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Excellent Work By Officers To Rescue Hostage | Active Self Protection


when there are innocent people nearby you got to find the opportunity and move in to take the shot that you can take to end the threat if you want to keep your shooting skills primed you have to regularly dry fire mana sex is the best dry fire tool available to help you to stay sharp all the time I use it every week hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Charlotte in North Carolina it's an officer-involved incident that we have multiple angles of on body cams and we're gonna see one officer in particular who uses his attitude skills and plan to keep a victim safe background news story on this one is that police are responding to reports of a home invasion and when they get there this guy is gonna come out with a woman who is gonna say she's pregnant and they are holding they are gonna watch him take her hostage and try to get away there's a lot of body cams here we have three different angles let's listen and see what happens then we'll come back and learn some lessons he's got a gun he's gotta go [Music] new story says that he was shot in the left torso had a collapsed lung the pregnant woman was not injured in this one at all and a very commendable thing here the officers do finally get him in cuffs they get a hold of his gun then they do life-saving first-aid on him find out where the bullet wounds are and get him patched up and that is where this one ends boy that officer did a really fantastic job in my opinion if you appreciate the lessons that you get here every day at active self-protection do me a favor hit that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so that you don't miss a lesson out of today's video I want first and foremost to talk about the incredible job that law enforcement does in the vast majority of instances in the United States secondly I want to talk about when to draw the firearm and threaten with it and when to use it and third I want to talk about getting the shot that you want and closing if you have to to end the threat so first off I think it's really worthwhile talking about how commendable these officers are that they respond to this home invasion call and this guy comes out with a woman you know holding her hostage I don't think they knew that she was pregnant at the time but they're working really hard to take care of her and do not have to shoot anybody and police officers do an incredible job by and large you know the the vast majority of law enforcement officers in the United States are incredible people doing a difficult job for sometimes ungrateful folk and I just want to say how much I respect the work that they do now you're gonna see them here and trying in a very rapidly evolving environment look at the muzzle awareness and discipline here this officers try not to point guns at innocent people he's trying to move effectively and we see that from all the badge cams muzzle discipline incredibly important in a you know in a dynamic incident like this when things are changing all the time you still gotta point your firearm in a safe direction and all the time because bad things happen when you don't now notice he's trying to get into a better position here in real-life gun fights you just standing on a square range and pointing out a stationary target in reality everyone's moving and there are good people between you and the threat perhaps and you've got to get a better angle so that you have a safe direction to point your firearm in so you're not endangering the people around you excellent work here of getting in those positions and not endangering innocent people and not taking the wrong shot now as they're trying to get into a good position here I want to notice that they're working together as a team and they are communicating when you got friendlies whether that's law enforcement officers your partner your spouse whatever communicating effectively to end the threat is an excellent and important part of things now what we're gonna see here is we're gonna see on the first officers body cam the correct movement you know he had a very difficult shot here in the beginning and so he moved in and got that right shot and then once he got the right shot then they pursued it till its end now let's think about movement into the shot from this second angle as they are looking for a good shot on this guy very difficult with pistols at this kind of distance friends in reality so what we're gonna see here is the officer to our right on the right of the screen is gonna get where he's thinking about a spot and you're gonna see him there he's actually got his pistol mounted like down now that's a good strategy that again he's trying to light things up without pointing a gun where he doesn't want to point him this is a good point for us to talk about pistol mounted lights I do of course recommend all police officers if their Department allows it because they're chasing bad guys into dark places all the time have a pistol mounted line at all times and for CCW holders and homeowners as well having you know a pistol on your home defense light is very very useful because of situations where you know at night somebody invades your home or is on your property those kind of things but I'm not so sure about you since CCW now notice let's talk about the movement here you see how far the officer is I'm gonna guess here an estimate he's about eight to nine yards away and eight to nine yards on an occluded target with an innocent in between is an incredibly difficult shot and of course you want to get as close as you possibly can to maximize your margin for success here and give him the best shot he possibly can so what he's gonna do is he's gonna get in and we're gonna see that first shot go off right about there so instead of at about nine yards he gets himself in very quickly and gets that shot from about four yards that's a much more doable shot than the longer one so sometimes you got to move in now of course as a self defender not a law enforcement officer there's not gonna be a whole lot of instances where you gonna have to move into a threat in order to shoot it well but you might in a counter ambush situation or something like that so this is an applicable skill as well not necessarily shooting while moving in but getting into a closer position and then stabilizing and taking the shot could be very very helpful and very important and it was excellent here to minimize the risk to the innocence now we go to the body cam of the officer who actually took the the first shot here and we're gonna see him here it kind of cuts in a couple of spots that's what the PD gave out like there you can see him move in here and we could see when he takes the first shot is when she moves you notice he's getting in getting in getting in and that first shot goes off when she gets down he tells her to get out of the way get out of the way and she ducks away and that's when the shot goes off and he got a good look there and therefore he had some margin for victory in order to get that shot off friends I'm telling you you gotta know when the right time to take the shot is when you have enough sight picture and you can guarantee a hit especially when there's others in the area where you absolutely have to have that hit fast is fine but accuracy is final as was attributed to Wyatt Earp and so then they they do a very commendable thing here is they got to get this guy into custody go watch the original I've linked it in the description and you can hear them screaming for the gun because the guns lost in the weeds and stuff down below them they finally get him in cuffs and once they get him in cuffs they get him out here and they start first-aid I do think first aid skills are important for all self defenders can't learn those on YouTube gotta go take a class for those for sure and have the right equipment on you and these officers did now a couple times they're like hey go get the stuff out of my car or whatever and I got that you know an officer there's an awful lot of stuff on them can't carry everything but I do recommend an ankle first-aid kit something on the belt something on the body armor or something like that and for all self defenders to have first aid skills and first aid equipment to save a life not necessarily of a perp in this instance but what happens if it was a loved one of the intended victim or those kind of things that was hurt having those first aid skills is important and another reason I admire law enforcement officers is how hard they work to save this guy's life they covered their ASP [Music] [Music] [Music]


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