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Sniper Training to Rapidly Shoot Running Targets – Utah Precision Rifle Series Moving Targets


this is another stage from the Utah shoot-outs precision rifle series held in July of 2014 this stage was called the flippers and movers on this particular first stage the targets will present themselves for shorter and shorter duration each sequence so there'll be four presentations the first being two seconds long than one and a half seconds then one second and then half a second during that time the shooter must place two shots on the left side and two shots on the right side within those sequence periods the second phase of this stage is the moving stage you have a steel target that's moving side-to-side the shooter has six shots total to engage the target and must engage a target only between the two cardboard pillars my gym is number six Greg is number five Curtis number four Brian is on the three in Austin ISM of two okay shooter on this end you oh gee price shooting the mover back impact hi this is Jeff shooting by my white hat suitor number and an Steve bye thanks for watching our video and be sure to check us out on Facebook as well as at long-range shooters of Utah comm or you can buy our gear such as hats sweatshirts t-shirts stickers decals and also it's a great place to learn more about long-range shooting and also check out any future events that we'll be holding in and around West thank you


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