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Dave Chappelle On Ohio’s Heroin Crisis | Netflix Is A Joke


– I live in Ohio, and anyone that knows anything about Ohio knows that, even the word Ohio, is an old Native American word. It means literally a land
of poor white people. (audience laughs) And I don't know what's
goin' on down here, but in my experience,
poor white people love, and I mean they fuckin' love (audience laughs) heroin. (audience laughs) They can't seem to get enough of it. (audience laughs) I didn't even know what I
was lookin' at at first. I was just drivin' like, "Why
are all these white people "so sleepy out here?" (audience laughs) It's really bad. And after that, I was
comin' out of a night club the other night in Dayton, and I had to park my car in the alley, and no one was out there. They didn't have no
body guards or nothin'. I was home. I figured everything was fine. And as soon as I opened
my car door all by myself, suddenly, one of these
heroin-addicted whites just pops out of a trash can. It scared the shit outta me. I screamed, "Ahhh." (audience laughs) Then I realized it was a woman.

She was fucked up. She's like, "Hey man, hey man, relax okay. "I'm sick, all right? "I need some drugs, man, please, "I'll suck your dick
for five dollars, man." I was like, "Yuck. (audience laughs) "Two." (audience laughs and claps) Obviously, I'm joking. (audience laughs) This opioid crisis is a crisis. I see it every day.

It's as bad as they say. It's ruining lives. It's destroying families. Sadly, you know what it
reminds me of, seeing it? It reminds me of us. These white folks look exactly like us during the crack epidemic. (audience claps) You know, it's really crazy to see. (audience claps) And all this shit they
talk about on the news about how divided the nation is. I don't believe it. I feel like nowadays, we're gettin' a real good look at each other. (audience laughs) It's wild because I even have insight into how the white
community must have felt watching the black community go through the scourge of crack
because I don't care either.

(audience laughs and cheers) Hang in there, whites. (audience laughs) Just say no! What's so hard about that? (audience cheers) (mic pops) Remember when they all said that to us? But it's okay. There's no grudges. Now you finally got it right. Once it started happening to your kids, you realized it's a health crisis. These people are sick. They are not criminals. They are sick. (audience cheers and claps) (upbeat music).


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