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Defender’s Awareness Gives Him All the Time He Needs | Active Self Protection


If you have attitude skills and plan you can absolutely protect yourself against an armed threat Hi everyone This is John with today's active self-protection lesson brought to us by Lucky gunner ammo lucky gunner has incredible selection of name-brand defensive ammo and a ridiculously fast shipping on bulk ammo and practice ammo They're my go-to source and I recommend them highly check them out in the link in the description Today's lesson comes to us out of you guessed it Brazil and here we're going to see an off-duty officer Who has the awareness the tools on him and the skill to? absolutely wreck the day of an intended mugger it's gonna teach us important lessons about keeping our tools on us about being aware and about putting shots on target and being first This one happens real fast our perp is in the top on the right hand side and you could see him pretty quick He's gonna pull a gun here and and when the motorcycle pulls up Which I think's a getaway vehicle our intended victim draws his firearm quickly puts shots on that guy and sends him running, okay? It's over that fast Let's think about some lessons out of this one.

First of all I love that our intended victim is paying attention You can see his head turn that he's watching this guy while he's sitting and talking to his friends You can actually see that that guy looks like he already has the gun in his hand I'm not sure if it had something on it or whatever to conceal it. You know we don't have enough resolution on the screen to really say, but our victim is paying attention. Now you see the motorcycle coming here And I think that one is really important. I think that our intended victims recognizes "Oh the getaway vehicle is here", and now that attack is starting and he has to go. Notice that he's gonna draw his firearm very very quickly out of concealment and drive it out. That guy, he was carrying that gun in this particular case appendix, and this is an advantage of appendix carry and now he's going to be out there to be first and put a shot on target You noticed that the bad guy actually shot back at this point if you're paying attention But because our good guy was acting quickly and put shots on him this guy shot one errant and wide.

When you're first that starts making him make mistakes Next you notice that our good guy moved everybody else got out of the way as well I love that one guy got down and one guy got away those were both very good solutions and Our intended victim got up started shooting and then moved while he was still putting shots on-target excellent work of planning of awareness of having his tools on him of knowing when the time wants to act acting definitively being first and Moving when he needed to to cover his ass.


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