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Defender Uses Skill To Overcome Superior Force


I have heard many people say: "You can't beat someone who uses a rifle by using a pistol." but you know what? If you are skilled enough… That is simply not true! Active Self-Protection Attitude – Skills – Plan Thank you for joining us for today's Active Self-Protection lesson. I'm your host, John Correia. Today's video comes to us from Zacapa, in Guatemala. This is not a paid ad but Cigars Daily is a friend of Active Self Protection, and as well as Active Self Protection, they are active in the fight against human trafficking all over the world. If you like cigars, check them out on their YouTube channel and choose some labels to support the work they do. I don't really have any news of this case, so if you have any, put it in the comments and I'll add it to the description. But what we are going to see what happens to this red car here is that two guys leave the passenger side and they both have rifles … And they will enter this other space, you can see there are two people at the top of the screen, And they start shooting at them right away and one of them pulls out his gun and starts shooting at them too, and quite a chaotic scene forms here like for about 5 seconds …

They start to escape and he goes to chase them. You can see the first one does a Jessy Owens impression, And the second guy is limping so he is injured and is going to get into the car … And then the car is going to drive away from there. You can see from the right side our good man come out And take a look around the corner then he's going to chase them a bit, He insults them and then does a victory dance there. Then go back to the site. Let's see it one more time.

Let's see these guys get out of this car and again they are two guys and they both have rifles, and they only go after this man. This is nothing like a normal robbery from the start, and the first indication is that they are shooting at this man … He draws his gun quickly is shooting with one hand but he manages to fire several shots at them, at least one of them hit the leg of one of those criminals, and that does enough to dissuade and drive them away. Notice that for a few seconds this guy is limping to get into the car … See what our good man does take a look around the corner, And then when they run away he's gonna do his victory dance here and he starts to see what the hell is happening … I can't imagine the level of adrenaline. And that's where this case ends. I have to be honest with you I would not be very excited to face two guys with rifles with my gun but he managed to do it.

In today's video, it's been a long time since I don't do this, so you can ask me what you want, just leave me the questions in the comments and I will answer as many as I can, which means that I will spend all day looking at the comments, but glad to interact with you folks. So what questions do you have for me? Let's learn the lessons. This is a pretty crazy showdown, as I said in the introduction, when they say you can't beat attackers who carry rifles with a pistol …

That is not necessarily so. But notice here that we have several attackers getting out of a vehicle with rifles … And we are seeing more and more criminals using rifles, I've seen that in the United States too I've seen them in situations like armed robbery in the United States, and all over the world. So just because … Many times they say: "Wait a minute … I don't walk around with a rifle, and we do not see attacks with rifles in the channel very often ”, but I have seen them increase a little more in terms of frequency. So you have to wait for the offender to have much more shooting power than you. And again, of course, the ability reduces the power of that strength advantage, And that's one of the great reasons to have a great skill level. Now, these guys go 2 against 1, they are several attackers … Now, notice here that the first indication of our intended victim that something is happening are the shots that go towards him.

Thank goodness most criminals don't know how to shoot and they don't have good marksmanship fundamentals and particularly from distances that pass 15 or 20 yards they can't even hit the side of a barn. But you must recognize that it is a disadvantage have a gun against two guys, and against two guys who have rifles. So your skill, once again, has to be very high. And here especially, notice that we have some distance, at least a couple of cars away, We are talking about 10-15 yards of shooting here. Therefore, your skills must be high. That skill has to start with taking the pistol out of the holster. And notice here that our intended victim takes that side step with force and uses the car for cover. So he's looking to get the gun out of the holster while moving around and using the car to get some cover …

But of course, that coverage is going to evaporate quickly. So, you have to keep moving. I strongly suggest that in your dry fire practices when you draw your gun, make sure you take gaps from those sets as you move, since that is very difficult to do at the shooting range. So that's another great reason for you to jump into a training class. so you can practice it in those classes frequently. Now, notice that while he is moving he is shooting … But a couple of things. Number one, he's shooting with one hand. It is very difficult to get good shots on the target, if your name is not Gate White here. And the second thing is that you notice that the shots come and go … There are shots going towards him. Now of course we can't simulate this with real fire at all, but this is a great reason to have strength versus strength training.

Get to that advanced level, get over that square shooting range, or have an opposing force with a will contrary to yours to shoot at you, using special ammunition and things like that … It is incredibly useful. Now of course I would rather he had both hands on the gun because this way you will be able to shoot much faster and with greater precision, if you have both hands on the gun. Also notice that he is going to crouch here and take shots at the target just getting off to use this table and chairs … Now, of course, those chairs and table are not a cover, it is a hiding place. But one of the things we see in defensive matchups on the channel all the time is that concealment works a lot like hedging 99% of the time for a few seconds.

Criminals, generally speaking, They won't shoot what they can't see, and the good guys too. So learn to use concealment, if that's the best you have available, Do not be afraid to use it. But you must understand that all cover and concealment evaporates after a few seconds. So, notice that he is going to keep shooting at the target … And now he's going to go chase these guys. That is not the best solution there. But it is going to drive them away. Note that we did not have here any type anatomically significant hit. This was not a shot to the center of the chest, this guy got shot in the leg But it was enough to make them leave So when we talk about the first person to put an anatomically significant shot on the contrary is the one who usually wins … Sometimes it is not an anatomically significant shot. Sometimes even a shot in the leg is going to make the guy think: “Oh no… I'm hurt. I can't fight anymore ”, and runs away. The first person to get it right is important.

And therefore you want to have a high level of skills because that high skill can reduce the advantages in numbers and in tools that criminals have. Sometimes luck plays a role as well. Now notice what our good man is doing you can see his head sticking out here … Now, I would recommend you, you probably do better, from a tactical perspective, Instead of chasing down these criminals and seeing where they go, to affirm and maintain, and consolidate the domain in the space that you have won the fight. I really recommend that you don't chase these guys because you don't know how many other guys are inside that car, You don't know if one of the guys is outside waiting with a gun or one of those things.

So you put yourself at additional risk. I would strongly recommend that instead of doing that, again, assert yourself and consolidate the dominance you have gained in the space you are in. Another couple of things we want to think about. This man could only fight with the only thing he had in that gun. If you were carrying a small capacity weapon, a 5-shot revolver or a simple 9 mm pistol, I would have had a hard time here reason why I say that the greater the capacity of the weapon you can reasonably carry It is what I recommend that you carry. And note that there was no time to recharge in this case.

Again, a larger capacity firearm. The last thing I want to talk about here it's about the safe handling of firearms. I understand, the adrenaline level is very high. But notice he's pointing that gun all over the place at the end. And you want to have that mental capacity where you say: “Okay, the threat is over. I want to put into practice the safe handling of firearms ”, and don't point this gun all over the place towards people who do not need to be pointed with a weapon.

Instead, put it back in the bag. So paying attention to your world is incredibly important. Keeping your firearm on your person here was incredibly important. Quickly draw that gun and put it in the fight while you move is very important. The first person to land an anatomically significant shot wins, even against several attackers carrying rifles. And then do the correct follow-up actions to cover your ASP..


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