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Prepared Defender Efficiently Repels Invaders


it's videos like this that make me keep my home defense tools ready to go welcome to today's active self-protection lesson I'm your host John Correa today's video comes to us from Omaha Nebraska in the United States and I've got to talk to the person in this video today's video is brought to us by MagTek ammunition whether I'm shooting rifle or pistol if I'm on the range training magtec ammunition is along for the ride make sure to go watch the interview with mark that I did on active self-protection extra on this one there's been a knocking at his door for like a minute straight getting louder so he goes to the door sees what's going on sees a guy without a mask and then sees a guy behind him with a mask on so he says I man I know what's up here goes back to his room to get his Ruger ar-15 put some magazine in it said he only had five rounds in the magazine and then it's gonna come back and defend his home we got some audio on this one let's listen in and hear what happens once again it goes down very quickly I think mark did a pretty darn good job all things considered if you want to get better at your self-defense join us and our active self-protection cover your ASP tour we travel the United States teaching handgun classes moral and legal use of force and lessons learned from videos like this hit the link in the description and it'll take you to our website where you can see where we are in the coming months so first of all mark absolutely told me these guys don't have any relationship together they're not doing anything illegal in the house or anything like that but sometimes these guys show up he's just come in from having a cigarette they know somebody's in the home they're like okay we're gonna we know there might be valuables in here or whatever so I think a couple of things out of this number one paying attention to your surroundings when you're knocking on the door going and checking and using that people is wise secondly I think having your home defense tools staged and ready to go in this case he had an ar-15 and that's a powerful tool and a good tool I would recommend having full 30-round magazine if they're legal in your state and having those with defensive rounds and ready to go and so you're not trying to hand load five rounds in the gun or whatever so he did a fine job here and that's fine and the gun worked in its intended capacity in this instance but having it staged and ready to go in a defensive posture I think is definitely an improvement in this particular case now we're gonna see him come up here and we're gonna watch these door get knocked in really really fast as he comes up and this backwards kick was actually a pretty savvy move by this bad guy to kick that door in I see that pretty frequently and a couple of things on that number one I really want every single watcher of active self-protection to reinforce their door you go watch the interview that I did with Martin you notice that they have reinforced the door since then and there are even better ways to do that case hardened screws using some hardening plates getting a lot more you know stout doorknob and a better bolt lock all very very important so then that way this door is much harder to kick in then this guy here and maintaining that is definitely the best way now let's think about the fact here that Marc brings the gun up and I asked him explicitly why didn't he press the trigger why didn't he go ahead and shoot this guy well a couple things he said explicitly I brought the gun up and I was looking at him and I couldn't see any weapons and I felt like I had an opportunity to to give him a chance to give up or to get away that's exemplary and wonderful I think if he would have pressed the trigger here and gone after this guy this is a violent home invasion and nobody would have have given him a hard time about that but it brings up an important point he said I didn't have evidence of a weapon or anything like that so he said nope I'm not going to so this is not a question of can he press the trigger but must he and he decided he had an extra second to wait and give the guy a chance not to get killed and the guy took that chance and ran off I also want you to notice here that Marc starts backing up in this instance so he gets real close to the door and then starts backing off once that door comes in I'd really recommend maintain the space if you possibly can you're gonna cost the guys through the door I cost them from the other side of the living room so that you have more time because that distance buys you time and time buys you options particularly when you have a distance tool like an ar-15 on you he did find in this instance getting some space from these guys and of course they're turning around and running and that's great so then he's going to come out the door here now this is one I do say I wouldn't wreck coming out the door you know we don't really talk a whole lot anymore about the fatal funnel because that's kind of a misnomer at home defense situations however recognize that you're going out into an unknown area with an unknown number of bad guys of unknown ability so instead consolidate the win in the space you're in if they've run off let them run off let them go consolidate the win in the space you're in rather than giving chase instead keep the space that you have available now that said this is a wonderful defensive gun use I think that mark did a fantastic job here of keeping this guy away and of using his ar-15 incredibly effectively just because you have the gun out doesn't mean the gun has to be fired so again there's that can should and must paradigm and it was incredibly effective now is this one gonna make the news no it's not gonna make the news in fact it didn't make the news he called the police the police came five minutes later they're still looking for these guys so again couple things on that he called the cops after everything went down but it was long gone so you are the primary agent in your own rescue you have to be the one will protect yourself because the police can't finally as well you notice that his partner goes out here and he's going to see what's going on and I want you to pay attention to the fact that you do have to practice good rules of firearm safety mark did a good job here of averting his muzzle and not putting his gun at his butt so let's make sure we've got our home defense tools well established to make sure that we understand to use the space that we have available to us let's know the difference between can I should I and must I use my firearm to defend my life and let's take appropriate follow up actions to cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]


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