder if you have one of these this particular gun comes with a cylinder for 22 Magnum now if I were having it for self-defense I would take this cylinder out which is a very easy proposition and I would put this one in all you got to do is take out that little doohickey right there a little rod take that one out that's a technical term doohickey obviously on a firearms instructor I know these things and then you have to put that one in like that hopefully you can see this now guess what you got now you have a 22 Magnum with six shots of 22 Magnum and you might want to use that for self-defense because this is a much more powerful cartridge than simple 22 long-rifle still not ideal but it's a lot closer to getting the job done than what you had before so I want to make sure you understand it's it's a matter of practicality if you can afford to buy a centerfire revolver like one of these you're much better off but if what you have is a 22 or a single-action revolver learn to run the gun and you should be able to defend yourself with it reasonably now here's another extreme this was left to me by my dad he bought it for fun and when he passed away they left it for me my dad was a deputy sheriff this was an American American derringer is the name of the company I believe and they made this derringer it's very fine derringer it's very well made it's made out of stainless steel it's heavy heavy heavy it's a 357 magnum derringer I've shot 38 through it if you ever wanted to shoot it ran into me and you wanted to put magnums through it I would say don't do it I've done it and it's extremely painful and it's only two shots but you know what if your grandfather left you a fine one like a Bond derringer an American Terence you're both very good guns and you only got two shots well that's two more you'd have if you didn't have this gun and if you couldn't afford another gun same thing take this to the range practice with it it's a close-up gun you're not going to shoot very far very accurately with it but you know up close and personal you've got two shots before you have to run or hide or fight back in some other fashion not perfect not ideal but you know what it would get the job done as long as you can shoot it accurately so these are the extremes of what you might have as an heirloom or something as long as it's a quality firearm and it runs perfectly if that's all you have I would say put that to work you're one of the good guys we got to make sure the good guys are safe we got him one two three and please like us subscribe or wherever the button is and maybe sheriff's on Facebook Twitter or Instagram


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