Home Active Self Protection Prime Guard Less-Than-Lethal Home Defense Shotgun – Unboxing

Prime Guard Less-Than-Lethal Home Defense Shotgun – Unboxing


okay what we have here is what some people may refer to as a glorified paintball gun and this is the prime guard personal defense home defense left less-than-lethal shotgun try saying that three times fast left and lethal all right and this comes with 20 pepper sprays 20 rubber and 20 powder that's for practice offense and inflammatory read inflammatory pepper powder all right this shoots maximum velocity of 240 feet per second and this uses co2 and let me just open it up real quick and look what it seemed it looks like on the inside there it is the prime guard less-than-lethal home defense shotgun co2-powered interesting looking tool and as you might imagine at the moment I have no idea for the most part with most of this stuff because this looks like it's a coupler probably for a co2 system okay this looks like a cleaning kit this is about the actual rounds so you have the rubber pepper ball and the powder ball obviously color-coded and of course the instruction manual and that pretty much sums it up not a bad-looking piece and the [ __ ] stopped looks like it's a co2 cylinder here okay that's what it looks like I have no idea how this thing operates just yet 68 caliber seventeen point three millimeter – Finch small interesting piece as I said before alright if you've got guys ever use one of these I would like to know what your experiences would ever been arrived thanks for watching bye bye warning this product is meant as a deterrent but is less than lethal and cannot guarantee your protection in all or even most cases this product will not take the place of security systems good judgment constant vigilance and/or other protection for your home or person it is intended to supplement other security measures and is not a standalone protection prime guard shall not be responsible for injury death or property damage resulting from the faulty installation is used illegal use or modification of this product


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