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Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Snipers – Sniper Training Awards Ceremony


the hard work and dedication that you have shown over the last two weeks is a great reflection not only on you but on the quality of soldier that the Japanese ground Self Defense Force is sent here to Yakima to Train it has been an honor for us to serve and train alongside you Google the company I said she couldn't have nicked up at all boy I know what data and we hope with the skills that you have learned here will not only better you in your unit but will be able to spread to the entire Japanese ground Self Defense Force we're gonna monitors what that'll get you home today so stay because yo que tenemos que D so they could know yeah I know you know crazy need ok syuko han told no Tito certificates of training will now be presented to the Japanese ground Self Defense Force diapers so our first class point you know Shibata thank you so sorry first class Yugi you know hey Bob think yourself congratulations check out their first class boy q you got da so I get a key with me hey Lu me leaving the Japanese ground Self Defense Force sniper contingent from the western army sergeant major Munna to go mokuba but that's loony optic return the Tennessee to our Patriots are still no any National qkg Canon or whatever I know Quinto of August a photo on Tony Casillas we appreciate all of the trainers because you talk to us with great patience and care and East our attention in an intermission – Tomas another that because even know Dominique that a particular telephoto we know that you are fighting you hold a world peace but our statue of weight even under dr.

Jinga janga no zucchini chiaki change to read about all we remember that you supported us in the disaster as Operation Tomodachi a statue or cinema same blue kundan de holanda photo we never forget that it's less view from training a visual sigh gooney goon optimist may you be victorious in the future.


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