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Off Duty In Brazil On The Receiving End Of This One


if you decide it's time to draw your firearm it's time to go now hi everyone I'm John Correa your host here at active self-protection thanks for joining us today today's video comes to us from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil the new mantas x10 firearms performance system has all the goodness of the original Plus holster draw analysis and recoil analysis it's a fantastic upgrade and I recommend it highly guy on the motorcycle is a retired cop who is getting the tank filled on his motorcycle very common thing to see in Brazil duded retired from the police force a year ago you saw him looking around a little bit but now he's kind of paying attention how much is going in his tank and what you're gonna see is two dudes on a moto who are gonna roll up now when he notices them he goes oh wait a minute oh that's a problem starts to go for his gun a little bit and then when he does he hesitates and dude goes to get his gun and his gun goes off and shoots our retired cop they're gonna go over and grab his gun and ride off with it and the information that I have news linked in the description is that he is in serious condition he did live but that he's in serious condition and that's where this one ends pretty crazy stuff some important lessons out of this one I think I got a question for you out of this one have you ever timed what your draw the first shot is from when you decide I'm gonna get this gun out and go an audible beep is usually how we do that what is your consistent draw the first time when I'm not very practiced I'm a 1 1 ish guy if I'm really working my draw 2 first shot I can get down in the midpoint nines on an a zone at 7 yards but I'm curious what you're doing so have you ever tried that I think it's important let's think about other lessons out of this one too first thing I do notice is that our retired officer is paying attention to his world and we talked about that literally all the time on the channel seeing what's going on in your world but you gotta have that timer in your head that continues to scan and assess your environment to make sure everything is normal because for about 20 seconds here he's gonna stick his head down in here and just pay really close attention and when you're in a public space particularly a transitional space like that things can change in a hurry just like they did here now two dudes on a moto in in Brazil is absolutely a precursor to an armed robbery or you should at least be very wary of the armed robbery here in environment you got to know what that is in your world but because he kind of got sucked into what he was doing what we see here is he didn't have any advance warning so it was kind of on top of him now that said notice what happens here that he decides oh wait a minute that's two guys and he sees what what's going down here so this was kind of his indication that oh no this guy's got a gun I'm pretty sure he saw it at this point because from here you're gonna see him go for his gun now when you see I need a gun in my hand right now you better get that gun out quickly because for a whole second we see our officer here start to go for his gun and then hesitate and he not hesitated he had actually three full seconds before this guy can get off the bike and get the gun trained on him he had literally all day but because he hesitated he didn't have enough time to hesitate and get the gun out now I get it you're gonna say but wait a minute john was he drawn from the drop dude didn't have the gun pointed at him at this time so it's not drawing from the drop you've got to be ready to go and not hesitate when the moment happens because if you do he will get behind the curb but even if he decided here to get the gun out what does he got is he's got one Chicago to Chicago and now that bad guys got the gun on him but because he didn't even have a two second draw to first shot he he didn't have time to get the gun in the fight so when we talk about a 2.0 draw to first shot this is exactly why because even at that moment of hesitation if he'd started then and went he had enough time if he had a two-second draw to first shot in order to get the first shot on target and completely change this outcome so I can't tell you enough direct train until you're better than that 1.5 even a 1.0 draw the first shot makes your life so much better now dude instead gets in on him and notice what our officer does here a retired officer gets his hand on the gun and it's gonna fight him for it now I don't even know if the bad guy meant to shoot him at this point but what we get here is bad guy goes to reach for the handgun and in so doing I'm pretty sure what he had here was a sympathetic squeeze with his dominant hand and that's gonna make the gun go off so again if you're gonna fight these guys either comply fully or resist fully not halfway because he didn't go for the bad guys gun the gun went off and I'm like I say pretty sure that that was not intentional it looks to me from the bad guys body language that that was an unintentional discharge but it endangered this officer and shot him so and what are they after here after his gun now I don't know if they even knew he had a gun at that point but they were looking for it when he started going for it and and listen you got to recognize to a bad guy a gun as a valuable commodity so the second they know you have it they want it because it's valuable and it's dangerous to them so if you carry a gun make sure you recognize that that you have to be good with it have to be fast with it because otherwise it ends up in the hands of somebody who literally just tried to murder you and now will take that gun and try to murder others and that's an excellent reason to be excellent with your handgun so it doesn't end up in the bad guys hands now these guys ride off and thankfully don't shoot him again he is in the hospital but I will say this you notice that when he went down he still is around and I can't tell you enough that emotional fitness means listening these guys knock me over but I'm still going for my gun as long as I'm conscious I don't know that he was conscious in this case but as long as you have consciousness stay in the fight because otherwise these bad guys get away with these kinds of things let's pay attention in our world let's make sure that we train to a level that our draw to first shot is fast enough that we can get ahead of these guys let's not give them our firearms let's make sure that instead they only get one bullet at a time as we seek to cover our ass


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