alright folks here is a question I'm going to pose to you guys what would you have as a response gun in an event of a natural disaster or an emergency in your area that takes out all local government all local government protection all that good stuff now we all have shotguns handguns and whatnot for a basic home defense but in the sense of where you have more of a disaster on your hands where you know that there may not be a way out of your area and you may be without essential services or protection for a longer amount of time a week two weeks possibly longer you need to think about well what kind of firearms are you gonna have to defend yourselves provide basic defense until you can either hold yourself up better if you decide to stay in the area and try and survive there try and help out there or you decide to just leave now these are my choices right here I have to because once for me and once for the wife and basically the mindset is what can i grab right off the bat after the disaster or event has passed when there are still tons of people out and about and some of them are still acting stupid and they don't know what's going on we all know people can react in a multitude of different ways and here in Montana we got a lot of people out here that are endtime prophecy type people they may tend to freak out if a big disaster happens they may think the end of the world is coming and they may react in a not-so-smart manner so in that event I have these and the reason I have these is because of the fact I think a rifle it provides a little bit more punch when we're talking about self-defense after a natural disaster situation it is what it is a pistol whether it be a revolver or semi-automatic is a poor poor man stopper period it is what it is it's great for close-range longer-range not so much a shotgun is awesome for self-defense again the range it doesn't have as much range I like to have options because you can never foresee the future and you never know what kind of situation you'll ever be in especially if you end up in a disaster situation so this is what I prefer this top one right here 1063 under folder ak-47 seven six two mil and I'm shooting the m67 rounds out of her and then the bottom one right here is gonna be more for my wife this is my m4 you've seen it in plenty of other videos shooting the ex m193 boat l ammunition so that's what I choose feel free to post up whether in video response or a comment what you would choose and also just like I said before in other videos there is no wrong answer the reason I posed this question is because a lot of people like to think about the stuff and talk about this stuff on YouTube you know preparedness and all the stuff so this is just to help with that discussion to get people talking because usually what happens is when you start talking about firearms of preparedness a lot of good ideas come out and it's funny how those good ideas sometimes they're not necessarily limited just the realm of prepping or for pretty you know being ready for the end of the world sometimes people throw out good ideas and stuff that you can use just in camping normal self-defense all kinds of good stuff so I hope there'll be a lot of discussion again the question what would you have for a natural disaster type gun kind of a significant event what type of gun would you have there was a significant event in your area that has a little bit of punch to it and of course I'll drive the point home there is no wrong answer because it's all going to depend on your environment it's going to depend on preferences it's gonna depend on a lot of things for example I choose these but you know what there's nothing wrong with having a couple Mo's ins ready to go or just a shotgun if that's all you have or some other type of firearm so alright thanks for watching and hope to see a lot of common some responses stay safe


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