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Negotiating a Corner with a Long Gun – Home Defense Training


John Chapman and the world of Beretta
crew is in Alliance Ohio at the Alliance Police Training Center to give the
latest in Beretta tactical shotgun technology a workout – once we've gotten
our skills down out on the square range we need to apply those skills to
circumstances the first circumstance is common both to the home defense shooter
and to the law enforcement shooter is basic interior movement the first step
to learning an interior movement with the shotgun carbine pistol whatever it
is is learning how to properly take a corner a corner is nothing more than a
turning movement we just don't know what's on the other side since we don't
know on the other side and we're not a dynamic assaulting team we're usually by
ourselves in a home defense situation we want to take that corner a little bit at
a time so my first step is to identify what shape it is for me turning this
corner it's an L to the left I handle an L to the left if I'm on the
if I'm on the wall I'm gonna step out a little bit get as much angle as I
possibly can and I'm gonna take that corner a little
bit at a time but I'm not gonna stop I don't want to take a little bit look
take a little bit look because this is doing nothing but giving you an
advantage to my enemy he hears and sees me coming so Chris what I'd like you to
do is to negotiate this corner good all right stop come on back that was good Chris but what I'd like to
see is taking advantage of this angle I would like to see the shotgun just off
of that angle and I want you to just walk it you've already bought all of
this I would like you to buy with your muzzle and your eye I want you to buy
the new territory that you're seeing and you turn the corner – understood? good very
good all right you ready to try it live fire
all right we've placed a target downrange for
Chris – Chris is going to turn the corner recognize what it is if it's a lethal
threat he's going to engage it – good to go? good to go good let's do that one more time Chris much better good


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