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Vigilance Elite – Spec Ops Dude’s Favorite Combat Rifle Zero


sup guys we just talked to Matt Malek
for mallik precision about bullet trajectory and now I'm gonna talk about
the most popular zeros there are and the seven yards and in okay so we'll start
with seven yards and n so basically I have diagram here so it's seven yards
then I like to shoot a otech it's just personal preference whether shooting you
know tech aim point any of these holographic sights basically seven yards
and end on an EOTech this bottom six o'clock reticle here becomes your point
of aim point of impact okay so you're gonna shift from the center dot to the
six o'clock hash mark okay if your shoot an aim point or something doesn't have
the ring around the center dot then you just want to kind of put the center dot
at the top of the scalp for a head shot so come over on this side so basically
why you do that why do you aim high well you aim high
because here's your line of sight up here here's where the bullet comes out
okay so if you actually look at this it's uh you know line of sight right
here at the scalp bullet comes out right here which puts you right here on the
credit card which is where all your vitals are if you were to take a head
shot at seven yards in it so just to prove it we're gonna have Manny here
take a couple shots we're at seven yards we'll be going for this target right
here so go ahead low to make ready all right vanish so just go ahead on my
mark go ahead and give us three three well place rounds okay
using that six o'clock hash mark all right all right
shooter ready send it all right go ahead safe and let her hang all right guys
let's come down here okay so so we got three shots seven yards and the head
okay right in the credit card breaking the line here a little bit mani but so
basically his point of aim if this was the EOTech reticle his center dot is
right here at the top of the scalp and the outer ring goes down like this okay
and that six o'clock hash mark is what his point of aim is okay again if you're
using a Moines or any of these other sig vortex whatever these other reticles or
holographic sights you're just going to put the red dot right at the scalp which
just is happens to be two and a half inches above the kill zone on a head
shot okay so let's go back over here and talk about the different zeros alright
so basically what I did here is I did the math on all the different the most
popular zeros okay so right here we have a 25-yard zero okay this is 36
fifty-yard zero and a hundred yard zero okay so my favorite zero for what I do
or what I did overseas and here at home is the 36 yards and we'll get to that in
a minute but so 100 yards or 25 yards zero
so basically what we have here is about a ten inch spread okay from your zero
all the way out to three hundred so we take our 25-yard shot point aim point of
impact that means where my reticle is is where the bullets gonna go okay right
here in the red so 25 yards it's point of aim point of impact okay if 50 yards
it's not point of aim point of impact if I was aiming at this red dot and it was
at 50 yards my bullet would actually impact right here okay if I was aiming
at a hundred it would impact right here if I was at 200 it would be all the way
up here and then it starts to drop again here's 250 300 so as you can see you
really have to know your holes okay this again this is like a perfect world all
right no human error no wind no nothing all right so you got about a 10 inch
spread so there's a lot of thinking involved at unknown distance when you're
shooting a 25 yard zero okay so now we're gonna move to 36 yards this is my
favorite one because it's so tight and it's not really there's not a whole lot
of thinking all right you just kind of point aim point of impact
so at 36 yards point of aim point of impact
BAM okay we go if I'm shooting from 25 yards it's a little bit of a drop okay
maybe about a half inch right here 50 yards a little less than a half inch
high okay but that's pretty tight then we go to a hundred hundreds right up
here probably about two and a half inches 150 that's going to be right
around your peak worth at its highest point then it drops to 200 here and then
three hundred squad a drop down here but the good thing about this 36 yard zero
is it's about a five and a half inch spread just a little bit over a CD okay
so if you are aiming at number in a perfect world or something okay
this is gonna be your impacts from 25 all the way out to 300 are gonna be just
a little bit larger than a CD so there's no thinking about holds when it comes to
the 36-yard zero so then we move over to the 50-yard zero 50 yards zero is
actually a little tighter until we hit 300 yards okay so 50 yards point of aim
point of impact 25 about an inch low then we go out to a hundred about an
inch high 150 maybe an inch and a half high then we start dropping off again at
200 250 and then 300 as you can see is all the way down here okay so we
actually have a tighter group than we do at the 36 until we hit 300 and then we
have you know this is actually about a nine and a half inch spread okay so then
we have this brings us to the hundred yard zero 100 yards zero super-tight you
know as you can see like on the sharpie what do you probably about I don't know
three inches okay 100-yard point of aim point of impact 25 maybe an inch and a
half two inches low okay 50 we rise a little bit about an inch low then we go
hundred again point a point of impact 150 we're dropping again 250 and then
three hundred way the hell down here alright so that's about a 12 inch spread
okay again this is in a perfect world but as you can see there's no you don't
really have to think about holds until you start punching out past 200 yards
alright again my favorite is the 36-yard zero anything from 25 all the way out to
300 is about a CD spread so what I did because that's a non-traditional zero
okay 36 yards so I went ahead and I made a target you can download it on my
website it's free printed out so basically how this target works I'll
link it in in the description here how this target
works right here center mass okay where these crosses are that is going to be
your point of aim at 25 yards so the reason I made this a 25-yard 36 0 target
is because most indoor ranges are 25 yards okay so you can take your rifle to
an indoor range put the target at 25 yards aim right here alright and then
you're gonna adjust your optic so that your impacts are going right here into
this yellow circle right here okay so once again aim in here center mass
impacts once the impacts are right here your bullet holes you're good to go all
right that would be a 36 yard zero we've tested this it's good to go again I'll
link it in the vial so kind of a complicated topic not easy to explain
but hopefully you know hopefully this helps you guys out a little bit again
here's their here's your spreads okay 36 in my mind my opinion is the best way to
go if you are you know if you're not looking for that real precise shot and
you just want to be able to make impact on your threat if max distance after 300
nice shots Manny I wanted to you


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