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Shopkeeper Repels Bad Guys With Chili Powder | Active Self Protection


sometimes we call OC spray hot sawsan this guy took that a little literally thanks to wilderness tactical products for sponsoring today's video look for a link in the description for five dollars off on the ankle first-aid kit that I wear every day hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Luton in England it shows a shopkeeper here find a very creative way to drive off some armed robbers do you see the shopkeeper is just chilling in his store and of course this is in England so decent reasonable people are not allowed to defend themselves we're gonna see our robbers here come in first one comes in and pulls a gun and second one has a big old meat cleaver well our shopkeeper has chili powder in a container and throws a couple handfuls there and then puts the rest of it on the first robber and after it starts getting after them they decide to run off now our shopkeepers gonna run around here and go out apparently they have not caught these guys but they got away with nothing and the shopkeeper won the day that's where this one ends well I think in this instance it reminds me of the adage that sometimes it's better to be lucky than good if you appreciate the lessons that you get here every day at active self-protection do me a favor hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bells so that you don't miss a lesson out of this one I want to talk about the dangerous transitional space that convenience stores are I also want to talk about planning to use improvised tools and why that's not a great idea but I also want to talk about the incredible importance of attitude to our self-protection first let's think about the transitional space that is a convenience store you know we jokingly call stop and robs for a reason and you're gonna see here that this guy can come in the reason we call this a transitional space is he can't see out is that this is a place where we expect people to go back and forth now of course we don't expect them to go back and forth with a mask on but you notice there's no way to see outside here that the door is open but it's dark outside and there are no windows and therefore he can launch his attack from concealment he doesn't get to announce himself or doesn't have to tell it starts if you're in a transitional space like that you got to be aware that you could be victimized now we see the attacks start here with a firearm out and of course you know any time you see a firearm I'm just gonna say be cautious and if you don't have attitude skills and plan compliance may be your best bet this being England I think a lot of folks in England would look at this say gosh that's probably an airgun at best and maybe make action based on that but unless you really know what to look for the difference between an airsoft gun and a real one I wouldn't chance it personally when regardless of that that big old butcher's knife that meat cleaver that the second guy pulled out that is certainly not fake and that can kill you just as fast as the firearm cans so if you're gonna you know defend yourself against a couple of armed robbers like this two guys at least one of which you know has a legitimate tool that can take your life men think twice if your attitude skills and plan are not significantly up the park now he comes out here and he has this chili powder and and this is an interesting thing here in a place like the United States I would say that's a nein in that the short you know the shop owner should definitely have something better a firearm a significant pepper fogger or something like that but this being England none of those things are allowed to good people and so you're gonna have to figure out a way to improvise now how are you gonna explain to the authorities that you had a big bowl of chili powder I don't know but I don't like you know improvised tools as a plan you use improvised tools when you don't have a plan and when you have to improvise in the moment but in a place like England where good people are not allowed to defend themselves sometimes a less than optimal choice it's the only choice she got so he uses it effectively and get some hot sauce out of the guy but notice here the second time he used it that he flung it at the guy and he's out he has absolutely nothing left now if that had made that guy mad and it was a real gun he could easily have been shot here which is why I suggest caution but recognize the fact that regardless of that he's out of his his chili powder and so he's got to come up with something else now I think he goes for maybe a you know a baseball bat or something like that that was behind a counter in another spot and these guys decided to leave now regardless of that this shopkeeper you know regardless of what he had gone for has guts he had heart and his willingness to fight back the attitude at the core of his self-defense was the reason that he won the day here he saw these guys he had a plan in advance he had some things staged and more than that I had an attitude that says I'm not gonna be a victim and that attitude by itself many times can win the day it certainly did in this instance now as we continue on here they run off but notice that the shopkeeper goes out to see where they went and see this all the time thankfully nothing bad happened here but many times I see that lead to negative outcome so I always recommend if you're gonna go and follow them out the door do so just to close and lock the door don't follow them out there because you go back out into the danger zone where they could harm you again they could get angry come back and beat you up some more or something or there could be a counter ambush there so don't do that lock the door call the cops all things considered and hey got to give this shopkeeper props he drove the guys off and covered his ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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