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Home Defence, Part 1, Improvised defensive weapons!


okay you lucky people well today we're going to start a little course on home defense all right laid out here that you can see are things I've picked up from around the house in the kitchen these are all improvised defensive weapons now say defensive because these are things in your house someone's coming in your house what do they do not everyone's got a shot I'm not everyone's got a pistol so depending on how much time you've got to do your preparation depends on what you can make all right if you've got someone scratching the door trying to get in obviously going to go and reach for things then a fairly substantial that you can wall up them with okay good heavy pain a sock maybe got a sock can just do this up what's the stop gonna do alright what's not going to do can of beans in the sock all right Kara beans in the sock now you've got a club and that don't don't be fooled by the fact this sock is soft if you turn the can maybe just turn around so the can is across the stock at the bottom so it's like a hammer shape you get this shape okay can you see that get the shape right you get the sock stretch it out time not in the handle end of the sock okay now this is not to spot the can falling out this is to stop you losing grip of the sock when you're swinging it okay so now you've got a grip that's your grip that's your swing make sure it's a good strong sock all right military socks hiking socks like this anything by that this is a good long swing yeah if you hold it here it's a short swing wallop alright swing it out that is going to knock someone plus six so a sock attack and quite simple everyone's got one of those socks in the bedroom grab on to come out turns in the kitchen fill it up if you have a baseball bat you probably have one of those paper towel dispensers the old paper towel roll things well this is the center from one of those again a ready-made if you want to make it into a weapon beforehand you drill out the end okay drill it out fill it with lead shot or whatever and then hot blue little Lin yeah and that makes the end of it very very solid and very hard and it calls on this end you've already got your handle so there is a club ready built in the kitchen 40 where you they lubricate you to death no wd-40 and a lighter flamethrower alright if not if you haven't got a lighter screw up this crap in his eyes he's not going to see for months right pepper same idea pepper in the eyes go for the delicate and vulnerable areas don't try and punch him in the belly where they've got lots of clothes throw crap in their eyes and right touch him in the face same thing vinegar all right take the top off wall up straightening the eyes if you can't see you you've got a better chance of getting away copy powder cocoa powder any kind of fine grain like now are that sort of thing take the lid off look at that stuff that is like dust you throw that in each direction he's gonna breathe it he's gonna give it his eyes his lungs his throat choke him to death lovely all right this is good these are all simple things then you've got whatever you can pick out like this was just in from the garden slashing tools like knives slightly more effective chopping type thing yes and of course on top there's a little thing lightweight one but if you get a heavy one nice well of course you might have one of your bushcraft knives indoors now knives yes they look really scary and the fact that you've got one on you might help in the attack but don't forget if you brandish a knife and he hasn't got one he could take it off you and use it on you likewise if the police come and you've attacked him with this and he hasn't got anything to attack you with he's just basically broken in you're getting in trouble for using offensive weapons because believe it or not your response must be in a measure one above no more than your attacker so if he's got fists you've got a club that's one step above and you've got a bloody great machete that's two steps above and you are no past and attacking him while we're talking about fists or roll with pennies or a roll of quarters held in your hand this stops your hand collapsing when you hit make sure hand a lot tougher all right so your knuckles don't take all the beating normally most people hold like this they'll hit and the hand has a tendency to squash in okay can you see that squash is in don't hurt your hand that's not good that makes you soft hanged if that's why boxers wrap their hands a roll of these in your Park wrapped up in your fingers now you've got a good solid fist make the most of it hit him in the face hit him in the bollocks humble padlock okay humble padlock on the chain yeah guess what it's now a thumping employment you can swash it with this one they do hurt they come now fast enough better hurt pinch a simple thing like your keys keys if they're on a little lower survival bullet like this which just the old Mac game be there just go tiny just go outdoors tiny outdoors you've changed it they'll never keep up all right if you got this your kitties now wallet they hurt I'm you ever accidentally stab yourself with a key if you're talking about that you can put them in your hand all right now when you punch you punch him in the eyes this is all a soft part so I don't go for the clothing don't go for the ribs it's not going to do anything it's protected padded you go for the soft vulnerable areas okay you got a dog get a dog chain leads all right it's nice and heavy no it doesn't take much imagination to imagine that swirling around and whooping your own hero so as you see a very quick selection there on things you can use to hit your attacker with but you're probably wondering what's the book doing it what's the book before Dave what is it well they've never thought about your attacker hitting you well if you've got enough time you can do body armor with books Celtic that is if you put that inside your sleeve and wrap it around your arm your forearm if you ghost hit you can block and defend the strike it's the book yes it's still going to hurt you but the chancel I won't break your arm it won't disable you this under your post looks like it's on a sleeve and the jumper or even taped on with black tape or gaffer tape duct tape whatever you call it body armor same thing goes on your chest alright if he's got Nikes gonna stab you cover your vital organs like I said it all depends on how much time you've got to prepare there's something like this see nothing he's gone in there and how far they go in that corner really chief that so you've now protected yourself from stabbing and beating so that's quite a hefty knife and I didn't do it like they go to the beans so like I said just a few things here to help you while you're in your home if you've got time to prepare like I said you can drill out the ends of things make them heavier you can get yourself a selection of tools which are there's more defense but if like most of us it's never going to happen to you and you get woken up in the middle of the night by a noise and you're just going to grab stuff here's a selection like I said took me five minutes to grab all this and already I have got a defensive Arsenal you're not going to walk out the street the tech people that's not what it's for it's for people coming into your home now the best advice that I can give you if people are coming into your home is get out of your home alright this depends on how many people there are in there if you've got kids and like I said how much time and warning you've got but the first thing you do is phone the police it's going to take them time to get to you so find the police first first thing you do there's a noise at the door phone the police phone the emergency services get them on their way then try and get out of the house coming in the front door go out the back door if they're coming up your hallway get out the window if you can't do any of those things then like I said you make sure you've got some weaponry on you but there must be the best thing you can do is put distance between yourself and your would-be attacker all right if he can't get to you if you can stay five steps ahead of him he can't reach okay now if he comes at you with guns different they different thing altogether then you've just got to get out of the way because none of this is going to help you unless you're taken by surprise you know your house best all right if you're going to step out of your bedroom say and you are going to go and find the attacker then you've got on yourself you are now making yourself a target because of course you're moving around in the dark so is he your best bet is to secure a room make one room in your house a secured room a safe room if you'd like make it your bedroom or something you can barricade yourself in give yourself time because time is the enemy of a thief he doesn't want to be in your house very long he wants to get in get your stuff get out okay so if you barricade yourself in you've got a few tools set in I mean you actually might have one of these in the bedroom baseball bats don't Club cricket back what have you thought that's your defense if he's coming in you can barricade the door the police are on their way you've just got to stall them off keep them out until you can get help like I said guns different matter you've got to get away from a gun get the hell out smash your way out the window grab the kids bugger off quick all right let them take what they want to take stuff can be replaced lives are a lot more difficult to change over and get replaced all right so any of this helps in some situations but with guns no with guns is not going to help with guns get away all right unless you've got guns in which case shoot them but that comes under a different chapter we're going to cover that in a different video so like I said there's gonna be a bit of a look some of the things that you can use that you may not have thought about like I said on flamethrower in the eyes in the lungs a face like mace same thing with the vinegar and the pepper and the powder and of course a good pan oh yeah give it a good penny now many husbands are come home drunk too far mommy's waiting for and of course your array of weaponry not to forget the things you may never even think of all right have you got I got a vacuum cleaner with one of those long pipes on it the plastic pipes are metal pipes take that off fill it up get some knives out the cutlery drawer Bynum together with tape jam them in the end of your Hoover pipe you've now got another club all right like I said use your imagination just a dog lead not now now it's a defensive weapon plus of course if you do manage to coldcock them and lock them out you could tie them up with your Philippine pack them together you know and then hold them at knifepoint until the police come so there you go just a bit of a home defense weaponry improvised one for the use of so there you go if that's given you some ideas brilliant if you've got any ideas please leave them in the comment section because obviously I've only covered a very quick handful of things here but if you've got any more brilliant ideas then please let everyone know share that's what it's all about alright then thanks very much and I'll catch you on the next one when we're going to be covering I believe some bang bang sets up some firearms in the Vic show cheers then guys thanks very much bye you


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