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Managing Unknown Contacts Is Crucial To Successful Self Defense


criminal attackers often use verbal distractions to put themselves in a place to victimize you welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us from Whitehouse Tennessee in the United States kms squared makes the ultimate lighting for your reloading press they're innovative design increases safety and makes your reloading more efficient please thank them for sponsoring today's video so you're gonna see our victim here coming in with his car pulling into his house he has just left this was back in the summer time has left to go to the convenience store buy a pack of cigarettes and a lottery ticket and the car behind him has been following him around for quite some time go read the news story that I've linked in the description and they beliefs said that this car was following him around town they got him on several surveillance videos following our intended victims so he has parked his car in front of his driveway it's a sixty something year old man who again is just an innocent dude who went to the liquor store to go get a pack of smokes and a lottery ticket so now the two guys that have been tailing him in this car are going to pull over it and you can see how much time this is taking now then you're gonna see finally they're gonna get out of the car when they see him get out of his car and as we zoom in they actually use a ruse and they ask him for directions to Nashville so they're like hey man how do I get to Nashville from here and our intended victim here is going to come over to them you can totally tell from his gait here that he is elderly that he's not very ambulatory I mean he's okay but having trouble and he's gonna you know talk to them about oh you got to go this way you got to go that way or whatever and they're gonna use that ruse here now to jump him in just a second and as he's trying to give them good directions in which way to go they're setting up the right time finally they go over and grab ahold of him the guy on the left you can see his hand back actually points a pistol at him they're gonna grab his wallet and I think his watch and then jump in the car and run off thankfully he wasn't hurt tons of lessons out of this one that's where it ends man scary stuff out of this one and thankfully the homeowner was not injured in this one I got a question for you out of this one I want you to answer it in the comments do you sit in your car when you get home or do you bounce out of there and get in the house I just want you to think about that I tend to get out quickly and go back in the house but I don't do it universally and videos like this are gonna make me do it more often personally I think the single biggest lesson to learn out of this video is to pay attention to your surroundings and that is especially true when you are driving your car most people I have found they get in their car they pay attention to what is directly in front of them maybe over to the side but always in front of them and the only reason they really look in the rearview mirror is if they're backing up or if somebody honks at them or something like that instead friends I want you to pay attention because from a defensive position from understanding your self-defense you have to say wait a minute is anybody following me that's not being paranoid that's being aware and paying attention in your world this guy had been followed all around town by these guys he followed him for quite some way around several turn so you see somebody that follows you multiple turns and into your neighborhood may be something that you want to pay attention to not the least of which when they back up like this you see them kind of pull forward and then back up and come back if this guy had known that they had followed him through multiple turns then he would definitely have been on alert something would have been wrong he would have been in condition orange instead of in condition yellow or even condition why and this might not have happened so the single biggest lesson out of here pay attention when you're driving your car particularly in your rear-view mirror if someone is following you do not ignore that do something about it now then he gets out of his car finally they get out of their car when he does he had been sitting in his car for 30 seconds so from the time he pulled in and stopped he waited a full 30 seconds to get out of the car and head into his house one of the ways that perpetrators victimized victims is they wait until you know they've been in the car for quite some time 30 40 50 seconds of just sitting in the car don't do that friends when you get done with your car when you park the car put it in park grab your things very quickly and get out and get into a place of safety don't sit and linger in your car remember when it stopped it's a transitional space next thing that we see here is a ruse and and when we talk about you know what Craig Douglas talks about in managing unknown context can't recommend enough that you go take Craig's classes that he talks about managing unknown context it's maintaining personal space these as our unknown I don't know if they're they have bad intent or whatever and they seem to be asking questions whatever but if he had managed an unknown contact here maintained his space hey man that's close enough I'm sorry I don't have anything for you even if you're like me and you're super friendly and you say yeah man you want to go over here whatever doing so from the center of the driveway hey can I help you that's close enough help me out here would have been the better idea because once the attack starts you see it's two-on-one here they grab a hold of this man who in his 60s I'm not gonna blame him for not having significant empty handed skills and and even if he's armed here the fact that they got the jump on him and were able to get a hold of him if he's got a gun on him unless he had had it in hand already it wasn't going to be very helpful for him in this instance and so this isn't an instance where that's really gonna be the help probably a much better instance instead to just get away and and stay away from these guys and prevent the problem to begin with now again you see the guy on the left actually has a gun pulled on him here and if you've already the news story linked in a description it says at one point the victim said they actually got his hand on the gun but the gun did not go off thankfully and it didn't you know the guy chose not to use it on him if you're gonna turn to disarm a bad guy who pulls a gun on you you better have a significant empty handed skillset thankfully in this case it was used in an intimidation tool and our bad guy wasn't a murderer and it didn't end up in a negative outcome however I can't always promise that so again compliance is an option and if you do not have a robust empty-handed skill set and some practice doing it on the mats I wouldn't recommend it to try to take a gun away from a bad guy thankfully these guys aren't murderers they're just thieves and so they run off with our victims stuff and he is able to get away but let's definitely learn the lessons here about paying attention about managing our space about getting out of our car quickly and not lingering there and about maintaining and managing those unknown contacts by maintaining our distance and our reactionary gaps to cover our ass


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