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Paris terror attacks lead to spike in firearm training


nude 11 tonight through the deadly Paris terror attacks right here in Connecticut there's been a spike and people applying for pistol permit it is happening all over the state right now news 8's Bob Wilson caught up with some people today who say it gives them a little peace of mind oh nice these new students at the range are part of a growing movement statewide as the attacks in Paris have inspired people to apply for their pistol permits good it's scary I don't want to have to use anything but I also don't want myself or my family members to be in jeopardy now the terrorists have attacked civilians and restaurants and concerts it's changed the way people at home feel about their safety they're now considered soft targets now that we're thinking about things that happen in Paris that whether if we have to respond quickly before police arrive if we are caring if we can intervene in some way and save some lives I mean that'd be great safety on Stephen estis runs the bully breed training school certified by the NRA he's added students in extra permit classes because of the recent spike and he's noticed a shift in the mindset among his students I get to get my family out the kill zone I can't call 911 because it's going to take forever for the you know police officers who are now swamped because Isis has now made an attacks now with this big push for permits also comes a lot of responsibility Stephen se says in the first part of the class students don't even get to handle a real gun he says just because you get your permit doesn't mean you're an expert you should go out there and start carrying he emphasizes you need to take more classes and do more training along with your right comes responsibility to be properly trained properly drilled go out and execute you know good sound judgment and understand what you're doing that firearm se says not only our permit class is filling up or are full but the number of one-on-one lessons are also on the rise so people will feel more comfortable and proficient with their firearms Bob Wilson news 8


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