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More thoughts about home defense (mindset, concerns, weapons)


okay let's talk a little more about home defense I got an interesting comment on the video about which sword I would recommend for home defense and before I start just a clarification that video was really just intended for entertainment purposes I think I said so in the video but in any case that was really all it was just to answer that viewer question because it was recurring and a lot of people wanted to know which was not to say that I recommend a sword for home defense over other things or that I think a sword is the best option I don't actually if I personally had to defend our home against determined intruders I would prefer something like this at least a handgun and it'll be a semi-auto pistol or even a single action revolver you can of course argue that firearms escalate the situation so if the intruder has one you have viewers they see it they might draw theirs and now you've suddenly started a firefight where none would have been you can also focus on the situation if the intruder has a firearm and you don't and they are intent on hurting or even killing you you're done for because if they have a gun and you don't there's very little you can do unless they're close enough that you can rush them so it really depends on a variety of factors and I don't think that there's a universal solution that there's a general perfect answer it depends like a lot of things you can just think about it for yourself and make up your mind as to what for yourself seems like the best choice in the best course of action in the likely scenario for example you can prefer rubber slugs or rubber buckshot in a shotgun which is in one way it's a very good choice because that way you're safer in legal terms in the aftermath because then you can show hey I have I have loaded rubber projectiles I was not intending to kill that person but I could still also still able to defend my home so that's better in that way and also if it's somebody who just wants to steal your stuff then killing them over just that of course is not justifiable also morally so if you can scare them off if you can just hurt them a little with rubber bullets and that's a good choice however if that's not enough and they're not really enough to stop a determined attacker then you may be in trouble and if they start shooting at you or rushing you with a knife you may not have enough time to load your heart round so to speak your actual lethal ammo the firearm could still be useful for just scaring them off and that's really the main goal in my opinion your main goal if somebody breaks into your house is to chase them off I don't think your goal should be to kill them or to maim them or to disable them unless they attack you first of course but the main goal is get them away because you don't need a fight that's not what you want you just want them to get what just want to get them out of your house or your apartment or whatever it is that's really your main goal so brandishing a firearm is very very likely to scare them off because somebody who just who's just out to steal some stuff is most likely not in the mindset that they want to risk their lives it happens it happens that somebody's on drugs or so desperate or or maybe they didn't themselves feel that threatened in that moment that they you know start a real fight it's possible but in most situations I'm pretty sure that that would help okay let me actually read this because that was really a main point so the comment that I got in that video is this I once confronted two invaders with a long knife they just said I just want a glass of water of course that was implausible but they were well aware that a non psychopath can't stab someone who was asking for water so I was powerless to stop them roaming around looking for loot I could stand in front of one of them but the other one could move around I was paralyzed by the fact that I you I would kill them if I attacked them I would have been in a much better position if I have picked up a bludgeoning weapon such as a chair I could have taken a big swing and known that it would have been moved to leap out of the way with a knife anything but moving in quickly and sinking the knife deeply into them would have been pointless and less decisive attack with a knife would have been an invitation for them to take it off me so this is a very good point and I'm glad that somebody brought it up I was meaning to talk about this topic in a video sometime but I didn't remember until now so this is a real issue that anybody faces who is doing who's practicing martial arts with the intent of self-defense of being prepared for the hopefully unlikely and hopefully never occurring situation in which they need to defend themselves against an attack anybody who does that needs to consider the ramifications of doing that not just legally depending on how the laws are where you live but also ethically can you attack somebody or I shouldn't say attack if you're attacked first that's a different story but can you use the lethal force against somebody some people can't do that some people won't be able to live with themselves afterwards they will be suffering from that mentally especially if they end up killing the person other people have less qualms about that or believe they have less qualms about it until it happens to them but in any case it is a severe issue and depending on the mindset of the intruder they may call your bluff if you threaten them with a blade they may just say well whatever what you're gonna do stab me and they know that for one again depending on the country it could end poorly for you if you stab somebody who hasn't attacked you first you could end up in jail and they might not that may be something they're aware of or they may just think no you don't look like a psycho you don't look like the brutal kind you you're not gonna do it and then what are you gonna do so in that situation it may actually really be better to have a blunt weapon something like this a club even you know the stereotypical baseball bat because then you can inflict pain on them without risking to kill them immediately as long as you don't go for the head of course but you can break bones with it you can bruise them you can well you can cause them pain you can dissuade them from continuing what they're doing basically the the drawback of that is that something like this is a lot easier to disarm a knife is incredibly hard to disarm without getting caught and stabbed in the process which any martial artists who practices knife defense can tell you it's it's scary to go up against the blade and try to disarm it a club is is still no fun to deal with off course you can get your limbs broken you can suffer all kinds of injuries however it's easier because if you just get a hole of it as soon as you have a firm hold of it unless the other person is really good at grappling there's not too much they can do and if the attacker is stronger of course they can just pull it from them and use the club themselves and once again if you strike them before they have signaled their intent to hurt you you've started something and they may now actually seriously fight you so it's something worth considering at the same time I also think you shouldn't be expected to just stand there and watch them loot your home without doing anything while waiting for the police of course but it's gonna take them quite a while until then who knows what they've done and then there's also something else to consider if someone else is also in that house or apartment who can't defend themselves be it a partner or child or your arthritic grandma or whatever whoever it happens to be then you're also responsible for them basically I mean not directly but you know what I mean if there's someone in the house you it's you can't just stand there and just move or whatever they're gonna do right because they might they might do something to the other person so you want them out of course and if you can't move them verbally so to speak verbally persuade them to leave the house and you may just have to do something to deal with them so you may be frustrated by how I'm going round the one hand on the other hand and back and forth and all that but it's just there is no simple easy answer if somebody is trying to tell you oh there is this one solution for home defence and and this is perfect and you don't have to worry about anything else and they want to sell you something or they're bullshitting you or that's just what they have decided for themselves and they stick to it and don't want to consider anything else it's not that easy it really depends on a lot of things and depends on what you're comfortable with what you're willing to do what you think is reasonable and yeah so one more thing before I wrap this all up so I've I would actually say when it comes to a sword defending your home with a sword I would actually say something like this might be a good compromise so this is a completely blunt practice weapon it's that the point is rounded off it has no edge but this would still be a useful weapon for one if you strike somebody with this especially if you do it with proper technique this is gonna hurt there is a reason why Hema practitioners wear all the protective gear they do when they do steel sparring these can generate quite a bit of force despite being designed to be largely safe at least with protective gear but if you strike somebody who is unprotected with this you know in especially on bone you know in the chest on that collarbone shoulder yeah that's that's I know that's very debilitating head to an extent but that gets dangerous of course and you can also thrust with it so they are more flexible than sharp blades because they're not meant to they inflict that much inflict serious injuries but if you thrust against somebody and you bring your whole body weight into it and you give it your all and they are not wearing protective this is going to hurt a lot and in fact without protective gear this may still enter the body so it would still be a somewhat limited somewhat lethal option if necessary also if need be you can do the good old murder stroke so if you as soon as you flip this around this is suddenly a very dangerous yeah a mace pretty much you can strike with this part you can start with a guard you can strike with a pummel and this is going to do a lot of damage so this could still be if so to speak if [ __ ] hits the fan you can still knock somebody out with this easily you can break bones and all that at the same time you can also defend yourself with it if somebody swings a claw at you you can still use this to defend yourself with you can even use this for grappling like if you if you grab it like this you can you have additional leverage you can hook behind their neck and take them down you can hook the limbs and and the legs and all kinds of things you have a wide variety of options with something like this and in the aftermath of having to defend yourself you can still say here look at this I grab a blunt you know training sword I did I never had an intention of killing that person if you do end up killing them then at least you're you know on relative relatively safe ground legally so I hope this clarifies things a little bit and I'm sorry for being rather verbose here I just don't think there is an easy short answer to this that you can just rattle off and in two minutes you have to go in a bit more detail because it is a complex issue if you choose to you know not care about home defense because the chances of somebody breaking into your house while you're there and you having to actually defend yourself although yes it's true the dependent again depending on where you live if you live in a safe country overall then the chances are you know quite high that you'll never experience that which is fine it's all good if that's what you want to bet on okay your choice but at the same time you shouldn't blame anybody who does not want to take that chance but wants to you know take some steps or at least think about what they could do if it does happen but you know at the same time it's also good to keep in mind that there are certain limitations you may like when you think about something while in the comfort of your own without intruders there while you're all calm and collected and everything that's one thing but if you're actually in that situation under stress you are suddenly being attacked you're confused and all that it's not gonna be that easy so it's not enough to just think about it and then just be like well yeah this is a good weapon now I would take that but you have to give all the other issues in that situation more thought and more importantly if you really want to be prepared you have to practice regularly because under stress your body will default to whatever you're most familiar with and if you haven't practiced and you probably will be very clumsy it's just how the human body works anyway so let's really come to an end here I think I've talked for for and for long enough if not too long but thanks for watching and I hope you found it interesting


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