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The Buddy System Works Effectively


when you have a distance tool like a firearm you've got to learn to keep your distance to use it effectively welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video is a scary one and it comes to us out of Brazil guy in the red shirt is just finishing a purchase and you guys see this guy run in with his hand his left hand there on a gun and announce a robbery and our guy in red is just gonna walk away from them but his partner shows up with a gun and dude now grabs ahold of the gun and it's a fight for his gun but guy in red has a firearm as well and he is gonna walk up on this dude find a good angle put his foot on him and fill that guy full of lead just absolutely filled him in and there and they're gonna walk off and see who else is out there if we go back to the original angle here guys just gonna walk off put his hands out hey man I got no problems when his partner gets in a hand fight with the guy which is pretty unbelievable we'll talk about it in a minute he's gonna get his gun out and watch him fill this guy in absolutely puts one on him drops him like a rock and that dude takes the tile floor temperature challenge now you notice that they're just kind of kind of kind of leave him there and make their follow-up actions and that's where this one ends boy I'm awful glad that they were able to work together to end that threat if you want to get better with your firearm including using it in close distances join us at the asp national conference September 27 28 29 in Manhattan Kansas link in the description with all kinds of information I hope I get to train with you that weekend out of today's video I want to think about keeping distance with distance tools I also want to think about waiting your turn and knowing when is the time to draw your firearm and using it in an enclosed space with friendlies nearby start by talking about the transitional space here we see our bad guys show up in a hurry sometimes there's not a whole lot that you're gonna do he announces the robbery and and again when you're in these kind of convenience stores we call them stop and Rob's for a reason and and you've got to recognize that there is our valuables here there's a till full of money and these guys can get in quickly get out quickly and that's what makes it a transitional space when you're in one you got to recognize that you are at additional risk and so you have to pay very close attention to what's going on in your world now another key point here is our good guy just waits his turn now we know he has a gun on him bad guy doesn't know he has a gun on him and so our good guy in the red shirt puts his hands up okay man in an armed robbery one of the absolute keys is you have to wait your turn if he tries to draw a gun right here he's gonna get gunned down so you gotta wait until the bad guy's attention is not on you and the gun is not pointed at you to launch your counter ambush one of the keys to survival say it with me again wait your turn and our guy in the red shirt did a really good job of that here now his partners in the back and he has the opportunity to launch a counter ambush here and he comes around with a gun in his hand now listen a counter ambush here is great but notice that our bad guy at this point is starting to draw that gun out of his waistband because he sees that he has a threat you got a distance tool on you and you can launch a counter ambush so one of the reasons I say marksmanship is so important because if my marksmanship skills are very high I don't have to close this much distance in order to really guarantee that I can get a hit which is why I tell you to go trained don't just go to the range and turn money into smoke and noise but actually get under instructions so you get better at this and you're highly competent in shooting now he closes the distance and unfortunately when you close the distance within arm's reach it's not my gun it's our gun and he when he does that the bad guy grabs ahold of it and now he's got a fight for his gun if you have a distance tool like a firearm maintain your distance don't voluntarily close the distance when you have a firearm it has a functionally infinite length of availability in a defensive encounter it has infinite range so use that infinite range and stay far enough away from the guy that he can't put his hands on your gun because this is what goes down and the guy has to go down on the ground now he's fighting from bottom position to retain his gun and that's life-or-death friends now guy in red shirts got his gun out but he's gonna have to grab ahold and find a good angle it's hard for us to see here we'll see it a little better in the other angle but he's got to get over the top of this guy so that he doesn't shoot his partner that's very wise you got to keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction that said I don't think sticking his foot on this guy was the right idea number one that puts his foot in his space where if he's dumb he could shoot himself in the foot number two it gives his base instability because the bad guy is his base right now and that's not optimum keep your feet on the ground if you can friends but he's able to fill this guy in put bit good shots on him and now let's think about following up we're gonna talk about that again in just a sec but make sure that bad guy is completely out of the fight couple other things won't pay attention to here as things start going south and the guys show up we see how closely he gets to him here and we see that when he closes it within arm's length that guy's gonna grab ahold of that I see it on camera all the time friends keep a distance but notice the clerk here on the Left Clerk sees what's going on she gets down and gets away I think that's incredibly wise here and again I you know Brazil can be a very tough place and so I think these folks who get more opportunity to do this than folks in some other places but very very wise here when danger shows up to get down and get away from it to get out of the danger zone if at all possible you don't have to stand there and have the fight certainly don't have to stand there and watch the fight instead get yourself to a better location get down get away from the danger learn that get out of the danger zone now then as everything goes down and our good guys gonna show up here in the red now notice that our guy here who is in the black who has gotten in there is now having a fight from bottom position yes having empty-handed skills incredibly important I do think once your marksmanship skills are very strong as a self defender you should work on some entangled gun fighting you should work on this gun fighting in the 0 to 1 to 2 feet range and and fighting to retain your tool because things like this do happen you do make bad decisions and oh no now we're in this fight now what do I do so knowing how to retain your tool knowing how to use your body to gain positional dominance I think is an important skill once your marksmanship strong now fills this dude in multiple times great job they're putting it on him that said think about the follow up here these guys are now running off and yes that guy is is down but look at the fact that he is still moving so however they shot him he is not completely out of the fight so make sure that you get his tool away from him as well that you don't leave him to pop back up and to continue to be a threat to you and yours all things considered I think the guy in the red shirt did a great job of waiting his turn his marksmanship was good he did it good enough there his other partner let's not get that close let's make sure we do the right things with our tactics to cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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