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Florida Man Was Prepared To Handle The Situation


in armed-robbery Rochambeau gun beats machete welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us out of Tampa Florida now I gotta be real I'm 99% sure this one is real but I cannot find a news story on it so if you have one do me a favor put it in the comments so I can add it to the description the protective cases are my choice to transport firearms and other valuable items I love the power claw latching system check out their cases in the link in the description clerks just minding his own business to the store at the bottom of the screen there when a bad guy walks in with a face mask on it's got a big knife on his left side clerk draws his sidearm and holds it on him backs up from the counter and and starts issuing commands and thankfully the robber here is absolutely not looking for a fight he was bluffing and so now our good guy starts issuing commands the back is like okay man I don't want any problems you can see he's very compliant here so he is gonna get down on the ground now what we're gonna see here is our good guys caught a significant problem left a head here because now what is he gonna do with this guy who hasn't run off he's instead complied and gotten on the ground so he's gonna issue him some more commands while he stays at distance from him and that's gonna get the guy down on his hands and knees then he's going to prone out here and lay down but still has his chest up want you to notice that so he gets the guy to put his hands kinda up by his ears at the very least our good guy comes around to the side of him here and is going to take what we didn't really see very well when he was coming up tries to get his backpack off has a hard time with that but at least kicks his big old knife away from him looks like a gas station katana to me kicks it a long way away from him now what he's going to do here is go over and grab his phone to call 911 and it's gonna be a number of minutes I've sped it up simply for the sake of time but about four minutes on the phone cops are on the way finally holds the guy here at gunpoint puts his firearm away right before officers arrived about 30 seconds before the officers arrived these two officers are going to take this numbskull into custody now I haven't had a billet II to get a news story on this one may not have even made the news but that's exactly where this one ends so if you have more snooze on this one please send it to me boy it was like he dropped an ax no reverse on that guy and changed that situation percent around if you want to get better in your self-defense including making decisions with a firearm in your hand join us at the asp national conference i promise you you will learn a ton and it's all to benefit the Flint Hills foster team camp I would also like to thank in anouk plastic cases and and protective cases one of the sponsors and corporate donors to the asp national conference absolute ton to think about out of this one clerks just minding his own business and yes he's on his phone but I want you to looks like he's on his phone at least he's goofing around the computer but notice that he's still paying attention to his world door opens up to his store he is paying attention to that he's not ignoring those cues pay attention even in your known environments especially in transitional spaces like this but you got to pay attention to your world would have been even better that he'd been occasionally looking out into the world might have seen this guy on the parking lot had more time yet now dude walks in and you got to recognize oh okay what kind of threat am I facing guys walking towards me with a mask over his face now we can't see because of the camera angle here the fact that he has that big old whatever gas station blowing knife on his left side but I'm guessing that the clerk could see that in this instance so is it justified to draw firearm absolutely guys a robber and absolutely you have the right to defend yourself now notice that he draws the firearm and presents it and starts issuing commands guy doesn't have anything in his hands in the moment but is he a reasonable physical threat absolutely not you got to check your jurisdictional laws on this one because every state's a little different and even some cities are different where I live in the state of Arizona wouldn't have any problems with this whatsoever because you can defensively display a firearm under threat of even physical force other places may be a little different so it consult with a lawyer in your jurisdiction but he starts issuing commands instead of shooting and I think that was really wise here because he backs up a little bit uses the countertop space to give himself a little space so that the bad guy can't get his hands on the gun really wise and now he starts issuing commands and noticed that the bad guy now puts his hands up in surrender so instead of shooting he uses the firearm very effectively gets it out as a tool to force compliance that is a use of force but not a use of deadly force in most jurisdictions again I need you to check your own legal statutes on that one because things are different in different places but was very wise of him here even if he could have pressed the trigger wise of him to because it's gonna be far easier on him from a legal perspective from the follow-up perspective and those things now guy guy submits ok cool now what are you gonna do we would expect most armed robbers to run off but this guy didn't he instead decided ok man I'm just gonna do whatever it is you say because I thought this wasn't gonna go this way so I do think you need to know how to take someone into custody we're gonna talk about that in a minute but notice that our clerk here pushes the panic button you can see right here with his left hand reaches under his counter presses the panic button which will get officers hopefully coming pretty quickly however that's four minutes from now so those panic buttons in a significant sense are kind of useless it assumes that the robbers are gonna stick around for four or five six minutes and that simply never happens they're always gone before that so while I'm not necessarily against panic buttons I just want you to recognize they're not going to keep you safe they're not going to get the police they're fast enough to save you from an armed robbery you and only you are the primary agent in your own rescue so you better act like it and have the attitude skills and plan for it now notice that he's getting this guy here to kind of get down I really want you to spend some time and maybe even take a class on using a firearm as a compliance tool and getting somebody in a safe place now how might that be to take somebody there and form basically what this is is a citizen's arrest and hold them until police arrive what I want you to do is get where they can't see you I don't want his eyeballs on me I don't want him to be able to see me and I want him to interlace his fingers on top of his head put his nose to the floor and and lock his and ankles behind and cross his ankles put his hands interlaced interlaced fingers and then I think one of the things that the clerk did very well here is get to the side of this guy where he cannot be an immediate threat I've seen guys from this prone position be able to get something out and get a gun on target very quickly to the front a little bit harder to the rear especially if they don't know exactly where you are so you want to get yourself to a position that they don't know where you are they can't see where you are fingers interlaced behind their head ankles interlaced and not looking at you those are the keys to take somebody into custody and to hold them until police arrived now he did take a risk here and trying to get this backpack off the guy getting the weapon away from him I do think getting the weapon away from him was a wise idea in this moment but again take the precautions first to make sure that he has as prone doubt as you can get so then that way is less likelihood of hold of him because this was a significant danger in this moment this bad guy had chosen that moment to try to kick out him or to roll into him to try to get that gun away from him and turn the tables again this was a very vulnerable moment and I want you to recognize that as a self defender as a time of high danger so take the steps to minimize that danger by properly getting him in a controlled position before you take the tool away from him which we can see right there right underneath the the good guys legs now he's gonna get away from the guy think that's really wise now notice here it's gonna take him quite a while to get over and get to the phone to get on the phone with 911 I think that's a very wise thing to do you want to win the battle to the phones with 911 get on the phone with emergency services as fast as you can and get help on the way just recognize that you need to communicate effectively what's going on with them they're gonna ask what your emergency is hey I've been the victim of an armed robbery had somebody threaten me here I need police response immediately I am the good person I am holding him he has complied with me he threatened me with the knife and I need police here right now I need him them here immediately now notice a couple things I'm sure the dispatchers who told him to put the firearm away here and after these four minutes he's gonna decide to put that gun away but the cops are still about 30 seconds out if you choose to do that I think that it's a very wise thing that when the dispatcher says hey the police are there in our on-scene yes put that firearm back away but in your holster or even on the counter but don't let the bad guy see you do it it's 30 more seconds before the cops show up here and are actually in frame and those that's a time where again because this bad guy you notice that his head is up his hands are down but he's seeing what's going on could have launched a counter ambush so be cautious of that but you don't want to have a gun in your hand when the cops show up because they may not know who the good person and who the bad person is so it's not a bad thing to get the gun out of your hand before the cops show up so then that makes everybody feel good now officers are gonna get him into custody and all is going to end well here no shots were fired I think this was a great defensive use of a firearm that actually didn't involve firing the firearm so it's not gonna make it into any database it's not gonna show up in any statistics but it was a fantastic defensive gun use because he had his firearm on his person rather than under the counter he had his attitude about him he had a very good quick reliable draw knew how to use his firearm to gain compliance and issue commands did an acceptable job of holding the guy at gunpoint until the cops showed up didn't have a gun in his hands when the cops got there this dude covered his ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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