Home Active Self Protection Home Invasion: Defensive Measures and Responsible Gun Ownership with Sig Sauer

Home Invasion: Defensive Measures and Responsible Gun Ownership with Sig Sauer


– [Narrator] In this episode of Designing Spaces,
we send our friend, Hana Bilodeau,
from Sig Sauer Academy to meet three brave victims
of home invasion. Hana will share her knowledge
on defensive measures and firearms with them. Through their stories
and Hana's insights, we'll learn about what
to do when an intruder enters the home. – The beginning of my
career, the first 15 years, I spent in local and
federal law enforcement.

The first years of my career
I spent most of the time reacting to something
that already occurred. Now I'm a senior instructor
with Sig Sauer Academy. My career is a
little more positive. – [Narrator] Sig Sauer is
an American based fire arm manufacturing company that
was founded in Europe in 1853. – So Sig Sauer is a unique
company in that it was formerly based out of Germany. And around 2005 we really
started ramping up efforts in the United States. And today we are
all American based. – [Narrator] During the
1990s, Sig Sauer moved their headquarters to
New Hampshire in the U.S.

Where they also offer
defensive tactics and firearm training
through their very own Sig Sauer Academy. – So Sig Sauer Academy
has been around just as long as Sig
Sauer Manufacturing. It is a training facility. We teach civilians, law
enforcement, and military. We do that domestically
and internationally. – [Narrator] As an instructor
in the Sig Sauer Academy, Hana trains her students
in defensive strategies. Today she'll be meeting
with Avel Juliette, a young women who
still feels vulnerable after a dramatic
experience when a stranger entered her home. – Hi. – Hi Hana, nice to meet you. Thank you for coming. – Thank you for
inviting me over.

= When I found out that
Hana from Sig Sauer was going to come
today and talk to me, and I thought that
was really amazing. Give me options about
how I can move forward. So I was in my bedroom, let
me show you where it is. – Sure. – I just graduated from college,
and I was home alone, it was the middle of the day. I was in my bedroom
folding laundry, and I hear the doorbell. Young kid, probably in his
late teens, early twenties, tee shirt, casual. It looked like some kid
trying to sell something. So I came back into my room,
finished folding my clothes, and then all of the sudden I
see him walk past my window. So it's that first
like heart drops into your stomach, right. So he walks through here,
and then I see him walk back. Now he's peering through
the window into my room. I was like oh God, this is
really happening right now. I see him peering
into the window. I move myself out of the
way, so you can see me, so I started to freak
out a little bit.

I felt like he was just
staring right at me. And he keeps walking
towards the back door. That's when I grabbed my
phone and I called the cops. – [Hana] Okay.
(phone dialing) – [Operator] 9-1-1,
what's your emergency? – It's hard to explain
the fear that starts to boil, you know, in your
stomach and in your heart because you have no idea
what's about to happen. – And where are
you at this point? – I am like standing
right over here peering, just to keep eyes on him
while I'm on the phone with the police.

And they're like, what
is he doing right now? Where is he? I explained what was going on. He was in fact at the back door,
and he's got a crow bar, and he's breaking in. A second wave of panic
and heart sinking. Now it's like in my throat. So my first thought was let me
go into the second bathroom. And that was the moment
where I started to feel those pains of panic that this,
I'm in danger. I'm in the bathroom,
and I can hear him out here rummaging through things. Looking for anything
that he could sell.

I'm on the phone with the cops,
and then my call drops. I was like, this
can't be happening. I call back again, the
call's not going through. I'm like this is like where
scary stories go really bad. (upbeat music)
– [ Narrator] Welcome back. Avel is reliving her home
invasion experience with Hana. She has been hiding in
the bathroom because there's an intruder in her home. Talking on the phone with
police has been very helpful for Avel to stay calm.

But now her call has
dropped, and the noises in the house are intensifying. – It felt like forever,
but within luckily within minutes I heard the sirens,
I heard them outside saying get down. And they apprehended
him on the front yard, in the front lawn. – They got here so quickly. – Yeah, what I found out
later from the police was that they were
actually already in a close by neighborhood. These young men had
been hitting up houses, you know, trying to find
homes that were vacant. – [Narrator] Experiencing
a home invasion can leave anybody with a
feeling of vulnerability. Getting some training
in defensive measures is a great step to start
feeling more confident about one's self. – So an incidence like
yours, what you experienced, very rarely do the
suspects work alone.

Once faced with being caught,
such as in your incident, where you are home, the suspects
are left with two options. Attempt to flee
or stay and fight. So it's important that we have
ways to protect ourselves. – [Narrator] And protection is
what Sig Sauer is all about. The Sig Sauer Academy offers
the very best in self defense, firearms, and tactics training. – We do hand to
hand combat classes, which could be
teaching you how to use your body for protection. We also teach classes
that entail disarming another person of a firearm. Our website is a fantastic
to kind of keep up to date as to what's going on
with Sig Sauer Academy. And they'll also post on
there if they have classes that are offsite. The number one thing
that training gives you, no matter the entity, whether
it's firearms training, whether it's hand to hand
combat, it breeds confidence. And that's the number one thing
that we can pass along for survival. – I think it's important,
especially as women, that we set ourselves up to
be as confident as we can in any given situation.

And to not let the
fear paralyze you. And know that there is
plenty that you can do. – [Narrator] Home
invasion is entering a private and occupied
dwelling with the intention of committing a crime
against person or property. Sometimes it may happen
that the intruder is someone the
victim knows well, such as a neighbor or a friend. Hana went to visit Florida
resident, Luis Santiago, who was living in a
quiet neighborhood when a neighbor entered
his backyard and stole a valued item from him. – I never thought it would
happen to me, you know. – I can't imagine how you feel. – It's a traumatic experience. – Take me inside and
show me how everything kind of transpired.

– Sure, just follow me. So since I've been feeling
a little vulnerable lately and I didn't know what to do,
a neighbor of mine referred Hana from Sig Sauer Academy to me. I was prepping for an exam
that I had the next morning, so I was tired and I
decided to just take a little siesta. So a couple of years ago, I
decided to go back to school because my wife was
pushing me for it. And I wanted to get my
Master's in Engineering at FIU. And as I'm sleeping,
all of the sudden I hear some noises and
hear the dogs barking. But I didn't think
anything of it.

I heard this one noise,
it sounded like somebody picked up a fence
and dropped it. And I figured, wait a minute,
that sounds like my fence. And I got up, and I decided
to go to the backyard and check it out. Come, I'll show you. – [Hana] Sure. – So I come outside and I
always leave my bike right here. So I go around the back
and I open the door, and as I come outside,
my bike's not there. So then I'm like okay, I need
to go check out the corner. And then I notice
the fence has moved. – [Hana] Okay, now I see
what you're talking about. – [Luis] So it made
that noise, ching. – [Hana] Okay. – And so I run over here
to see if I could find the person who took it. And in the far end, I see
a little kid with my bike. And I'm like, okay,
what should I do? Because I've never
experienced someone coming into my property
and stealing something.

I have two options. To either call the police
and file a police report or just let it go, you know. I didn't want to deal with it. – [Narrator] As Luis was
debating about what to do next, he was given a tip to
check on the neighbor's kid across the street. – So I knock on the
neighbor's door, and the big brother comes out. He must have been at least
about six three, six four. – [Hana] Okay, so he
was posturing over you? – Yeah, definitely. I asked him if it's
possible that I can see his little brother's
bike because his neighbor just described the bike that
looks exactly like mine.

And then he comes up to
me like that, all hostile. And I was like okay. (upbeat music)
– [Narrator] Welcome back. Hana is visiting
Luis, whose bike was stolen by his neighbor. Luis has gone to his neighbor's
house to ask for his bike, but now his eldest brother
is confronting him. – So Luis's reaction
to someone stealing his personal items
was perfectly normal. That's what most
people would do. – Okay, I came here
in a civilized manner. – [Hana] Sure. – And I didn't want to
deal with an altercation. – As Luis found out, he put
himself, because of that in a dangerous situation. Instantly he was
smart in backing down and going and immediately
calling the police. – A couple of days
later, the son shows up with his father, the big
brother, and my bike. The only thing I cared
about was my bike. – Sure. So it's incidents like this
that we can look back on and say what can I
do better next time? I always say call
for help if you have the opportunity to do so. If you don't have the
opportunity, you should always be planned to
defend yourself if needed.

– They took the bike,
but what happens if they steal something else? – [Hana] Yeah, I can
imagine how vulnerable you were feeling,
especially when your home is supposed to be
your safe place. – [Luis] You would think that
your neighbors are supposed to watch out for each other. – [Hana] Sure. – [Luis] Not steal
from each other. – [Narrator] Luis has
been thinking that having a firearm in the
house could provide him with some piece of mind. And Sig Sauer Academy
can help him learn about becoming a
responsible gun owner. – So I always recommend for
someone new to the market in starting in an
educational class, a very basic class
that will teach you about firearms in general. So for someone like
Luis who is new, I always say start
with education. We always want to make
sure that if we're introducing someone new
into the firearms industry or market, that we're
doing it correctly and that safety comes first. So our class starts
at a hand gun 101, which is a lot of
education thrown your way. We talk you through all
different types of firearms that are out there. We allow you to get hands
on them so you can decide what's going to
best fit your needs.

– [Narrator] Luis has
enrolled in hand gun 101, and will be taking
the class next week. – Thanks to Hana, I
feel much more relieved that I know where to start. And I'm looking forward
to taking the class, and I think it's a great
introduction to firearms. – [Narrator] Home
intruders act more often during the week when the
house is likely to be empty. They usually target
residences that include a woman living alone or
a wealthy senior citizen. Meta Circhansky lives
in Boca Raton, Florida. Her community had
been an unusually high target to intruders. She was at work when she
received an unnerving call from her daughter at home. – Hi honey, what's going on? So I was in my office, I got a
call from my daughter, Ellie, that there was an
attempted break in, something going on
in the neighborhood, and the police
where on their way.

– To experience
things like that, it was pretty frightening. – [Narrator] Hannah
went to visit Meta, whose story was
particularly frightening. – In society today we're
seeing on a daily basis more aggressive acts of violence
in our traditional neighborhoods. And unfortunately law
enforcement is a reactor for most instances. It's when we call 9-1-1,
there is going to be a need for us to be able
to protect ourselves until higher power
or authority arrives. – [Narrator] Meta's
daughter was in the house when the intruder, who
was running from police, broke into the backyard.

This intruder had been
evading a neighboring house when police came to the door. – I get home, there's
police everywhere. Helicopters, it was a big deal. I know all my neighbors. I know the people who have
lived here since the seventies. I know a lot of the kids who
grew up in this neighborhood. And apparently a neighbor
called the police. – And I guess he was trying
to break in to another home either down the street or
in another community nearby and he had been running. For some reason, he
decided to pick our house to run through to get
away from the police. – He came running across
here over that gate of my neighbor's and
came right up here by the side of my house. – I heard a loud scream. I just kind of listened. I didn't see anything, so I
was like okay that was weird. About five minutes later, I
just went to the bathroom, then I hear like a kicking. – So this is the gate
that he kicked through. After he kicked
through the gate, she explained that she ran
to the back of the house where her room is
so she could see.

– I literally saw a
guy scaling my fence, and he was having a hard
time getting over the fence. – [Narrator] Fearful,
Eloise called the police to get help. – They actually told me
that there was a pursuit, so he was actually
running from the police. – It was a very
vulnerable situation. And when I think about
it again and hear her, it makes me angry. What if he decided I
can't get over the fence and I'm going to
come in the house? – My doors were open,
and I don't know what I think I was
going to do because I didn't have anything
to protect myself. (upbeat music)
– [Narrator] Welcome back. There's an intruder
running from the police in Eloise's backyard. She's alone in her home. And the back door to
the house is open.

– Ellie's in the bedroom. This door is open. The French doors are
open, she didn't know. If he couldn't get
over the fence, was he going to try
to come in the house? – I don't know what I
think I was going to do. I didn't have anything
to protect myself, so I was a little worried
to come out and check to see what was going on.

– [Narrator] Thankfully,
the police were chasing after the suspect and
in a matter of seconds, he was caught inside
Meta's backyard. This time Meta and
Eloise were very lucky, but they should be prepared
for any circumstance. – We don't want to become
a prisoner in our own home. We don't want to live
with a victim mentality, but we definitely
want to be prepared. – I made the decision
to buy a gun. The only reason I haven't
purchased the gun yet is, and maybe this is
unique for women, but how am I going
to safely store it? Am I going to put
it in my nightstand? Am I going to put it
under the mattress? – Meta and I had kind of
identified her bedroom as where she wants
to store a firearm when she purchases.

So Meta, as you can
see, I've added some new furniture to your
beautiful bedroom. Should your safety every
be compromised again, you're set up for success. So we've given her
some great options. We've brought in some
units from Tactical Walls, and I think they're
going to serve as a really good
option for her to store the firearm when
she does get it. And of course
continuing her training so she feels 100%
comfortable should her safety every be compromised again,
and she has to default to that firearm
to protect herself or her family. Statistics show us that
there are time restraints working against us in
being able to implement a method of protection. There are things in our home
that we can think through that can buy us some
time on a ticking clock. What I've brought here is
two articles of furniture made by a company
called Tactical Walls. – [Narrator] Tactical
Walls hand craft home defense lock and
unlock concealment systems that allow you to keep your
gear hidden in plain sight. – So this nightstand
unit is right next to where you would be sleeping.

So your safety gets compromised,
although your situation was very unique
in happening in the day, the majority of crimes
happening around the home are still occurring at nighttime. So if something happens,
all you would have to do was reach for your RFID,
place it over the locked unit, a simple drop down,
and there is your home defense firearm. So within seconds
we can have access to a mode of protection. – And there's no way
in without that key. – Without that key card. – Whoa, I never would have
believed that could be. – It's a lot more
than going to a store and purchasing a firearm,
there is huge responsibility associated with making sure
we have enough training to accurately use the
firearm should we have to, and making sure that
we have the mindset and we've made the decisions
and taken on the responsibility of being a safe gun
owner and handler.

Another unit that I brought
as an option for you is a built in mirror. It is opened by a
magnetic locking agent, so you just hold that over,
it opens up your storage unit. Now you can store
a lot more in here. As you can see, I've
staged some ammunition, a home defense firearm,
and then if you decide to take your protection
into the personal realm, and you decide you want
to carry on your person, you can store your personal
protection firearm here as well. – Having these options,
it's allowed peace of mind. Accessibility and
also safe guarding it, that the gun is where I need
it in the case that I need, but nobody else is going
to have access to it. You know the event happened. Nobody was hurt,
nobody got robbed. She was scared, I was scared,
but I basically said to myself, I'm not being vulnerable
in my own home anymore.

– The craziest part
is when you ask me if I feel safe in my home, I do. You know, because of her,
she is such a strong woman and I don't think she would let,
I'm going to get choked up, let anything happen to me,
but it's one of those things like
you can't control. – [Narrator] You can
visit SigSauer.com or SigSauerAcademy.com
to learn more about the participants
on this special edition of Designing Spaces. – There is a lot to learn
about different types of firearms that are out there,
how they operate, and how you're actually going to
feel running a firearm. So training is one of the
most important components in safety in safe gun handling. We want to make sure that our,
we think through what we're choosing
and how we're setting up that process
so that if our safety is compromised,
we're ready to take back charge of that situation
and be able to survive it.

(upbeat music).


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