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Kidnapping by Multiple Attackers Caught on Camera | Active Self Protection


one of the most important parts of spiritual fitness that we talk about it active self-protection is knowing when you have to fight with everything you have to defend your life hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson today's lesson comes to us from Venezuela and it shows a carjacking that turns into a kidnapping shows us a very important lessons here about the bystander effect and also about when it's time not to give it up but to fight with everything you have not to be taken to a second location this lady is just loading groceries into her car and I've sped this up just to get us some context but you can see her unlock in the car and starting to get everything in there and she's got some help we saw the guy in the purple shirt come and now we're going to slow down as the guy in the blue shirt comes around the other side and as he does he is going to accost this woman and grab ahold of her and she's going to start resisting him now unfortunately for us it goes off screen for just a second and and what I want you to see here is how fast these things go what do these guys want well now we have at least two now three guys who have hold of her and are they trying to steal her car well here you see they pick her up and put her in the car and throw her inside guy in the blue shirt gets in in the back guy and the purple shirt is going to get in the front with the other guy who got in the driver's side and now they are going to pull out and they have stolen this woman's car and kidnapped her let's go back and learn a few lessons out of this one and we're going to start where the guy comes around the other side we talk about awareness we talk about threat assessment but know that the bad guys are going to launch their attack from ambush and they do that by coming from multiple locations and multiple angles many times and they use distraction she's loading your car now he grabs a hold of her and she's going to start resisting now listen when it comes time to resist if they just want your stuff or whatever man give them the stuff and get the heck out of there but when they want your person now things have got to change what they recognize here is when they open the door they're going to try to put her in the car now I'm just going to tell you my policy is if you're going to try to kidnap me you got to kill me right here so if they're trying to move you never go to a second location fight to the death right where you are because nothing good is going to happen in a second location but this lady doesn't I mean I understand you know you freeze in that moment and then off they go now I do want you to notice here if you go back and you look at the timing that 24 seconds from the time that the guy first accosted the woman until they are out of there and nobody saw anything and nobody reacted you are totally on your own to defend yourself and never I'm take you to a second location instead fight where you are and cover your ass [Music]


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