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Home Invasions Are Serious And Can Be Life-Altering


if you're gonna fight back against multiple attackers you better have overwhelming attitude skills and plan [Music] hey everybody welcome to today's lesson here at active self protection i'm your host john korea today's video comes to us from christchurch south africa ammo is crazy expensive and hard to find and dry fire is life i use the mantis x10 to keep my handgun skills strong and it makes dry practice fun and challenging check it out at the link below two couples on holiday here in barbados and you see this lady's gonna come out and light a cigarette they've got a security camera here on the porch and she is going to kind of look around and chilling out after dinner and board games and she's going to see what comes here and you're going to see her run back in the house because there's a guy's going to show up with a gun and a partner who has a machete and they are going to then again go in the house and start shaking these people down and our defender here you can see is going to get after him until the guy with a gun shoots him again in the neck and that goes down through his spinal column into his lung out of his lung lodged in his spine again so now our other guy runs them off the dude with the machete actually dropped his machete uh but our our other person on vacation here actually ended up paralyzed from the neck down for from his injuries from this and now i'm gonna speed it up simply for the sake of time but you're gonna see quite a bit of time go by and the last news story that i have that i've linked in the description says this man hasn't even been transferred back to canada yet because of his condition uh and because of the medical treatment that he needs and that unfortunately is where this one ends kudos to this guy for an incredible amount of heart and for getting out of there with relatively minor injuries do me a favor would you if you're watching today's video and you're not subscribed to active self protection hit that subscription button turn on the notification bell i ask that very seldom but i do know a lot of people are watching these videos who aren't subscribers so do me a favor and subscribe so that you don't miss a lesson big thing at the beginning here is remember that the bad guy gets to set the time of the attack and he is only going to tell you about it at the last moment even in a home like this and you feel relatively safe in a home where you're at whatever you've got to recognize a bad guy's going to be the one that sets the time of the attack and i love the fact that our victim gets out of there and notice that she as soon as she sees that she got this instinctive idea that says get to a safe place and that's very good however i want you to run to safety not just away from danger and and again what's the options here what are you going to do i think if you have a really high protective mindset you might hook right as soon as you go through those doors wait for him to come back through the door and tackle him and get after him or something like that but that's asking an awful lot of thinking out of somebody who is in a panicked state of mind so train to a very high level so you can think about those things because otherwise you just go in the house you can't close the door he's going to come in right after you which is exactly what we see here now he's got a gun up on you and he's got a partner with a machete now then let's think about what goes down here is our dude with the gun has come around the corner you can just see his right foot uh or is his foot at least all to the right of the screen and now our defender the guy who ends up getting shot is going to then confront this guy when we talk about the 5ds plus one one of the reasons we say that when you deflect that gun you have to dominate the gun the hand with the gun the arm with the gun is because he's gonna try to back up and maintain control that weapon and if he does he gets out of your range then he is the one who has all of the advantages and that's exactly what happens here you see him back up and back off and back away so if you're going to resist recognize that you need to practice those five ds plus one and think about the fact that your critical priorities are to close the distance that's the plus one then again deflect so that if the gun goes off it doesn't come on you and dominate dominate that gun the hand with the gun the arm with the gun and then the person with the gun in that order because if you don't then what happens is that he can gain distance again and exactly what happens here is what the risk is if you don't and so the other guy gets in between and now our bad guy is just this is just a total point shot right over the top of him because he has the distance here so always expect if a guy has a gun out on you he that it is loaded it is real and he is willing to use it until you have established otherwise and and in that moment this guy is is definitely facing a life-altering moment so this is why we talk about here at active cell protection that these are life and death decisions and you have to be ready to make those decisions in the moment and so you want to make them in advance and know that you could lose negative outcomes like this do happen so notice here that our bad guy runs off okay fine and our other guy here is a defender as well you notice he's got a hand up here he's going to start throwing punches at dude with the machete but there's a significant difference even between almost any edged weapon even a machete and a gun the firearm in the hands of the bad guy really makes a difference in terms of how much range he has and therefore in the threat that you face now they do get the guy with the machete to run off as well but now from here guys you've got to start thinking about first aid and this is why i say first aid skills for self-defenders are every bit as important as firearm skills as empty-handed skills and as de-escalation skills you've got to have first aid skills because there is absolutely a chance just like here that you are going to come out on the short end of that also in this instance again he was shot in the neck and traveled down into his lung and lodged in his spine and probably not a whole lot of external blood on this one so you got to be able to triage what you see and get this guy to the hospital as fast as you can and be very cautious when you see these kinds of things about moving people and those kinds of stuff and you're only going to learn that in a trauma medicine class and again thankfully they did get him to the hospital he did live through this but last i heard he lost complete use of all of his limbs which is of course a terrible negative outcome so i want you to think through these things significantly in advance and and again purely from the outcome probably compliance would have been a better outcome here i don't think it would have been a whole lot worse in any other case but if you're gonna choose to resist i think he had opportunities here if he's able to practice the 5ds plus one and that's what i really want you to learn this one from this one as we seek to cover our asp


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