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How Snipers Shoot Into Vehicles | Special Forces Sniper Techniques | Tactical Rifleman


this video we're going to talk about
military snipers shooting through shooting into vehicles I go through the
windshields we're going to shoot through the side windows we're going to shoot
through the we're going to shoot through the doors now there are lots of
different sniper rounds both in three three eight three three eight Lapua four
we call barrier penetration rounds they're built specifically for going
through barriers and mediums such as safety glass ballistic glass but for
these tests we're going to use your standard one one 8lr which is the one
hundred and seventy-five grain sierra matchking standard military bullet for
us and a lot of NATO snipers so it's good round it's available to pretty well
everyone on the planet now as far as what we're going to shoot it out of this
is the Nemesis arms Valkyrie you change barrels on this thing breaks down in or
a short little backpack but it's sexy little gun standard 308 and you see our
target right here we're going to actually shoot through this windshield
and the point of aim is going to be right at the bridge of the nose right
below the sunglasses what we're aiming at is that zero reflex t-box where
you've got to go through the either the ocular cavities or through the
nasal cavity in order to get to that brain stem so we're going to first shots
going to be in you notice we're not shooting down into this we're not trying
to make it perpendicular coming in at the normal angle and you can see this
laminated windshield you know it's going to have it's going to have the effect on
the bullet that it's going to have alright we're going to pop this thing
real quick take a look alright so sniper punch the windshield
one-way 8lr standard round no specialty penetrating ammo from looking through
the lens the shot broke right on the right on the bridge of the guy's nose
right so as you can see this is a clean shot right here I'm gonna pull the
target out all right what we've got is this is
where the round penetrated it runs all the way through now you get lots of
other little pieces of small around the side but these are these are that chunks
of the windshield and chunks of the copper jacket that actually get pulled
off of the round now the leadcore itself though it flies clean so all these
studies done on everything that you see in Hollywood have you've got to know the
angle of the class our personal experience shooting through glass it
doesn't matter the angle but you can't get a much steeper windshield than that
hold true shoot your target clean you've got enough other things to worry about
like wind speeds shoot clean and standard one-one eight LR is going to
reduce that target all right now let's take a look at we'll do this side glass
and then we'll shoot through the car door so again this is standard one one
eight LR shot through the side safety glass and you see clean shot bring it
outside so you can see it a little better I don't know if the sniper called
nine o'clock or not it's just off the bridge of the nose I can live with that
the point though is you notice we didn't even get glass shards on this one passed
clean through the side safety glass because it's not laminated like the
windshield is alright but you don't have to hold you don't have to spend the
money on the extra barrier of penetrating rounds to shoot through to
through glass shoot through car doors are you going to get the same effect one
one 8LR is the standard NATO sniper round it's a great round for shooting
into vehicles all right that's a great shot right there I know let's say the
guys got the door open and he's squatting down he's hiding in the
vehicle and let's see what it does going through the car door all right so our sniper was shooting a
hypothetical situation let's say where the adversary was ducked down inside the
vehicle you could just make out the top of the guy's hoodie would you wait for
that head to pop up that's the cool thing about one way near that law you
don't have to this is a thin-skinned vehicle sniper shot you see where it hit
right here what he did is he shot this target four times or three times already
he knows where where to go so the sniper could see where the top of the hoodie on
the target was so he shot you see where he hit right here
clean shot right through I'm gonna pull the target out all right what you've got
is a clean shot you can see where the bullet started to tumble right pass
right through the bridge of the nose notice your long gated hole right no
slivers though nothing there's a couple little flakes of copper and steel
probably from parts of the jacket coming off or skins from the skin from the
vehicle but other than that it retained its weight retained its mass plenty of
velocity go through I'm sure if I check the other door we've got a hole over
there also this is a real thin-skinned vehicle gents bottom line the whole
point of this video is don't get sucked into that you need all these specialty
rounds you start carrying extra stuff you've got to have extra data for that
pick the best round that works for you or like if you're in the US military and
you're stuck with that one single round in your inventory one one 8LR are
certain units have access to other stuff I understand that but for the majority
of our snipers they're running the 175 grains here a match King it is a great
great round and it is more than capable of penetrating any surface on this
vehicle shy of the engine block if you have any questions or comments on this
video or ideas for future videos please leave them in the comment section
below thanks for watching tactical rifleman


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