Home Active Self Protection WHAT IS THE BEST HOME DEFENSE GUN & WHY!?!?



[Music] [Music] it's Jay here kind of carpet today you'll be going over what is the best gun for a home defense I don't use a shotgun I only have a hunting shotgun setting really bring that down but if I did have a shotgun I'd get a 20 gauge for home defense so just for the sake of this video will pretend I have a 20 gauge shotgun so um what gun do I think is best then so here we just have a regular pistol this is a Glock 26 I use this for like concealed carry so yeah just a regular pistol here then we have an air pistol Fife Essex and then we have the 20 gauge shotgun no what do I think is best then personally I'd go with the AR pistol and here's why so number one they are a platform is super easy to use and super easy to use under like orange hustle situations and with this you'll have 30 rounds this one you have I know there's different size pistols so they even had a Glock 17 so you have 17 rounds on a pistol and you have 30 rounds in here and probably around 8 rounds and 8 shells in the 20 gauge shotgun so I take this because this says round count it's easy to use in our stressful situations the platform is really easy to use and these rounds are moving much faster than a nine-millimeter would so now people are gonna argue that you shouldn't use an AR and hole in the fence situation but this is what it comes down to so it really depends on the situation that you're in if you have a one-story house where everybody asleep in is on the first floor I probably definitely go with the regular pistol or the shotgun and the reason why is because these rounds are going to penetrate and then go through multiple walls before they do decide to stop so that's one one situation where I've not used this gun but say if you have it like a two-story house or whatever and everybody's sleeping in everybody's on the second floor and if you hear something breaking in on the first floor then you know that you can get to a vantage point looking down the stairs or whatever and your rounds will be traveling an angle downward so you won't be worried about these rounds going into say a bedroom or whatever because you'll be shooting down and not like straight out or up so you'll know where these rounds going to go and you know they're gonna stop once they hit though the floor or you have a basement to go into the basement hit that wall so it really just comes down to situational awareness but I'd still bill with this if I if I live in a two-story house I'd go this one for sure because the round count ease of use and stuff like that also you can really customize these things it's like I have an endpoint optic on here that leave on all the time and then you put like a flashlight and stuff on the rail too they are platform it's just really easy to customize and stuff like that so yeah and also stay either make a reload the magazine is flared out so it's really easy to reload a rifle or an AR pistol compared to even a pistol in the dark even because it means is much smaller to get a mag into it and say this would be if you guys want to leave a comment of what you guys would use this home defense gun feel free to do that and now we can always debate and stuff like that so yeah leave a comment below come on if you could please like the video and subscribe that'd be awesome too I plan on doing a bunch more videos like this so stay tuned for more and thanks for watching have a go


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